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The Preserve, Monday Early Evening

Octavia should've gone back to Arkadia already. She knew that.

But she'd taken to going her own way over the last couple of months. She didn't feel at home at Arkadia, but she and Lincoln wouldn't be welcome with his people, either. She often found herself thinking back to Indra and the others, leaving her in the tunnel underneath Mount Weather.

I have no home.

How right she'd been.

So she was out alone. All alone, this time – she'd left Helios back at camp this time, not planning to go so far as to need her horse. It was easier to check on some of her traps when she was on foot, anyway.

Except now, it seemed the unthinkable had happened: Octavia was lost. She didn't recognize where she was. Worse, the forest itself looked different. When she turned around, nothing looked familiar. Nothing looked like where she knew she'd just been.

She wasn't sure what the hell was going on, but her sword was in her hand before she even thought about it.

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Bellamy still hated this place. He hated it and he wanted out but he'd been stuck here for months and he'd pretty much given up hope on getting back home. He'd tried to come to terms with losing his sister, losing the few friends he had but he was still struggling with that.

So, he'd stayed out of sight, out of mind for the most part. He went to work, then he went home. He didn't socialize much, too depressed and angry to put himself out there.

It was only at night when he'd go out, get some air and that's how he found himself in the preserve tonight, walking idly around. At first, he'd done this with the hopes of finding a way home and now it was just habit.

He heard more than saw something from the corner of his eye and he said, without looking closer to investigate, "I don't have any money. Go away."
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Bellamy came to a stop, something niggling at the back of his neck. It couldn't be what he thought it could be, what his heart wanted it to be. He'd been cut off from his world, from the ground for over a year now. It was a pointless exercise to hope.

"No one you know," he said, shaking his head. His hand inched down to the dagger he carried when he went out on his own. This place was an unpredictable shit hole and he didn't need or want to die here.

"If you're lost, find your own way. I'm not helping you."
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No one had used that name since he'd left home. Either he didn't tell them his name or they used his full name. He didn't let anyone give him a nickname. That was for his sister and his sister only.

Now, that name was ringing out like a crack, like a gunshot and he was staring in the direction the voice had come from.

"Who is that?" he asked, creeping closer. He wouldn't let himself believe. "Who are you?"
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Bellamy stopped moving, listened. His heart pounded and he thought his ribs might crack from the pressure of hope, of want. It couldn't be possible. He kept repeating that over and over.

"Octavia?" he asked, swallowing around a lump in his throat. "It's -- is it you? It can't be. I've gotta be hallucinating."
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All Bellamy could do for the moment was stand there, arms out at his sides and a stupefied expression on his face. This felt real. This felt incredibly real but it was still hard to believe it was happening.

"How are you here?" he asked, finally wrapping his arms tightly around her and squeezing. "How -- Octavia, what's happened? How are you here?"
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"Here." He'd been here, stuck here, for too, too long. "I ended up here and haven't been able to get back for over a year. I've had to -- "

He shook his head and closed his eyes. "You're stuck here now too, O. We can't get back."
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"You won't," Bellamy told her, brushing her hair back and shaking his head. "I've been trying for a year. I've failed every single time. You won't find your way back, Octavia. It's impossible."

He didn't know how it worked or why it worked for some people but it didn't work for him.
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"A place called Fandom," he said, his tone heavy on that word. "An island. It's safe to be here. No Grounders, nothing like we know. It's just a weird island off the coast of the United States that won't let me go home."
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"Join the club," Bellamy said, bitterness tinging his tone. "I don't either and I've been trying. It's just --"

He trailed off and shook his head before putting his hands on her face and looking at her.

"Are you okay?"
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"You guess?" Bellamy questioned, frowning. "Don't lie to me. Are. You. Okay?"
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"I haven't seen you in over a year, Octavia!" Bellamy pointed out, glowering. "I don't know what's going on, I don't know what's gone on! How am I supposed to know what I'm asking?"
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"Don't hit me!" Bellamy drawled, shoving her shoulder and shaking his head. "You can't fault me for being curious! I've been cut off from everyone. From you. I don't know what shit you've been through unless you tell me."
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"You mean my apartment?" Bellamy asked, raising an eyebrow. "Come on. I live inside. I tried outdoors living for awhile and it didn't work."
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"Someone helped me out when I first got here," he explained with a shrug. He started picking his way out of the preserve, sighing. He wanted to know what she knew, what she'd done, what was going on. "I couldn't live here. I had no supplies. Nothing."
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"Yeah, that's how it happens," Bellamy said, shaking his head. He was unable to keep his eyes off her, still surprised she was here and still expecting her to disappear. "I have a job too. It's ridiculous."
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"Sit and make sure no one buys a weapon that they don't know how to handle," Bellamy said, shaking his head. "Not much else I can do here. It's not like they need someone to do what we were doing. It's civilized here. It's put together."
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"It's different here," Bellamy told her grudgingly. He eyed her and the weapons she was carrying. "It's not like what you remember. What I remember. You're going to have to trust me."
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"I wouldn't expect them to be." He'd been gone a long, long time. "Anything major I should know?"
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"What do you mean everyone?" Bellamy asked, stopping their walk and staring at her. "Everyone from the Ark?"
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"How did that -- " Bellamy stopped and stared. "How? Why?"
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Bellamy closed his eyes and let out a long breath, shaking his head.

"Guess we got the better end of the deal since we were sent there before everything went to hell," he said wryly. "Come on."
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Bellamy eyed her and nodded, not asking. Not yet. "Come on, I bet you need something to eat and some sleep. I've got both back at the apartment. I'll even do the brotherly thing and share."