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Stark's, Saturday

Jalian was still tweaking her Doorway, and if she were honest with herself, maybe dithering a bit. She needed to return and stop Armageddon, but she was in no hurry to subject herself to that backwards skip again, or to the long job ahead.

So instead she was doing everything she could to improve and enhance it with knowledge from this timeline and everything JARVIS could tell her about others.

She made a few more tweaks, then stepped back and cycled the power. "How's that, JARVIS?"

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Octavia had resumed her explorations of the town. There was so little else to do, and so much time to fill.

She picked this place to enter at random, but she would've been lying if she'd claimed it wasn't nice to see a familiar face of sorts.

Even if they were talking to –– Well. "Who are you talking to?"
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It was probably for the best that Octavia had been yanked from her homeworld before her people began dealing with a rogue AI.

But she still looked... not entirely comfortable with the concept.

"Right," she said. "The store has a personality."
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"You have a time machine?" Octavia asked, incredulous – and forgetting about the AI for the moment. "Did you build it yourself?"
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Octavia eyed the thing critically. Then shook her head. "So I guess I shouldn't ask about the chances of it getting me and my brother back where we came from."

Not 'home'. Home was complicated.

"We've had enough near-death experiences."
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"Quite the scale," Octavia noted, very dryly. "I guess we'll take our chances just... waiting, for another one of whatever it was that yanked us here in teh first place."
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"The Corvichi?"

One thing you could count on with Octavia was her asking questions.

"Are those your people?