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The Boards, Sunday Afternoon

Hey look, another week. Hey look, another rehearsal.

And Jono had brought oranges with him, this week. So many oranges. Whatever didn't get eaten here or taken home by people was going to get dropped off at a shelter in Baltimore, because the last thing Jono wanted was a giant crate of citrus slowly liquefying over at the Groovy Tunes, and it felt like a waste to throw them out when people could be eating the bloody things.

People. Not him, but somebody.

//Take an orange. Take eight oranges. Take oranges home for your friends. If you don't have friends, just throw them at random people in the streets. I don't care. The more you take, the fewer I have to carry into Baltimore tonight in the saddlebags of a motorbike. Take. Oranges. And then play music.//

Because it was rehearsal, and music should probably come into play somewhere in there.

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"I worked on Friday, I don't wanna see anymore oranges."

Dante had feelings, yes.

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"Do I like anyone who likes oranges?" Dante said, staring at him. "Uh... Kathy and Ada are vegetarian?"
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"They probably wouldn't appreciate a melons joke if I did," Dante pondered, eyeing the oranges again.
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Dante snickered loudly. "Don't think Kathy's going to hear 'fruit salad' and not take it as, like, a really bad threesome joke," he said.
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"Bring in Anders, holding even more oranges?" Dante suggested.

Yeah, he wasn't taking this seriously anymore at all.
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"And if she doesn't like it, we'll ply her with lilies," Dante decided.
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"I'm gonna have to take two pairs of these now," Dante declared.