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The Park, afternoon to evening

Hannibal really did enjoy his adopted country (it had immense opportunities for someone like him), and he would also accept any excuse for a party.

So, here they were. He'd set up a decent, industrial-sized grill on the lawn, arranged for an insane number of picnic blankets (mostly red, white, blue, or some combination thereof), and even bribed one of the local magical types to ensure that the weather would be perfect. And he had, of course, been cooking for days; all that was left was grilling the last-minute things.

Jono had agreed to handle the fireworks later, but for now there was mostly mingling and food.

There were several dips: tomatillo salsa verde, french onion, and a bagna cauda, with both traditional and less common vegetables for dipping, along with homemade potato and tortilla chips.

There were any number of salads: crispy potato with chiles, celery, and peanuts, tomato, onion, and roasted lemon, cabbage and jicama, potato with grilled kale, and raw beet and cucumber.

Then there were the non-salad side dishes: flatbread with fava beans, cucumbers, and burrata, salted and spiced melon, "tater tots" with spicy mayonnaise, and of course grilled corn (with miso butter).

On the grill were burgers with a high-quality meat blend, veggie burgers, the best hot dogs available (with a number of interesting toppings available, and ribs.

To go with all of this were mint tea, watermelon basil iced tea, iced hibiscus sweet tea, watermelon sangria, and a keg of Baltimore Pale Ale.

And if the main dishes weren't enough, there were of course desserts. Sorbet in grapefruit cups, strawberry rhubarb pie, roasted pears with espresso mascarpone cream, and s'mores cupcakes.

This was Hannibal. There was no such thing as going overboard with food.

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Re: Mingle!

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Hera had no idea what the celebration was for, but food and people were always good, so here she was. Mostly sitting under a tree or playing with Stance. And hey, the food and beer were pretty good!
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Re: Mingle!

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"Stance!" Summer simply could not see that little scamp playing around and not want to join in, especially when she brought with her hot dogs to feed him to continually guarantee his completely conditional love for her. And seeing Hera there, too, was also nice.

"Hello, Miss Hera," she added. "Happy Fourth of July, although I'm sure that doesn't mean as much to most of the people here. Is it okay if I feed Stance some food, do you think?"
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Re: Mingle!

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"Hi, Summer. Well, I do know that's the date on your calendar," Hera said. With their strange months. "You'd better ask Kanan about the food, though."
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Re: Mingle!

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Hmmm. Summer was pretty sure Kanan wouldn't mind; he let her feed Stance in the diner before, buuuut...well, she'd hold off for now. She'd settle for crouching down and holding out her hands, making kissy noises to try to coax the pupper over for pets and ear scritches.

"It's a celebration of independence," she offered helpfully, " which means I have to celebrate extra hard, because, you mnow, back home and everything."
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Re: Mingle!

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"Yeah." Hera gave her a rueful smile. "Enjoy it while you can, get ideas for helping out."
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Re: Mingle!

[personal profile] somethingwithturquoise 2017-07-04 05:52 pm (UTC)(link)
"On the plus side," said Summer, "my frie ds did tell me they're letting them celebrate. My friend Nancy sent me a snap of the news broadcast where they werr all 'The Galactic Federation appreciates thr diversity of its people and fully support the celebration of their cultural festivities.' BUT no fireworks, no cookouts, only special Patriot Pills and probably really watered down beer.

"Oh. By the way, I tried to take some pictures of Gromflomite ships while I was home last week, in case you might be interested in them, but they caught me aND broke my phone."
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Re: Mingle!

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Hera gave her a sympathetic grimace. "You're fine, though, right?" She'd certainly seemed to be.
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Re: Mingle!

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"Oh, yeah," Summer said, bobbing her head in a nod and pulling out her current phone from her pocket. "I just managed to convince my ex-boyfriend to give me his, since I was blacklisted against getting a new one. So that worked out, it's just a bummer because, you know, it could have been helpful. However, I do have some interesting information. I think the prison might be on a desert planet, possibly one with a heavy Gearperson population. My friend Hyacinthe did this future-reading thing, and he saw me, my grampa, and my brother all on a desert planet, and there was this guy bleeding oil that I think I was about to shoot. So that might be helpful in, you know, narrowing things down. I'll have to find out which Federation planets are desert planets. Or have desert areas."

All said in kind of one breath while trying to shower Stance with pets and attention.
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Re: Mingle!

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Hera blinked, parsing all of that. Gearpersons were maybe a sort of droid and Hyacinthe, whoever that was, had some Jedi ability?

" you have some sort of planetary listing?"
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Re: Mingle!

[personal profile] somethingwithturquoise 2017-07-05 05:53 pm (UTC)(link)
"Not yet," Summer said, "but I will, soon. Everything was all really...vague? But I have some ideas, and now that the holiday is over and the never semester has started, I can really hit the pavement and get things figured out. I narrow it down to a few planets, we use some of the maps you had Chopper put together to figure out where we need to go, and then it's just the simple matter of trying to figure out how to get through Portalocity to my world without getting noticed by the government, then all across the galaxy to get there, break in, break back out, and shuttle off to safety!"

No big deal!
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Re: Mingle!

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"That...may take a bit of planning," Hera felt obliged to point out. "But I'm sure we'll be able to figure it out."