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Caritas, Thursday Evening

Cara had actually shown up for her shift for once. Largely because without any classes to teach she'd gotten bored.

She'd realise her mistake soon enough. Especially since Tino had taken the door off the storage closet.

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Magnus was also without a class to teach this week and a man can only build so much furniture for his cool landlord and the guy who was possibly a thief who showed up at the place and he was deeply suspicious of despite or perhaps because he was the only lawman around...

But. Yes. Boredom. Suspicious boredom.

"Hail and well met," he said brightly.
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"Is it just me or do really weird things happen in the bars here?" Magnus had to ask.
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Yeah, he totally whiffed that perception check. "Oh. Oh wow. Did not see those guys over there. Wow. Sure are some dead folks."
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"I kinda do?" Magnus said, voice going up at the end like now he was unsure because those might ruin bardic tradition for good.
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"I'm pretty sure under normal circumstances I'd be stabbing them in some kind of dungeon," Magnus said slowly. "Not that I've been in a dungeon."

Or even dealt with a dragon!
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She did have tbat going for her.

"I'm Magnus. Magnus Burnsides. It's nice to meet you, I think. Zombies aside."
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"Yeeep. Kinda stuck here." Which sucked a lot.
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That would have sucked even more. He'd be back to level 1!

"You too?"
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"Any tips? I'm pretty sure there's a curse involved or whatever weird warlocky stuff Garfield does."

Other than hate Mondays.
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"Well, shoot." Magnus slumped a little. "Had to ask. We kinda have some important things to get back to."

Like remembering an entire century of adventures.
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"Thank you." She didn't seem like the type to poison you.

Not like Captain Captain Bane.
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Which Magnus appreciated.

"Are you a teacher too?" he asked, taking a sip.
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Magnus brightened right the fuck up. "Really? That is a great subject."
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He held up a hand for a fist bump. "Fighters for life."
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"You are my new best friend on the island. Aside from Taako, but he's a wizard... ya know." Squishy wizards.
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Tears and someone getting stabbed while Magnus cheered it on.

He smiled brightly at that like it was an inside joke. "If you see an elf walking around with a frappacino and an umbrella, that's my buddy."
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Rude! They were delicious!

Okay, the double fisting was a concern. He'd cop to that.

"That weird... radio? Thing?"