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The Park; Saturday Morning [07/15].

Summer woke up not knowing where she was, or why the Giant heavenly Heads had sent her there, but who was she to question the great Giant Heads? She wouldn't lie to herself, though, she liked this place better than the arena. It reminded her more of home, so it was a nice change of pace. She gathered up her Mortys and left the dormitory to find a place more suitable for prayer, to ask the Giant Heads for guidance.

That place ended up being the park, where the big expanse of sky without a single Head was mildly distressing to her.

"Oh, Great Big Heads!" With her Mortys frolicking and wrestling each other in the grass, Summer sank to her knees and implored the heavens. "I am honored to have been chosen to be sent here to do your bidding, but I request guidance. What would you have me do, O Giant Heads? Shall I battle my Mortys in this new place to your glory and honor? I will gladly battle them to the death if I must, and I pray that you will not be disappointed with my humble attempts to serve you, but I know you will be pleased. If there is anyone who can please you, you know it is I. May my efforts complete you as you complete me. Praise be the Head."

The Heads worked in mysterious ways, and she was but their humble servant, ready to throw down and kick ass (via her Mortys, anyway) in their name.

At least until it was time to find some potatoes.

[[open, of course, for all your park-related (and potential Morty-battling) needs]]
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Peggy was having a very-- strange day. The last thing she remembered before she woke up in a strange house, in a place that reminded her Philadelphia but was clearly not, was conspiring with two of her servants to have her lout of a husband kidnapped by the Continental Army.

To awaken in a strange, empty house, with a small cat demanding food, and no one familiar in sight, had been at first terrifying, but was not just quite puzzling.

The lion she could see across the park didn't help with that feeling. The frolicking Mortys and gold-wearing woman weren't a help either. Although the lion didn't seem to be attacking anyone, strangely enough.

Perhaps there was somewhere she could find a decent breakfast, one that her incipient child wouldn't force her to revisit later?
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"Okay, we've got the silly cult girl, a talking lion, and a historical reenactor," Tip said. "This is some kind of 'educational' Boov theme park, right?"
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Peggy's brow furrowed, and she said, "I beg your pardon?" A free black girl, clearly, to address an adult in such a way. Although one with shocking manners. "Child, do your parents know where you are?" Her hand went to her own still-expanding stomach, and she looked tentatively around the park, then back to the small child. She couldn't help smiling at the girl's silliness, though. "The lion talks?"
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"Nope," Tip said cheerfully enough. "Mom's probably flipping out again." Maybe this time Tip had been abducted by aliens. "And yeah, he said he's the King of the Pride Lands."
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"Don't you think you should find her before she -- flips?" Peggy knew how she'd feel if her own child were wandering around, talking to strangers and making up stories about lions. "And ah. Of course. Being King of the Beasts, after all." Pride Lands? "And, did you say this is a theme park? I'm afraid I am quite lost, myself."
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"Yeah, sure, I'll get right on finding Mom just as soon as I figure out where the heck we even actually are. I'm totally just guessing about the theme park thing."
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"You're very impudent for such a young girl," Peggy observed, then realized she wasn't setting a very good example herself. She executed an awkward curtsy, since the child was the first person she'd talked to, and said, "Peggy Shippen... Mrs. Peggy Shippen. At your service. And you are?"

People had been so rude, lately, about her being married to Benedict Arnold.
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"Thanks," said Tip. She knew what 'impudent' meant. At least the white lady hadn't called her 'uppity'. "Tip Tucci. Why are you dressed like you're from Williamsburg or something?"
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"I'm dressed like I'm from Philadelphia. Or possibly New York, Miss Tucci." Peggy had paid a lot to get this dress made, after all. "These are the latest fashions. Well. For women who are-- ahem. Expecting." She turned a little pink at that. She couldn't make any sense out of what the girl was wearing; some license could be expected for how young she looked, but... "Shouldn't you be wearing a skirt, no matter what the weather?"
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". . . Are you doing a character or something?"
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"Am I what?" Was the child insinuating she was an actress of some kind? "I don't believe I like your tone, young lady." Impertinent and impudent. Really!
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"You're not actually from olden times," Tip said. "I'm not stupid."
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"Olden-- young lady," Peggy said, starting to get agitated. "You're going to get into some terrible trouble making unwarranted statements like that to your betters, someday."
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"Aaaaaaaaaaand what exactly do you think makes you better than me?"
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Peggy gaped at her, then spluttered, "I'm older than you, married, undoubtedly richer, and I am not a Negro!"

Yes, Peggy wasn't deliberately cruel to her servants for no reason; she was quite fond of most of them. But yes, Peggy had an Attitude that was consistent with being from 1779.

"Your mother must despair of you, Tip Tucci. No wonder she is 'flipping out.'"
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Tip stomped on the white lady's foot.

Call her a "negro", would she?
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"OW!" Peggy jumped back, caught her balance, gasping, and glared. "You little bratty--" She hopped around a moment, shaking a finger at Tip. "You are going to come to a very bad end! A very, very bad end!" That really hurt! "GOOD DAY, YOUNG WOMAN."

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Peggy inhaled sharply. Were the Colonials in the area? "I came merely to see where I am... madam." What kind of woman wore such ridiculous garments? "Have the British arrived?" Please, oh please. Or perhaps not. They would undoubtedly find Benedict, and she was quite unhappy with him at the moment. "Or is it the Continental Army?" Eeep.
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"Giant heads," Peggy repeated.

Oh, the woman was mad. Along with her companions. Well then.

"Mortys. I see. I apologize for not bringing my own.. Mortys. I didn't expect to be here." She paused. "And can you, pray tell, explain to me where 'here' is?"
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"I am sorry to hear that, Miss Smith." Or whatever your real name is, because really, who named their child 'Summer'? "On all counts. I am determined to find sustenance, and perhaps a way back to Philadelphia if the occasion permits..." She watched the Mortys amount, equal parts fascinated and appalled. "You will be careful, I trust. Should a battle take place. For the -- glory of the Giant Heads."

Giant. Heads.
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"Of course." Peggy clasped her hands together, and gave a small bow. "Thank you for your help, Miss Smith. I shall be certain to do so." Right after she informed the authorities about the madwoman and her companions in the park. Stressing that they seemed harmless. For now. "The best of luck in your coming battles, madam."