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The Boards, Sunday Afternoon

Once again, Jono was here for rehearsal, though rehearsal this week actually had a prompt, it seemed.

//So, next weekend, Fandom Pride,// he announced as people arrived. //Looking for volunteers to play music at th'picnic on Sunday. And, ah, a set list. Anybody know any good Pride songs?//

Or songs that could be Pride songs? He was kind of side-eyeing 'True Colors,' but wasn't entirely certain that anybody in the band would be too enthused about playing that one anyway. Over the Rainbow? Born This Way? It's Raining Men?

God, this was not as easy as it looked.

[OOC: Open! Bah to the OCD this week. Bah. Tag in for rehearsal and make it messy if you want to.]
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Starsmore'd be wise not to underestimate Dante's somewhat-repressed camp streak.

Though for the moment, he was waltzing in with his guitar slung over his shoulder and a casual, "What, like a metal Lady Gaga cover?"
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"Just sayin' we could do worse than guitars growling on Born This Way," Dante said, smirking.

He sank down into a seat.
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Dante snickered. "Hey, we can metal cover... whatever the hell else you got in mind too."
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Dante snickered softly. "Just don't expect me to run around with a vacuum cleaner or get in on any of the depressing tunes."
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"I can handle 'We Will Rock You' or whatever," Dante said. "Middle finger's about where I live."

Surprise surprise.
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"Eh, both of those probably work better with Pride," Dante mused. "But sometimes you just want to stomp to shit."
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Dante blinked. Then he let out a laugh. "Sure, why not?"