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The Park, afternoon to evening

Hannibal really did enjoy his adopted country (it had immense opportunities for someone like him), and he would also accept any excuse for a party.

So, here they were. He'd set up a decent, industrial-sized grill on the lawn, arranged for an insane number of picnic blankets (mostly red, white, blue, or some combination thereof), and even bribed one of the local magical types to ensure that the weather would be perfect. And he had, of course, been cooking for days; all that was left was grilling the last-minute things.

Jono had agreed to handle the fireworks later, but for now there was mostly mingling and food.

There were several dips: tomatillo salsa verde, french onion, and a bagna cauda, with both traditional and less common vegetables for dipping, along with homemade potato and tortilla chips.

There were any number of salads: crispy potato with chiles, celery, and peanuts, tomato, onion, and roasted lemon, cabbage and jicama, potato with grilled kale, and raw beet and cucumber.

Then there were the non-salad side dishes: flatbread with fava beans, cucumbers, and burrata, salted and spiced melon, "tater tots" with spicy mayonnaise, and of course grilled corn (with miso butter).

On the grill were burgers with a high-quality meat blend, veggie burgers, the best hot dogs available (with a number of interesting toppings available, and ribs.

To go with all of this were mint tea, watermelon basil iced tea, iced hibiscus sweet tea, watermelon sangria, and a keg of Baltimore Pale Ale.

And if the main dishes weren't enough, there were of course desserts. Sorbet in grapefruit cups, strawberry rhubarb pie, roasted pears with espresso mascarpone cream, and s'mores cupcakes.

This was Hannibal. There was no such thing as going overboard with food.

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Re: Mingle!

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The Merchant of Miracles might not have even noticed the flyers about the party in the park if it weren't for him intercepting Mr. Fancycakes eating one of them yesterday. And, even then, by that point, he'd only gotten about half the information. He didn't know what was so special about the 4th of July, but shindigs were always a good business opportunity. He left the unicorns (not Apu, mind you) in charge of the store to check things out, maybe have a little nibble and a nosh, but mostly to keep an eye out for anyone who might be in the need of some antacids or some burn cream, which he just so happened to have right here, at a veh-hery reasonable price...
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Re: Mingle!

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"Hello!" the Merchant said, waving a hand and sizing the other fellow up in a way that he thought was subtle and smooth but really wasn't in the slightest. "Howdy! Salutations and boo-enes dee-azz! I'm doing quite well on this fine, fine day of apparent celebration, can't complain, can't complain, although these weary old bones of mine aren't quite use to the heat, although, you know, it's not so much the heat, but the humidity! Also, I've got a bad corn about the size of a quarter on my left big biscuit and a crick in my back, but, like I said, can't complain! And how's about yerself? Got all you need for this here little swar-ray? I know a great shop not far down the road if you're needing anything. We've all been there, you're all excited and hopeful for a nice little social extravaganza, only to find out you've forgotten your hat or some flippy-flops or a little something to help you through the day with the in-laws, if you know what I mean, but, thankfully, Turtle & Canary has got you ca-ovvered!"

Why, yes, he'd turned a simple greeting into an advertisement. Networking, baby!!
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Re: Mingle!

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"The Merchant of Miracles!" He smacked his hand into Hannibal's almost like a high-five that he still managed to turn into a very....shaking handshake. "Nice ta meet'cha! So, what's this whole crazy shindig all about? I'm not from around here, so give me the tourist's run-down of what we're in for."
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Re: Mingle!

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"Ah, yes, yes, yes, I see, I see." The Merchant of Miracles bobbed his head, stroked his chin, gave the whole scene a lingering appraisal. "Independence from what? An evil magician who kidnaps babies? A three-headed dragon with a taste for young ladies tied up to poles? Oh! I know! A centuries old curse from a witch with some real big hang ups over the colors red, white, and blue?"

The Merchant's experiences with tyranny were...different, to say the least.
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Re: Mingle!

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"What, that's it?" The Merchant's tiny shoulders sagged in disappointment. "U mean, hey, good on them, way to go, Americans, but you'd think they could spritz it up a bit, make it a little more..." His hand spun in the air, searching up a word. "Marketable."
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Re: Mingle!

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The Merchant's head bobbed along. "Yeah, yeah, yeah, so flags, right? Missed an opportunity with the flags. What about cloaks? People like cloaks. I'm not a fan, myself, gets in the ways of my gestures and my sweet moves." A few of which he executed for Hannibal's enjoyment. "But it's too late now, this ship has sailed. What's the next big holiday coming up in this fair land? I'm new here, but if I can get a head start on the next one, my pockets won't be so empty next time."