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Furnado Animal Shelter, Tuesday

Zack gasped when he came in for his shift today. He'd heard about the newborn puppies over the radio last week, but between realizing Rufus was on the island and, of all things, dogsitting for him, hadn't been able to make it in to see them for himself until this morning. They were so... so small! And wiggly! Their eyes were still closed and they couldn't stand on their own two feet yet, and he basically wanted to snuggle each and every one of them.

He resisted, leaving them with their mother so as to not stress any of them out, and went to get one of the older puppies to keep company with for the day. There was a ridiculous mutt with one floppy ear who loved wrestling the rope toy, and Zack was quite happy to alternate between playing with her and doing assorted duties around the store while she napped and ate.

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Leto had thought about that rock. He had considered the rock as a pet, and decided it was the perfect choice for Hania, offering opportunities for many philosophical conversation about the nature of matter and individuality. There were plenty of comparisons to make to objects from human history, after all, even if he might have to convince her that the rock was an interesting pet. Or maybe not, his daughter could be unpredictable.

This was why he stopped by Fandom, and particularly Furnado, this morning.
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"So, who is this?" Leto wasn't going to use the words 'new friend', considering the conversation they had had. He knelt, holding out a hand to the dog, knowing well enough that most animals avoided him these days.
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The dog backed away from Leto, growling. He smiled and got to his feet again. "Sadly, I'm not good with dogs."

Or he smelled strange to them.

"So, do you still have that pet rock here?"
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Laughing too, Leto said: "I suppose it's not in its nature to do so. Can I have it? I'm sure my daughter will look after it."
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"Oh, as if I wouldn't force you to do some paperwork," Leto replied, then shook his head. "I'll be fine with out it. Would you say that the rock has a name? Hania might ask."

Maybe she would, Leto wasn't sure.
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"Iggy," Leto repeated, faking seriousness. "I'll try and remember that. Anything else I should know about it?"
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"Are you really sure he is sleeping?" Leto looked mock thoughtful. "Or that he is a he?"
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"It's hard to tell with rocks, isn't it." Leto picked up the rock and held it in his arms. "And you are welcome to come and visit to make sure it's doing fine."

He laughed again.

"But don't tell Hania I chose this one instead of a puppy."
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Leto wouldn't mind the contradiction in not telling her and then letting her visit the shelter.

"Well, I should let you continue with your work," Playing with a puppy, "And take this one back to his new owner."
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"Oh, I will," Leto said with a grin. "And hopefully I will see you soon again."

He turned, leaving Zack to play with the puppy undisturbed.