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Nathan Algren ([personal profile] shiroi_tiger) wrote in [community profile] fandomtownies2017-06-27 07:57 am

Covent Garden Flowers, Tuesday

Nathan was halfway certain that the note that Peter had left for him was coming from a place of concern that he was possibly abusing the plants. All on account of a pothos that was sulking because Nathan wouldn't let the thing smother him to death. He wrote a politely worded letter back to Peter explaining the importance of teaching one's creeping vine plants the value of respecting people's personal space, and then followed it up with a faintly bemused comment about how he was surprised he was being asked this now, rather than over that whole incident with the tiger jaws.

Then he got back to work, right up until he was interrupted from his tidying and watering by a pitcher plant who apparently wanted to play a game of baseball using fertilizer pellets.

"... How?"

The pitcher plant hadn't thought it through that far. Nathan just sighed and spent the next hour in a compromise, playing catch with it as well as was possible when a tiny carnivorous plant was throwing fertilizer beads around the shop.

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