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Luke's, Sunday

"I just really want some kind of cake with too much fruit on it," Kanan announced as he stepped into Luke's for his shift today. "You do that for me, you can do any weird thing with pancakes that you want.

And that was how Kanan got almost an entire strawberry cream cake to himself.

And why the rest of the staff spent the day attempting to perfect their plate spinning routine using pancakes.

You win some, you lose some.

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Summer came in rolling a suitcase behind her, glad she'd been able to arrange sneaking in some lunch at the diner before she had to get going back home. She settled it carefully at her feet as she slipped onto her usual stool and asked, "So what's new in the pancake world?"
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"That's better ?" Summer asked, incredulous, as if their lack of skI'll was a personal insult. "Oof. Don't quit your day jobs, guys."

Even if it kinda was their day job.

But her ire was easily turned toward the suitcase, giving it a sour look as she nudged it with her toe. "And I wish! Ive got to go home for the week, thry want me to take this bogus test to see if I'm 'suitable for reintegration into society' yet, so, don't worry, i'll be back. The only reason I'm even going is to snoop around for anything useful Grampa Rick may have left behind."
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"Oh, you know," Summer's shoulders skagged, "stuff like 'do you still want to break your grandfather out of space jail?', 'did thry brainwash you enough at Fandom?', 'have you accepted that our weird calender makes you forty-frickin'-seven yet?' Crap like that."

She made another face, sticking out her tongue. Blech.

"I am excited to see my friends, though. If they let me."
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"Yeah," said Summer, "this place blows for brainwashing. Unless we're talking the kind where really thry just make you feel comfortable , so other things don't seem as important. I can see that being a thing..."

She went a little thoughtful, a little bit sad, and deeply resented it. "But I'm staying vigilent. I like this place, but it's not home , you know? I mean, home isn't home right now, either, but that's going to change. It has to."

And that made her even more sad.

"Man. This is bumming me out. I need a milkshake. Chocolate. STAT."
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Which, really, didn't seem all too bad a plan.

Summer listened, head bobbing with emphatic agreement. "That's exactly what I feel," she said. "Like, not a bad distraction, but it's still a distraction. It's just killing time, but I get a little, I don't know, antsy." She shook a little, as if wriggling out all those nerves. "But, hey, maybe I'll have a breakthrough back home."

Morty might be more...cooperative of she could threaten him face-to-face this time!
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Summer skillfully caught the shake with one hand, leaning in for a sip while pulling out her phone, never too far, with the other. Pressed a few things, and slid the phone over. Like a super smooth magic trick.

"Put in your number," she said, "but be forewarned. You're opening a very dangerous door here, BDG."

Not because she expected she'd be in a lot of trouble or anything (although she probably would). But because that cute little Earth phone of his was going to blow up with the stupidest memes at the most random moments from here on in.
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Summer slurped her shake loudly; a faint, barely noticeable twitch appeared on her brow from having her phone away from her person for more than two point five seconds.

"Oh, you'll see," she said mysteriously. Thrn she tilted her head. "Actually, if I uncover anything, it'll be great, because I can just send you the info right away, too."

In fact, she was already picturing a slew of selfies tomorrow with her making disgusted faces with Gromflomite soldiers in the background. Hey, if he was going to help her, it would do him good to know what the enemy looked like, right?
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Okay, now that was just an invitation for Summer to just send a bunch of pictures of Morty being...Morty, just to have someone to commiserate with.

Which she was probably going to do anyway.

"Messed up," she said. "I can guarantee you, ninty-fiVR percent of the time, it's gonna be messed up."
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"That's true," Summer allowed, frowning a little as she thought, stirring her straw in her milkshake. "But I really hope it's nothing too messed up. 'Cause they really could get pretty messed up, couldn't they?"

And she stared at the remainder of her shake, her mind clearly tumbling over all the messed up things that could possibly happen. And the more she thought, the worse they got, and she twisted her face and pushed the shake away.

"I think I'm done. I think I've lost my appetite."

But a second later, she actually pulled it back.

"No, never mind. Becaue, you know. Chocolate."

Chocolate really did make everything better, man.