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Streets of Fandom, Sunday Morning

It was early in the morning, at least for a Sunday.

And Octavia was out, roaming the streets. Or at least walking around, eyeing everything with the kind of wary looks that you gave things when you weren't quite sure you could trust any of it. Or believe it, even. None of this was what she was used to.

And maybe she looked it, in her warrior gear.

She stopped at a shop window at random. The place was closed right now, but there was a window display full of merchandise, and it looked so foreign and alien to her. Not the things themselves – although comic books and collectible figurines also weren't really within the scope of Octavia's life experience – but the way they were being displayed so proudly behind a glass for seemingly no reason.

Look, she understood what shops were. She just wasn't used to them.

So she was frowning at the window of a comic book store. That was not weird at all.

[ooc: Open! Feel free to run into the wary warrior lady either outside Android's Dungeon or just somewhere in the streets.]
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"You are new here."

Jalian didn't do hellos much. She might have even passed by saying nothing, but this girl almost looked ken Selvren, except for the eyes, and it was rare to meet someone here that looked like a Huntress; most of the girls were soft.
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Jalian shrugged. "There are few enough people here, new ones stand out."

She held her hand out slightly warily for a greeting grip. "I am Jalian d'Arsennette y ken Selvren."
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"Well met." Jalian nodded at her, then again at the store window. "You're looking for something? Or wondering what it is?"
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Jalian shrugged. "They show the sorts of things they sell, then you go in if you want it. This place is for games and reading with pictures. I don't know if it's the best of their wares; I have never been inside."

She wasn't really the gaming and comics sort.
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"This part is," Jalian answered. "There are homes above some of them," she pointed up to the second floor, "and homes elsewhere. And the school," she added. "But this is mostly shops."
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"Often," Jalian said. "They like to buy things here. With money."

Which would never not be hysterical.
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Jalian rolled her eyes, glad that at least someone else understood. "Everything here is money! Paying and buying and selling. Little pieces of paper. If you want something from a store, most will want only money, not barter."
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"Yes," Jalian agreed to both things. "And also they give it to people who work at the shop, and pay it for other things. Electricity and water, I know. And if another owns the building, they give them 'rent'. Other things, too, I think."

She shrugged. She didn't do bills, but she'd worked out the basics.
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"It's weird," Jalian agreed. "They mostly have males in charge, and they have a lot of rules that make no sense."

She thought about it. "They trust others to keep them safe, and they buy things with money instead of making or trading for them. They don't know how to survive outside of cities. Cities are strange, though. Very big, lots of people that don't know each other."
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"There is one over the bridge," Jalian said, pointing in the right direction. "Very big, very dirty. Lots of roads and cars, though."

Jalian still liked cars.