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Yamanaka Ino ([personal profile] intraspective) wrote in [community profile] fandomtownies2017-07-12 07:32 am

Pick Your Poison, Wednesday

Starting (or, well, continuing since Ino hadn't been to sleep yet) her day injured and poisoned and having to heal it wasn't really Ino's favourite way to start a day. That being said, she'd had much worse days on reflection, so though she was a bit pale from blood loss and her arm was bandaged, she was at work.

A potion might've fixed up what her chakra hadn't finished healing, but Ino hadn't wanted to risk it after the way antidotes had failed on her. She'd finish healing it later, once she'd rested.

Ino was wearing a pale, summery green dress today instead of her usual uniform and her hair was loose, tumbling down her back to float just above the floor. She wasn't doing a whole lot of new work, mostly just drinking tea.

But hey, she was there. Ino figured that was a win today.

Pick Your Poison is Open!