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Dite's Decadent Delights, Tuesday

The last of the items Kathy had hauled out for Pride were put away and her remaining bracelets were still in a bin by the register. She was selling them for fifty cents apiece, all the proceeds to be donated to the Los Angeles LGBT center. They had been cheap and easy to make and Kathy liked the idea of helping out an LA institution. At least there'd be one LA where her contributions were only positive.

Thinking about LA had left her melancholy, so she was practicing making more of Eliot's complicated friendship bracelets behind the counter. It was still new enough that her brain couldn't wander down familiar paths too much before she had to bring her attention back to what she was doing with her hands. Hopefully by the end of her shift, she'd be able to kick her moroseness completely, but until then:

Friendship bracelets.

[No OCD]