1000yearstoolate: (looking down at you)
Seivarden Vendaai ([personal profile] 1000yearstoolate) wrote in [community profile] fandomtownies2017-09-23 04:02 pm

Covent Garden Flowers, Saturday

Seivarden was beginning to think that working in a flower shop was one of the better things about this island, which, considering working with plants had never been her goal in life, said a lot about her opinion of Fandom.

She wasn't in a mood for either arranging flowers or carving gourds, but there was also a surprising amount of apples to deal with. To save herself from boredom, or even falling asleep, she arranged the apples neatly in flower pots and put them on display. Considering how confusing and frustrating this place was, a flower shop selling apples seemed almost normal.


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