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Luke's, Sunday

Kanan was giving the kitchen staff a side-eye today. Not because of the usual stack of pancakes. He was used to the usual stack of pancakes by now. Not even because of all the singing they were doing today, just exchanging their favorite songs and trying to compare and contrast the superiority of different musical styles.

Nope. He was side-eyeing them because when they asked him for one of his favourite musical styles they started snickering like children when he gave them his answer.

"I'm never going to understand you."

Today's Specials!
Ask for Kanan's Favorite Type of Music
It won't get you a discount or anything, but if you can get him to answer you'll at least be amused while you eat.

He probably should have named smazzo instead.

[OOC: Open! I'm feeling twelve today.]
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Hera frowned at the specials board and hooked a thumb over her shoulder as she came up to the counter. "What's amusing about your favorite music? Is it Coruscanti opera or something?"
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Hera frowned. "I like jizz. I don't know if I'd say it's my favorite, but," she shrugged, "it's hardly amusing."
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Hera shrugged. "What does bieber sound like? That's an even sillier sounding name for music."
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"...so it's lullabies?"

What else would you be saying 'baby' over and over for?
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Hera rolled her eyes. "And they think jizz is weird?"
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"I need to meet more of them," Hera said. "Peebee and I were talking in class - maybe we should head out to the mainland. Dress some humans up as other races, too, pretend we're all in costume."
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"Depends on the human, usually," Hera said. "But that'd work, too. And shopping's one way to figure out the local culture."
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Hera thought about it and shrugged. "It'd depend how many others want to go."

She didn't want to be the only alien in the group.

"Do only teenagers shop in the summer?"
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"I must've missed the ones about shopping."

Hera mostly watched the food shows, very fascinated and a little appalled by them.
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Hera chuckled. "So is this where I ask why you look for the ones about teenagers?"

It was just a little weird, yeah.
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"That...actually sounds pretty reasonable," Hera said. Especially because Kanan hadn't ever been much of a teenager even in their galaxy.

"Did you learn anything?"
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Hera made a face. "I don't think it is?" But then, she'd been a revolutionary all her life, so there was that. "At least, the students here don't seem to be like that."
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Hera thought about it for a while. Eventually, she came up with, "The beer?"