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Luke's, Monday

The diner was full of red, white, and blue bunting today. The entire staff, kitchen and wait-, were crowded at the lunch counter sorting excitedly through a cardboard box. The busboy held a roman candle up triumphantly — only to have it snatched out of his hand by an incredulous Eliot.

"What the hell."

"It's the fourth of July!" the cook said proudly.

"No." Eliot put the roman candle back in the box and then picked the whole thing up to lug it to his office. "Tomorrow is the fourth of July. Today is the third."

"Every day can be the fourth of July," the dishwasher said with tremendous solemnity. "If we just love each other."

"If you try to set fireworks off in or around this building at any time, you won't even have to worry about burning the building down. Because I will kill you."

The staff scattered, rushing to get back to work.

Today's specials
Firecracker grilled salmon
Fire roasted grilled corn
Strawberry champagne sparkler cupcake dessert

Luke's was open.