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Luke's, Sunday

The kitchen staff was murmuring amongst themselves today. Ever since Kanan came in for his shift, actually. After all, he had one of those neat-looking laser swords clipped to his belt, which all on its own more or less clarified just what had been going on with the toppling pancake stacks that occasionally happened.

"Pay up," said the dishwasher, once he was fairly certain Kanan was out of earshot.

"Dammit," the busboy muttered as he pulled a twenty from his pocket and forked it over. "Why couldn't it have been ghosts?"

Welcome To Luke's!
Today's Specials:
Herb-Stuffed Pork Tenderloin
Blueberry Cobbler

Kanan just rolled his eyes and shook his head, running a bar-rag over the countertops. The kitchen staff, he could handle. But if Vader walked in to this place again, he was gone.

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And it was Sunday, so there was a Summer, sliding onto a stool. "Told you I'd be back," she stated importantly, proudly. She pulled out her phone, though, one with a very marginally different purple cover on it than her last one, and held it out to him. "I need your number again, though. They kind of crushed my other phone, in case you were wondering about the radio silence. Everything's fine, though, they just didn't like me trying to take all those pictures."
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"Apparently not," Summer snorted. "But, to be fair, it's not like I could just go into a store and get one, since they blacklisted me. I got that one from my ex-boyfriend, so if anything, uh, weird pops up while you're putting in your number, just ignore it. Apparently, he couldn't be bothered to tell everyone, 'Oh, hey, you can stop sending all your boob pics to my phone, since I don't have it anymore.'"

She had seen way more of her fellow classmates in the past few days than she had ever cared to. Although she had to admit to being legitimately impressed a few times, too.
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"Please," Liam said, as he found a seat at the counter, "tell me you've got burgers that aren't overly-processed sugar-laden monstrosities." In other words he would be happy with just about anything that wasn't a Mooby Burger. A beat. "...Sorry. That was kind of rude to just waltz in without saying hello first. So, hello," he offered Kanan a little wave.
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"Oh thank god," Liam said, visibly relieved. "I'll have one of those, then." And the 'mining planet' had his curiosity piqued, because as much as he'd heard about there being people from other planets here, he'd yet to actually meet one.

... Well, Magnus, but Liam was pretty sure he was actually just from another plane of reality entirely, and thus wasn't sure if that counted.
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"Wouldn't want the Burger Police after you," Liam agreed with mock-solemnity. "And the answer is yes, of course, fries." As a man with secrets of his own, Liam wasn't exactly the type to go demanding other's life stories. But an offhand mention of another planet, as if it were an every day thing, lent more credence to the idea than everyone just saying "oh yes there are aliens here and everyone's fine with it".
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"With a side of mayo?" Liam asked. What? His mother had been Irish, it was a Thing. "For the fries. Not the milkshake. Which I'll have. Chocolate, I guess?" Kanan, of course, had no way of knowing Liam had never actually had one before, but if he was supposed to be Having Normal Human Experiences, it seemed like as good a start as any.
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Quick was good. Ethan's popularity had apparently skyrocketed since Summer's visit, too.

"Not a bad idea," she said thoughtfully, bobbing her head slightly. "It might throw them off a bit if I had two, especially since I'm pretty sure they'll know. They've got their stupid little feelers in everything. I'm pretty sure they're starting to catch on to my black market cereal cartel, too, but whatever. I'm back, and that's what matters most."

A slight pause. "Even if they've roped me with the dumbest classes on the whole roster. I knew they'd never put me in you and Miss Hera's class, but it would have been kind of nice."
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"Audit?" Summer asked, quirking her own brow. "You mean, like sit in on it even though I'm not officially a part of it?" She shrugged. "That's an idea, but that's also, like, more work. I mean, balancing a fake class out with my actual classes about crystals and plants? I don't know if I can handle that sort of load."

She was being...mostly sarcastic.

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"New-ish?" Liam made a wiggling motion with one hand. "I'm the new sheriff, or so they tell me. So, regular police, not Burger Police."
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Hey, Liam had once worked for an alien race bent on subjugating humanity while simultaneously leading the Resistance movement against said aliens. He totally understood Kanan's mistrust. Or he would have, had that mistrust been expressed in dialogue instead of just narrative.

Working for said aliens had been a fairly high-profile job, though, so he also understood schmooze-notes. He just smiled at Kanan and nodded. "Uh huh. They hauled me in on a shuttle parking violation, but then were like 'Oh, hey, actually, you're supposed to be in charge here.' Kinda weird, but," he shrugged, "nobody's showed up at the station and told me to get out, so."
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"Do you think so?" Summer asked, brightening a little. "That would be so cool. I've never been behind the wheel of anything like that before, just Grampa Rick's junky ship and my mom's car. Did you know that I'm not even in Mr. Burnside's class anymore because he switched the focus from Woodworking to Vehicle Proficiency? They really don't want me involved in anything helpful at all, so of course that only makes me want to do it more."
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"It can't possibly be smaller than Grampa's ship," Summer insisted. "That thing is barely big enough to smuggle boyfriends in."

Obviously, an important qualification.

"I'd love to see yours, though. I'm not, like, all crazy or whatever about ships, but I do think they're cool. And it's clearly the way of transportation in the future, so it doesn't hurt to know enough to get around in one, you know?"
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"Convenient," Liam remarked. "Mine ended up in the junkyard, of all places. Which seems like a kind of strange place for a shipyard, but it seems secure enough, so," he shrugged.
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"Aww, that's so sad," said Summer, biting down a grin. As if she had soooooo much going on herself. Which is why she shrugged and just gave the first day she thought of. "I don't know, Thursday or something? Thursday might be good. Oooh, could Stance come, too? That's his name, right, your cute little pupper?"
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"That's okay!" Yeah, Summer wasn't even going to try to pretend to be put out by that, because she knew her limitations. "But, man, not even room for a small doggo? Maybe your ship is dinkier than Grampa Rick's..."

But hopefully in better shape. Right? Right? Well, she'd find out on Thursday.
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Whoo, free spaceship driving lessons!

"That would be so great. You know, it's funny. I've been to a ton of different planets and dimensions before, but I've never been to just...the moon."
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And now you've gone and given Summer the image of Stance in a cute little doggy spacesuit. "Ohmygod."

She might not survive this conversation much longer. Good work, Kanan.

She sobered up a little when she started to think that maybe Grampa Rick could make one, then she remembered what happened the last time Grampa Rick made suits for dogs, and...yeah. No need to go there again.

"This is so cool," she said. "You're so cool. Thank you. Seriously. Like, no one's ever offered me spaceship lessons before. My dad was even all weird about teaching me how to drive a car."

That was because Jerry had been in a car with you behind the wheel, Summer. This guy, not so much.
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"And the lives of others," said Summer, because of course she would. She had gotten a nice buzz from the prospect, bouncing a little in her stool. "Oh, man, when we finally get around to saving Grampa Rick, I'm going to blow his freakin' mind with what I can do thanks to everyone here. I'll be unstoppable, all across the multiverse."
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"Oh," said Summer, preening a little, "I've shot a gun before. I mean, I definitely prefer not to, but I'm a pretty good shot, you know."

When they were imaginary people made up by brain parasites, anyway. She bit her lip, remembering that there were other times where she totally wussed out and got cold feet.

"But maybe a few formal lessons wouldn't hurt, either."