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The Park by the Duck Pond, Thursday Afternoon

Kanan was once again out training in the park, today. Stance had tagged along as usual, but was refraining from tormenting the flamingos, after Kanan had sat him down and had a little heart-to-heart with him. That didn't mean the pup wasn't going to consider it, though. For the time being, he was just settling for sniffing at the ducks, who seemed at least slightly more inclined to tolerate him than the flamingos were.


Kanan, on the other hand, had ignited his lightsaber as was once again running through Soresu forms, his eyes closed, his focus on his surroundings through the Force. He hadn't even brought his sad, scorched broomstick along with him this time around. Hell, it was possible that he was only using his lightsaber out of spite.

Which was totally the Jedi way. Sure.

He was still a work in progress.

[OOC: Open park! Thread with Hera comes last chronologically!]
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Well, you couldn't mention to Hera that you were out walking the dog (and by the way maybe sparring) and expect her not to show up.

So here she was. Totally playing with Stance and completely ignoring Kanan. Honest.
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Hera smiled at him. "He's always good when he has someone to give him attention. It's only left to his own devices he gets into trouble."

Rather like his owner, really.
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"Not bored," Hera said cheerfully. She'd been watching Kanan be a Jedi watching Kanan's muscles move playing with Stance.

She gave Stance a headscritch. "Does this mean I don't get lunch tomorrow?" she asked with a grin.
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Totally secret and not at all mutual.

"Well, that's okay, then." Hera found a small stick and threw it for Stance.

"Good day?" That was as close as she'd let herself get to asking about the lightsaber.
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"Might've found a venue for new jobs," Hera said. "An old contact of mine has made a few new ones. You know, as long as you don't mind importing things the Empire might not entirely approve of."

She suspected he did not.
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"Food, mostly," Hera said. "We can take our fee in cargo, too. And yes, I made sure that caf was part of it."
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Hera sort of stared at him and blinked. "You what?"
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Hera dove for that pile, scrambling in it for...Kanan?

Okay, he'd warned her this happened. But seriously?

She eyed the lothcat under the shirt and tentatively asked, "...Kanan?"
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Hera ran a hand down her face. "Lothcat. Okay, I can do this." She picked up his clothes and piled them a little neatly. She stared at him again.

"Oh, don't look at me like that. Okay, you're cute. You know it. And - Stance!"

Stance ran up and started barking and wagging excitedly at Kanan.
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"Stance! Kanan!" Hera grabbed them each by the scruff of their neck, holding them apart.
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She gave him a firm look back. "You back off, and I'll wrangle him." How much of Kanan was really in there still? "Stance, sit."

This was why you taught him not to harass other animals, Kanan!
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Still a little doubtful, Hera let go of him and managed, after a bit of wrangling, to turn Kanan's shirt and trousers into a passable harness and leash.

"Okay, first thing is we're heading back home, because I am not chasing you both around."

She checked her hold on the pants-leash, then tucked Kanan's underwear into one of the pockets and, with an apologetic glance at Kanan, carefully and a bit reverently picked up his lightsaber and hung it from her own belt.

Then she scooped up Kanan.
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It didn't mean Hera wasn't giving the cat a side-eye, mostly just for existing.

"Home." She started off, Stance trotting along and thankfully fairly well-behaved, with only occasional curious sniffs at Kanan (and everything else in his reach).

"I don't suppose you have any idea what to feed yourself?" she asked Kanan with a sigh.
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Hera rolled her eyes. "Come on, you. I have to talk to my friend and put off that run for...however long, I guess. And find something cats eat. Maybe if you're lucky I won't give you a bath."

Because she could be vindictive if she felt like it.
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"Don't think I won't find a crate to put you in," she told Kanan sternly. "Behave."

Don't mess with the person with opposable thumbs.