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Groovy Tunes, Sunday

So help him, Jono was pretty certain he was supposed to be angry at Ino over the whole karaoke thing on Thursday night. Pretty certain. But here ie was, and instead of angry he was squinting thoughtfully at the stage through the open doors from the lobby/music shop, contemplating holding some sort of showcase... thing.

What was it he'd been told once? Things didn't happen if you didn't just do them? Something like that?

So that would be Jono, spending his day poking through his schedule, wondering if making a Thursday night karaoke party into a regular thing would be a good idea, possibly contemplating drafting up posters for a... a something. He'd just do it once he figured out whatever he wanted it to be.

[OOC: Open, with the same SP caveat as the Demon Marcus!]
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Hannibal walked in, and smiled at Jono, though it was a bit exasperated. "I've brought you two things," he explained. He picked up his bag, which was mewing, and opened it to let Joni out. "This is the first. She has been in fine form today, and Beethoven has resorted to hissing and climbing the bookshelves."

The old cat had mostly resigned himself to her, and occasionally even seemed to like her presence, but today was not one of those days.
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Joni had apparently been missing Jono. Or the attention. Or perhaps she'd been out of sorts due to all the recent activity, because...

"Our housemate has left," Hannibal said. "I thought you would appreciate knowing."
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"I know," Hannibal said. "As have I." He kissed the side of Jono's face and ran a hand through his flames.
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And Hannibal, knowing that, just smiled. "We will. But for now, we are once more on our own."
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Hannibal chuckled. "I'll make certain to draw the blinds. Coffee and strawberries for dessert?"
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"You deserve it, and so do I," Hannibal said. "I intend to spoil you for days, at least."
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Hannibal bowed. "You are indeed quite giving." He smirked. "Thank you."
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Hannibal grinned. "I'm certain I can think of something. Perhaps I'll leave you guessing."

Or poking into his brain, but Jono tended not to cheat for silly things.
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"And I enjoy surprising you." Hannibal gave Joni an exasperated look. "Though perhaps we'll find something to do without the cats."
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"She will simply have to get used to the normal amount," Hannibal said.

Which was still an awful lot.

As evidenced by the fact he was reaching out to rub her head.
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Hannibal smirked. "Don't worry; I'm sure I can find a way to make you just as spoiled."