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Groovy Tunes, Saturday

Jono was in a bloody good mood today, if he did say so himself. He'd just gotten back from his cruise with Hannibal, and the week well away from the island's insanity, surrounded by relaxed people, had done him wonders. Now that he was back on the island, he was turning his attention toward other things. Like making up posters advertising that next week was going to be Pride Weekend on the island. After all, it was fine to go ahead and decide that the island needed one. But there was this thing where, in order for it to happen, one actually had to get the word out.

Jono hadn't worked with this much glitter glue and brightly-coloured poster paper since way the hell back when Jean was running for student council.

In any case, he was taking it easy today, letting the stereo pick the soundtrack and not actually minding all the glitter that was sticking to his hands, for once. Not a bad day. Not a bad day at all.

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Octavia was continuing her exploration of the town once more today. She was slowly coming to terms with the fact that to actually take anything home with her from any of these places, she was going to have to get a money. A job.

It wasn't something she was very happy about. Nor was it something that was at the forefront of her mind when she entered this store today with a curious look around.

She never really knew what any of these places were, at first glance.
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There was no way around it: Octavia was pretty startled. First by the voice in her head, then by the person on fire she assumed the voice was coming from. She'd seen a lot over the last year or so, and yet this was very decidedly new.

There was a lot to be said about how her first instinct was to demand "Chon ona skafa daun?" while her stance got just that little bit defensive.

(But at least the sword stayed in its scabbard at her back. There was reacting, and then there was overreacting.)
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Slowly, Octavia relaxed her stance. Somewhat. Look, she dialed it down to just 'wary', at any rate.


And well, at least she'd come back to English.
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"I never had classmates."

Which was really neither here nor there. She said it like an afterthought – or maybe some vague attempt to establish she wasn't hostile. Could've even been an errant comment on how her upbringing had been less than traditional.

Or all three.

She tilted her head. "Does it hurt?"
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Octavia eyed him for a moment.

Then she offered a shrug of her own. "I don't know," she admitted. "I don't know what store this one is." She wasn't even sure whether the glitter stuff was a regular feature or a special occasion.
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"I went to a dance once."

That could've been a quip, but her tone made her sound like it was a fact. She'd gone to a dance, just the once. (And then she'd gone to jail. Whoops?)

She shrugged. "That's about it."
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Octavia shrugged. It was a litle more vague than the one before. "It was nice, while it lasted." Before jail and all. "I haven't had the time since."

Which didn't mean she wasn't curious. She gave the store a brief glance around.
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"It seems like I have nothing but time," Octavia noted. She didn't understand how people filled all their time around here. Being so safe, so much of the time.

She looked around. More lingering, this time. "I wouldn't even know where to start."
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"I dont know enough to say what I like."

But she was looking around as if she was gathering up the courage to just pluck something up. Make it random. Try her luck, even if it had been rotten, for the most part, throughout her life.
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Now there was a Fandom quirk Octavia hadn't run into yet. So she assumed it was a figure of speech, like with the electronics she'd encountered on the Ark and – in considerably smaller quantities – on the ground.

Octavia took a few steps, finally, running her hand lightly over some CD cases on display. After a moment, being the impatient person that she was, she picked one up, and turned it around in her hands a couple of times.

"Elliott Smith," she read. "Roman Candle."

Well, it seemed like a good start. She had an affinity for Roman things, for one. It was a family thing.
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"No," Octavia replied simply as she moved closer. Tech had been limited on the Ark. In particular for someone like her. (And there weren't really any others quite like her.) "It's a stereo?"

She knew that only from what he'd just said before.
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'Early' was also an important distinction, because Octavia was from very late 21st century. Granted, the circumstances of the various surviving bits of the human race hadn't really been optimal for much progress in musical equipment during the century.

She was good with instructions. Managed to get the thing to spit out the old disk and to open the case to get the new one out.

All with a far too serious look of concentration on her face. Forgive her, she'd learn how to take things lightly at some point again. Maybe.
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It was straight-forward enough that Octavia managed it without trouble, yes. She was careful about feeding the disk into the slot, and wasn't startled when it went in on its own the rest of the way.

"And this is something people have in their homes?"
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"People around here have so much time," Octavia said, but half-murmured, half just thinking out loud.

Anyway, the stereo was now making good on that promise of starting to play automatically.
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The flames were still pretty distracting. But Octavia was doing her best. She was quick to adapt; it was her way of surviving.

She fell quiet, though. Just listening, for the moment. Music wasn't really something she was used to.

And so she was surprised when it felt so... affecting.

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Let's just say Octavia looked briefly more like an eighteen-year-old than she did a battle-hardened warrior.

One of those sides was generally more dominant than the other.

She answered her question with one of her own. (Or, ignored his question in favor f one of her own, really.) "This is something people can... buy, to take home?"
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"So this is why people need money."

Okay, she understood it was a much larger thing than just music stores. But at least here she'd spotted something that seemed worth paying for.
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"We don't have such an abundance of everything where I'm from to actually need money," Octavia replied dryly. "I know how it works, though. My brother's explained."

Didn't change the fact that she didn't have any.
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Octavia raised an eyebrow. "But I don't have any money," she pointed out.

She was under the impression shops weren't for hanging out in.

(Now, if only there'd been a clever way to solve that dilemma...)
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Octavia frowned lightly as she considered this. Really, it came down to acknowledging how little she had to occupy her time right now, in particular when compared to what she was used to.

So really, there was only answer.

"I accept."

... She was going to lighten up at some point once got more accustomed to the island. Promise.
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Octavia took his hand. She was getting used to handshakes here. Even if it still felt like it didn't quite fit her, as far as gestures went. "Octavia Blake."

Fandom needed a sociologist to study when she identified herself by which name.
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"I think I'll be okay with a note."

Translation: she'd be more okay with learning the ropes on her own than with anyone watching. But she wasn't going to say that out loud.

She looked like she considered something else, for a second. Then, with her expression a fraction softer than before, she said, "Thank you." Not about the note, probably. Not just that, anyway.