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Turtle & Canary; Tuesday [07/11].

"Whaddya mean, it's Free Squishy Day?"

It physically pained the Merchant of Miracles to say those words, but the issue needed to be addressed when Nahasapeemapedilon brought up this crazy notion that he claimed was tradition, but the Merhcant wasn't buying it. He didn't think he could support any tradition that resulted in him not making any money.

"Because it's Seven-Eleven? What does that have to do with anything? It's just numbers, it's just dates. Maybe, if it were to appease some sort of warlord or dragon or monster, maybe, but we're not throwing half our profits out the window just because it happens to be a certain combination of numbers that lie in conjunction with one calendar that most people in this kingdom follow. I mean, heck, is it Seven-Eleven on the Chinese Lunar calendar? The Russian Orthodox calendar? No? Let's not be so disrespectful to other people's cultures, Nahasapeemapedilon! How do you think they'd feel?"

Apu was pretty sure they'd feel happy to have a free Squishy, but he had learned pretty quickly that it was pointless to argue with the Merchant. Sighing, he went to put the Free Squishy sign back into storage, where it would probably forever collect dust from here on in.

Today's Squishy Flavors
Not Free Frappiccino
Full Price Pineapple

Turtle & Canary is open!