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Nathan Algren ([personal profile] shiroi_tiger) wrote in [community profile] fandomtownies2017-07-04 07:57 am

Covent Garden Flowers, Tuesday

Everything in the flower shop was actually behaving itself, today.

Well. Mostly. Everything in the flower shop also appeared to be some combination of red, white, and blue.

"Ugh," Nathan said as he started to go around watering the potted plants. He'd deal with the orders for Independence Day arrangements eventually, sure, and he'd even be professional about it. But he could only handle so much patriotism at a time before he wanted to throw up in his mouth a little.

Nathan's relationship with America was... complicated, sometimes. There was a reason he'd run off to Japan after Fandom instead of returning to California, and it didn't all have to do with his failing theatrical career.

[OOC: Open! ... Nathan's gonna Nathan. He's a cranky bastard.]