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Groovy Tunes, Thursday

It was Octavia's first shift.

Ever, on any job.

Just another thing to adapt to, she guessed. Jono had left her a note with instructions about running the store, and she was quietly grateful for it. Right now, she was learning to work the till – while shaking her head at the whole idea of it. Exchanging pieces of paper and bits of metal for plastic discs to take them home.

This was going to take adjusting to.

She was still wearing her tough leathers. She was yet to start feeling comfortable in anything else, at least anywhere in public. Maybe that's why the stereo was behaving itself, and actually playing the Elliot Smith compilation she'd wanted it to play.

Groovy Tunes was open and there was a Grounder behind the counter.

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Magnus was on the hunt for some music. Be it some sweet violin on an elevator or Jock Jams on an old timey western piano.

Because that was his canon, folks.

"Hail and well met, shopkeeper!"

Who, in his mind, was an NPC voiced by the DM.
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Nope, she was Griffin doing a higher pitched voice.

"I was wondering what sort of music you have in this fine establishment."
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If it helped, female NPCs were the only competent ones.

Also he was automatically translating it to fantasy cd's.

"Oh, cool! Thank you."
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What, no plot hook? FOR SHAME, GRIFFIN.

"Where can I find the one playing? It sounds like this guy I know." Knew. Thanks, The Hunger.
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Well, she was no Tom Bodett...

Magnus hummed in agreement twice like he was totally following her here. "And how do I play these?"
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"Sure," he said, also adding 'fantasy' in front of that in his head. "Is it mechanical or magical?"

He was being totally serious about that question too.
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"You know... magic." He twirled his finger in the air like that helped. "I can't, like, do any. But I know people who can. Usually with some competence."
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This was going to be another 'Skeletons can move in this game, Justin!' situation.

"Works for me. No spells here." He held up a hand for a high-five.
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Which is why Magnus gave her the saddest of looks before manfully clearing his throat. "Okay, cool. Not much of a talker. Or high-fiver."
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"Sure, I guess." He was just deeply saddened. See if he showed you Stephen now.