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Nathan Algren ([personal profile] shiroi_tiger) wrote in [community profile] fandomtownies2017-08-01 08:21 am

Covent Garden Flowers, Tuesday

Nathan generally expected weirdness when he stepped in for his shifts, these days.

He hadn't been expecting fish, though. But that was what he was met with, most of them looking... various degrees of distressed, mostly. It wasn't as though the flower shop didn't have containers that could hold water. They made decently sized arrangements there, after all, that went into vases. It was more that those containers were on the smallish side for larger cichlids, and they didn't have anything in the way of filtration units, either.

So, Nathan's day was going to be spent making phone calls to the animal shelter to see if they had a tank that could house them, or, if they couldn't take them, if they had the materials to build a small indoor pond. That sort of thing was classy, right?

He had no goddamn clue what he was doing. But he did, at least, leave a note for Peter saying that, if he didn't want fish in his flower shop, he was welcome to figure out something else to do with them. Nathan really just didn't want to deal with a couple dozen large dead fish today.

Today wasn't so much about the flowers, really, no. But Covent Garden was open, if a bit fishy.

[OOC: I miss having a cichlid tank so much. Also open.]