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The Boards, Sunday Afternoon

Once again, Jono was here for rehearsal, though rehearsal this week actually had a prompt, it seemed.

//So, next weekend, Fandom Pride,// he announced as people arrived. //Looking for volunteers to play music at th'picnic on Sunday. And, ah, a set list. Anybody know any good Pride songs?//

Or songs that could be Pride songs? He was kind of side-eyeing 'True Colors,' but wasn't entirely certain that anybody in the band would be too enthused about playing that one anyway. Over the Rainbow? Born This Way? It's Raining Men?

God, this was not as easy as it looked.

[OOC: Open! Bah to the OCD this week. Bah. Tag in for rehearsal and make it messy if you want to.]
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"Weird, yes," Peebee allowed with a slightly mischievous grin. "Though not the only ones who can be terrible to each other for stupid reasons."

Much as some asari might like to insist otherwise. They just had thousands of years to refine the way they could be terrible to each other.

"This stupid reason is new to me, though."
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"Because there shouldn't be one," Peebee said promptly. "I mean, really, what other qualification do you need?"
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"Ah," Peebee said, after taking several seconds to puzzle out specifics of who might and might not be told they belonged. "Yeah."

There was a scientist she'd known back on Hyetiana, who'd felt very strongly about trying to find a cure for the krogan genophage and constantly had to deal with people's skepticism that a salarian would genuinely want to help the krogan.

"Sadly, I think that kind of debate is at least a little bit universal."

She grinned and flourished a drumstick at him. "I mean, I can see where the pyrotechnics would be more of an attention-getter."
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Enough so that Peebee could pick up on them, because she snickered. "The flames do accent them nicely, I'll say. It's a shame not everyone notices these things, isn't it?"
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"It would be a shame if you did, because it's amazing," Peebee said, very seriously -- well, for her, which was to say she was very emphatic about it. "I get how people might be freaked out by it, but that's their loss."
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"Yeah, I'm not surprised it did," Peebee said lightly; she found his uncertainty about taking a compliment kind of endearing, to tell the truth, but wasn't really letting on about it. "Logistical issues and all. Hey, out of curiosity, how do you keep from setting all your clothes on fire anyway?"

Peebee. No.
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Peebee's eyes widened.

"You know, I'd be kind of disappointed that it's not actually fire, except the psionic energy part is even cooler? Makes sense, though, with the way you talk. Which, by the way, is also extremely cool. And way more convenient than, say, communicating through bioluminescent flashes." Like the hanar.
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"Ooooh, but pretty," Peebee exclaimed. "Still, you're right. Not practical at all. Though, maybe if there's someone you really can't stand, and you want to kind of passive-aggressively drive them up the wall . . ."
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"Yeeeeeeeees. And look all mysterious about it while you do," Peebee said gleefully. Because she was terrible. "Or like you're trying to tell them something really, really important, but whoops, they don't know the secret code, or what have you."
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"And easy enough to figure out if you're willing to just take two minutes and think about it," Peebee added with an exaggerated sigh.
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Peebee snickered, because the alots were endlessly entertaining for her and she'd spent about four days trying to study them in depth before she got distracted by something else.

Also because slapstick comedy was universal and she had some amazing mental images right now.

"The alot of what, just desserts?"
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Peebee wasn't quite sure of what bananas were exactly, yet, but she got enough of the reference to laugh. "Classic. It's probably the alot that falls out of thin air to land on someone, too."

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