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Éponine Thénardier ([personal profile] filleauloup) wrote in [community profile] fandomtownies2017-07-17 11:54 pm

Fandom Post Office, July 18 (Tuesday)

Apparently the stockroom had a mind of its own today -- well, more so than one might expect on a more-or-less usual day from a stockroom in a business located on Fandom Island.

Which was to say that when Éponine went in bent on the simple task of retrieving several fresh packs of printed forms, the shelves and all the stockroom's contents rearranged themselves around her into a sort of complex, constantly-changing maze.

One that she would be spending the rest of the entire day trying to escape.


[[Open, though reflective of the fact that SP will be extra in effect for the next couple of days.]]