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Streets of Fandom, Sunday Morning

It was early in the morning, at least for a Sunday.

And Octavia was out, roaming the streets. Or at least walking around, eyeing everything with the kind of wary looks that you gave things when you weren't quite sure you could trust any of it. Or believe it, even. None of this was what she was used to.

And maybe she looked it, in her warrior gear.

She stopped at a shop window at random. The place was closed right now, but there was a window display full of merchandise, and it looked so foreign and alien to her. Not the things themselves – although comic books and collectible figurines also weren't really within the scope of Octavia's life experience – but the way they were being displayed so proudly behind a glass for seemingly no reason.

Look, she understood what shops were. She just wasn't used to them.

So she was frowning at the window of a comic book store. That was not weird at all.

[ooc: Open! Feel free to run into the wary warrior lady either outside Android's Dungeon or just somewhere in the streets.]
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Tony had a half-finished coffee in hand, so he was better on the uptake this morning.

Which was why he had to sort of pause at the person glaring at comic books and action figures. "You alright there?"
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"Well, as long as you're certain about that," he said with an easy smile. "New in town?"

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Tony inhaled sharply then took a contemplative sip of his coffee. "Six whole days, huh? I think that means you can talk to people about the old days now."
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Oh, surly youths. You made Tony feel so old.

"Yeah, the island does that sometimes," he said gently. "Where were you coming from?"
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"That is also something that happens," Tony granted her. "I'm Tony, by the way. Also from a slightly different Earth."
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"Uh, well... the occasional alien invasion? People in silly costumes fighting crime."

Of which he was one.
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"Some are." A beat. "At least where I'm from. Tend to be just as bad as humans."
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"I'll admit I was a little surprised," Tony replied. "Mostly disappointed."
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"You know, I've never asked Barton about his purple dress." Because everyone else was dressed all classy.
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"Right," Tony said slowly. "Have you found a place to stay?"
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Okay, that helped at least some of the weird maternal paternal feelings he was having here. "That's good. It's not too bad here. Most of the time."
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"Right." Yes, she did have the whole fresh from combat look about her. "Not much of a talker, huh."
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"Well... You can ask questions. We're all used to things being new for folks." Because hilarious culture clashes.