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Groovy Tunes, Thursday

It was Octavia's first shift.

Ever, on any job.

Just another thing to adapt to, she guessed. Jono had left her a note with instructions about running the store, and she was quietly grateful for it. Right now, she was learning to work the till – while shaking her head at the whole idea of it. Exchanging pieces of paper and bits of metal for plastic discs to take them home.

This was going to take adjusting to.

She was still wearing her tough leathers. She was yet to start feeling comfortable in anything else, at least anywhere in public. Maybe that's why the stereo was behaving itself, and actually playing the Elliot Smith compilation she'd wanted it to play.

Groovy Tunes was open and there was a Grounder behind the counter.

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Dante snickered softly. "Fine," he said, "You're right, you don't look like much of a kid."

And he'd have actually hit on her a few months back, but not so much these days. "Starsmore hired you?"
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"I'm Dante. I work Fridays," Dante said, shrugging casually with one shoulder. "Been here two years."
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"You from anywhere like here or not?" Dante asked, lifting his chin at her leather outfit.
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"So... not quite like here," Dante said, raising his eyebrows. "Got it."
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"I'm from a place a little more like this, but we've got a ton of demons running around," Dante offered.
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"It was definitely different," Dante said.

Maybe not different the way it was other people's different. "Kinda fucked up."
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Dante shrugged. "I'm sure you've heard the whole rundown," he said. "People turning into animals, crazy monsters showing up every once in a while..."
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"They're not here every day," Dante said, tilting his head. "But sometimes? Yeah."
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"Gremlins, mutant alligators, giant bunnies, we've seen some weird shit," Dante said. "Evil space aliens too."
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"Things from outer space that show up and start stabbing people?"
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"Burning, stabbing, all in the same family of shit, right?" Dante said, shrugging. "They looked like weird-ass insects, if that helps."
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"Few points in your favor," Dante agreed merrily. "What, you're an alien?"

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