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Demon Marcus, Sunday

Sparkle was in a dancing mood today. Why? No particular reason. The semester was over and he was freeee, but that didn't really factor into it all that much, either.

Mostly, he was just feelin' it. And one of the mannequins clad in rompers was going to be his dance partner unless somebody came along to relieve the poor thing of that particular duty.

Such was life at the Demon Marcus.

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The door opened, and Anne stepped through, then froze.

"Um. I'm not interrupting anything am I?" She was pretty sure she wasn't, but it was always dangerous to take things for granted on Fandom.
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Anne chuckled and waved a hand at herself. She was dressed in a tshirt that had seen better days and a pair of pants that looked military surplus. "Didn't come out here with much in the way of wardrobe, and I wasn't prepared at all for how hot it's getting."

She shrugged. While the tshirt made it pretty obvious to see that her left arm just ended an inch below her shoulder, the gesture emphasized that fact. She was still getting used to it, but at least she wasn't (that) self-conscious about it anymore?

"Think you might be able to help me out?"
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"To be honest, I hadn't gotten any farther than 'go to that place they sell clothes'." Anne flashed a helpless sort of grin. "I'm still getting used to the island, and to having to supply my own clothes again, so I feel kind of lucky I made it this far."
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"That sounds like a pretty good approach."

Anne nodded in approval, then pursed her lips, clearly thinking about how to answer that. "I suppose that I've actually got a decent amount to work with?" Her eyes glanced off to the side as she tried to figure out the right way to explain that. "My retirement package from my previous position was really generous, and it's not like I really spend money on that much?"

"But I guess that cuts both ways?" She grinned suddenly. "No one's ever really accused me of being terribly fashionable, so I don't need anything fancy. Just, you know, comfortable clothes that look good."

Her eyes darted to the left, sliding across the space her arm used to be.
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Anne chuckled. "Skirts are fine. Wore one as part of a uniform for a while, even. And t-shirts probably aren't a bad idea? Though it might be worth finding one or two things that are a little dressier?"

She shook her head. "Partial to boots, too, but all the pairs I brought with me are definitely not good for wearing in this heat."

A quick wave at her empty sleeve. "I think the big thing is that I'm still getting used to this. So I don't know what wears well, or even easily. So, you know." Mostly sticking with t-shirts and baggy pants.
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"I don't have much more, but... yeah." She nodded. "Small buttons, or lots of buttons are trouble. And I don't think I'd realized how much where a zipper is placed matters. And laces are pretty much a non-starter."

She offered a helpless shrug. "I'm sure I'll keep getting better at it all, but," a sigh, "it does restrict my options."

Anne found herself turning slightly, glancing around the shop. "So, any ideas?"
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Anne laughed at that, taking his advice and heading over to find shirts in the right size. "I don't know. I'm not sure I know enough people for anyone to have any expectations of me yet." She'd only arrived at the beginning of the summer, and still didn't get out that much, after all.

Anne quickly discovered that she couldn't hold a shirt up for inspection, so she took to carefully unfolding them on the table, spreading them out so she could get a better look. "Oh, these look nice."
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Anne opened her mouth, then closed it, blinking in surprise.

"I was going to say that it had been forever since I last had to get all dressed up and go to an event with dancing, but..." She shook her head, looking a bit bemused. "It wasn't that long ago, after all." Less than a year, actually, back when she'd hoped that her first attempt to retire would pan out.
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She let out a laugh and shook her head. "It's not like I hate that kind of thing. I mean, they're annoying when they get political, but there's nothing wrong with drinks and dancing."

"What about you? I mean, it may be a bit of an unwarranted assumption, but I figure anyone who works in fashion doesn't mind getting dressed up on occasion?"
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"I imagine that being the center of attention is probably a lot less fun than it looks. Bet it's better just doing what you want and having fun."

She tried to sound casual, but Anne spoke from experience. Being the center of attention was incredibly stressful.
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"Oh no!" Despite her words, Anne did not appear particularly distressed. "Have I driven you to moderation?"
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"Well, I am terribly sorry for ruining you," Anne teased with a grin.
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"You know, I can totally see that. You as an accountant I mean."

She grinned. "Need a pair of nerdy glasses, though."
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"Ooooh, sweater vests. Very sexy."
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Anne laughed. "Tell me about it! I already half-regret the long pants."

"Though," she tried to look more serious. "Sometimes you have to suffer for fashion, right?"
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"Well, if your customers stay alive, hopefully they'll come back, so maybe it's a really smart business move?"
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"Do you get a lot of the other kind?" Anne asked with a little smirk.

"Like those... zombies?" That was the right term, right? "The ones at the bar?"
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Anne followed suit, pulling a face. "Ew. I did not need to know that."
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She continued making a 'gross' face, and waved her hand. "New topic, new topic."

It wasn't that she was squeamish, really. Hard to be given what she'd done before Fandom. But that didn't mean she was really into discussing the habits of zombies.

"I'm sorry I brought it up."
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"That's a good question. I've never really owned a lot of flowery things?" She shrugged. "I mean, I guess I like the idea of bright colors? Not sure how I actually look in them."
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Anne looked over the couple of shirts she'd found for herself, then scooped up the ones Sparkle had found as well.

"In that case, I should probably go make use of it, huh?"
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"Which I could use!" Anne laughed, glancing over her shoulder. "Seriously. I can use all the help I can get."
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"I think I can manage that." Anne shot him one last grin then stepped into the changing room.

It took her a lot more time than most people to get changed, but she'd had a couple of months to practice now, so she managed it without too much trouble. Just had to take her time and pay attention.