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Summer Smith ([personal profile] somethingwithturquoise) wrote in [community profile] fandomtownies2017-08-01 10:37 am

Needful Things; Tuesday [08/01].

Okay, okay, so Summer knew that Lady Ghanima had said none of the antiques in this place were cursed or whatever like her last Needful Things gig, but sometimes, she really doubted that assessment. Like today. No matter how she moved them or rearranged them or even put them on the damn floor, all these antique weather vanes kept falling off the shelves. Some of them would spin wildly around, even though the AC was totally not even strong enough to rustle a piece of paper, let alone crafted pieces of metal and wood. It was almost as if there was something wrong or they were trying to tell her something...

...which was just crazy, they were just weather vanes. She did spend a little bit more time idly spinning the ones with horses on them, though, watching them as they creaked from being rusty and well-worn, as if they might eventually reveal to her their mysteries.

Needful Things is open!

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