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Luke's, Sunday

The kitchen staff was murmuring amongst themselves today. Ever since Kanan came in for his shift, actually. After all, he had one of those neat-looking laser swords clipped to his belt, which all on its own more or less clarified just what had been going on with the toppling pancake stacks that occasionally happened.

"Pay up," said the dishwasher, once he was fairly certain Kanan was out of earshot.

"Dammit," the busboy muttered as he pulled a twenty from his pocket and forked it over. "Why couldn't it have been ghosts?"

Welcome To Luke's!
Today's Specials:
Herb-Stuffed Pork Tenderloin
Blueberry Cobbler

Kanan just rolled his eyes and shook his head, running a bar-rag over the countertops. The kitchen staff, he could handle. But if Vader walked in to this place again, he was gone.

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And now you've gone and given Summer the image of Stance in a cute little doggy spacesuit. "Ohmygod."

She might not survive this conversation much longer. Good work, Kanan.

She sobered up a little when she started to think that maybe Grampa Rick could make one, then she remembered what happened the last time Grampa Rick made suits for dogs, and...yeah. No need to go there again.

"This is so cool," she said. "You're so cool. Thank you. Seriously. Like, no one's ever offered me spaceship lessons before. My dad was even all weird about teaching me how to drive a car."

That was because Jerry had been in a car with you behind the wheel, Summer. This guy, not so much.
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"And the lives of others," said Summer, because of course she would. She had gotten a nice buzz from the prospect, bouncing a little in her stool. "Oh, man, when we finally get around to saving Grampa Rick, I'm going to blow his freakin' mind with what I can do thanks to everyone here. I'll be unstoppable, all across the multiverse."
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"Oh," said Summer, preening a little, "I've shot a gun before. I mean, I definitely prefer not to, but I'm a pretty good shot, you know."

When they were imaginary people made up by brain parasites, anyway. She bit her lip, remembering that there were other times where she totally wussed out and got cold feet.

"But maybe a few formal lessons wouldn't hurt, either."