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Fandom Pride Picnic: The Park, Sunday Afternoon

Yesterday's rainbow was still going strong, the weather was still beautiful, and the flowers that had sprouted up for yesterday were still in full bloom, all reaching up toward that rainbow the way most flowers reached for the sun.

In the park, a veritable miniature carnival had sprung up, with a ball pit (stocked with balls in all colours of the rainbow, of course) and giant inflatable kraken slide for all to enjoy. There was also a stage for any entertainers who might want a spotlight this afternoon, and there were several booths, in case people wanted to set up to hand out informational pamphlets (in the spirit of Pride, naturally), or set up a kissing booth for charity or any such thing they pleased.

Plus, food. Of course food. It would be a pretty sad picnic without that.

And so, the park was geared up for a party. Come one, come all!

[OOC: Open for business! Come in, be proud!]
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Re: Booths! - Covent Garden Flowers

[personal profile] 2_old_for_this 2017-07-09 02:44 pm (UTC)(link)
Peter had brought all the rainbow roses out, plus a good selection of the rest of the flower shop's things. He'd left the semi-sentient ones out of this, except for a batch of rainbow tulips that had rocked so hard they'd almost tipped over their vases until he'd agreed to bring them, and were now waving happily in the sun.

After seeing Sparkle's sign about the charities, Peter shrugged and copied it. It wasn't like the shop was hurting for money, and it was for a good cause.
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