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Fandom Pride Parade: Saturday Afternoon

The day started with a rainbow. Not that there had been any rain last night, really. The island, noticing the handwavy posters up around town, had figured it wanted to contribute to the spirit of the whole thing, and slapping a big, bright rainbow into the sky had seemed like the obvious way to do it. By around noon, it was clear that the rainbow was going to be sticking around, too, less a meteorological phenominon and more a banner painted across the sky. Down below, little flowers had popped up overnight in bright colours, some mimicking the rainbow up above, some in other configurations; pink-purple-blue, blue-pink-white-pink-blue, black-grey-white-purple, yellow-white-purple-black, and so on. The flowers, fortunately, were there to be pretty, with no other weird effects on the island's populace.

Though, really, if presenting a bouquet of them to one's favourite person ended well for somebody, the island wasn't going to complain, either.

The parade itself was to start on the Causeway, a good gathering point for Fandomites in the past, and a fairly central location on the island. From there it would follow Griffin Lane to Galactica Drive, Serendipity Place, Godiva Street, back onto Serendipity and following it until it turned into Loon and Loon turned into Chimera. Then one final turn onto Apocalypse before ending up at the Park, where people were welcome to sit and mingle to their hearts' content.

The weather was nice, making liars out of the meteorologists in favour of shunting clouds aside for sunshine and a pleasant breeze. A perfect day for a parade!

[OOC: Open! Welcome to Fandom Pride!]
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Re: Along the Parade Route!

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Hannibal smiled as he walked past and stopped for a moment. "Lucille. It's so good to see you again."
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Re: Along the Parade Route!

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"It is good to see you too," Lucille said, smiling back. "I hadn't expected to return on a week ending in such celebrations."

It was better than an invasion.
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Re: Along the Parade Route!

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It was.

"That just means your timing is superb," Hannibal said. "I shouldn't get too far behind, but I will see you at the park?"
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Re: Along the Parade Route!

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"I will stay for a little while," Lucille promised. She had looked forward to seeing Dr Lecter again.