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Demon Marcus, Sunday

Sparkle might have been hard at work this morning putting out new shipments of cute swimsuits. Or he might have been lighting sparklers over the front desk and watching them with a little sulk on his face because he'd missed Canada Day. There were pictures of the fireworks over Parliament on the internet, and holy shit they lit it up to look like a freaking Cinderella castle, and he so would have made the trip to see for himself if he wasn't such an idiot and camping out on the island was kind of his life now.

So yeah. Sulky sparklers.

Right up until he heard the phrase 'next weekend's Pride Weekend' on the radio.

So, the rest of the day was spent with show tunes blaring over the computer speakers and Sparkle prancing around putting anything that had ever seen a rainbow on display in the front window. Sorry, mannequins. You were finally losing those rompers of yours. There were cute pride clothes to be put on display and nothing in the world was going to stop him from doing it.

And then, halfway through that, he'd had another brilliant thought, and was slapping a sign in the window:

Show Your Pride!
All Proceeds From Sales Of Our Pride Supplies
Will Go To The All Out Action Fund!

Because if anyone was going to profit off of Pride in his shop, it was going to be the people who needed it.