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Dante was on the hunt for more not-so-hard rock songs he could teach Kathy so she wouldn't wind up being like, fucking Taylor Swift with the country shit.

And so after opening up the actual store at the front, he was heading down back with an acoustic guitar and a ton of guitar tabs open on his phone. He'd be here all day, playing that guitar, having the time of his life, not worrying too much about Homecoming or anything like that.

If he hit that one Placebo song a few times too often for it to be coincidence, it meant nothing and he was fine.

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 Unsurprisingly, Earth music sounded quite different depending on where it was from and when it had been written. Breq felt she still had much to discover in the contemporary music within this culture -- there was quite a variety here too, after all -- but today she decided to venture further away in time and space. Well, staying on this planet wasn't very far, but still.

So today there was music playing from anywhere and anytime she could find recordings from, and Breq was humming along without really noticing. It was a pleasant day.
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Jono had the door to the Groovy Tunes propped open, today. He also had the doors from the shop area to the stage propped open, in part so that he could see the shop if anybody were to stop in, and in part because how else were people going to hear him playing guitar if all of the doors were closed?

Look, the weather was about as decent as he could hope for at this time of year, he had been in Austria for a week, his husband was a bloody cobra (who he'd left in the sauna at home, mostly because he wasn't in the mood to wrestle a massive venomous snake away from anywhere he wanted to be), and he wanted to play guitar. So passers-by to the Groovy Tunes today were going to hear music.

Well, they were going to hear Jonothon playing grunge on electric guitar with no small amount of skill. If they happened to think it sounded like music or not was really up to them.

[OOC: Open for all your music needs!]
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Raven and the stereo were actually on the same page this week, the radio playing dreamy, female-led electronica while Raven attempted to mimic ballet dancers she found on the internet.

She had full, conscious control over every cell in her body, but ballet was still harder than it looked. Especially when you were using a checkout counter as your barre.

She didn't give it up until after she whacked her ankle bone directly onto the sharp corner of the counter trying to do a hamstring stretch, at which point she switched over to looking at the artist's visual work to mimic instead.

Angel wings and blood. Alright. Raven could get behind that.

[open to any of the, like, five people still on the island during break!]
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Breq had enjoyed spending time with Tip and J.Lo during the weekend, and she had been relieved that the Presger Translator had disappeared along with the other visitors without causing trouble.

Today she chose to approach the stringed instruments. Having taken off her gloves, which no real Radchaai would do, she tried strumming a few chords, trying to remember the way Jono had played. It didn't sound good, but at least her ear for music wasn't completely dependent on her current body.

[Open! For SP though.]
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Raven was feeling . . . twitchy. Restless and kind of cranky and she was having a lot of trouble focussing on anything. She got into a long argument with the stereo over the fact that she seemed to only be willing to listen to about ten seconds of any given song, then tried to do some online shopping to while away the time instead, but even mimicking the weird outfits she found on hipster websites wasn't keeping her attention. She kept hopping up to go rearrange the instruments and dusting.

By lunch, the store was entirely dust-free and Raven was wondering if it would be considered rude to dive bomb any customers from the rafters when they came in.

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Jono had an interesting Parents' Weekend going on, thus far. No visitors, no reason to hold office hours, since he hadn't actually taught anything in a while... Hannibal had a black eye that he intended to relentlessly tease him about (while secretly being a little proud of the kid who had given it to him, Jono figured it was a black eye that had been long coming), and The Smiths had a 5-LP boxed set reissue of The Queen Is Dead coming out that Jono was desperately trying to figure out preorders for.

Not for the shop, mind. For himself.

So, that was going to be his day, today. Beating his face against the internet and trying to make swag come out. When he was done with that he could get back to organizing events or something.

[OOC: Open!]
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Kat hadn't told him she was coming, so Dante spent most of his shift blissfully ignorant of her presence on the island. Instead, he rearranged what few CDs and other physical items they had left, trying not to think about Parents Weekend.

Or parents. Or siblings.

It wasn't enough to quiet him this time. He wound up lugging several guitars back towards the stage for tuning. And retuning.

And then retuning them in drop B.

[[ open! ]]
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Her karaoke evening with Tip had been inspiring, and Breq was humming to herself as she was browsing through the CD shelves, then sang along as she played songs that caught her interest.

The Silence hid under a box, as far as way as possible. Breq had yet to even meet the little blue men.

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The stereo was on a jazz trip today, no matter how much Raven argued with it, so by lunch time she'd given up and decided to just roll with it. Which meant mimicking a black turtleneck and grabbing a set of bongos.

Annoying the stereo into submission probably wasn't going to work, but the beat movement had just been getting started before Raven came to school here, and she was kind of enjoying embracing the counterculture of her former era.

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So help him, Jono was pretty certain he was supposed to be angry at Ino over the whole karaoke thing on Thursday night. Pretty certain. But here ie was, and instead of angry he was squinting thoughtfully at the stage through the open doors from the lobby/music shop, contemplating holding some sort of showcase... thing.

What was it he'd been told once? Things didn't happen if you didn't just do them? Something like that?

So that would be Jono, spending his day poking through his schedule, wondering if making a Thursday night karaoke party into a regular thing would be a good idea, possibly contemplating drafting up posters for a... a something. He'd just do it once he figured out whatever he wanted it to be.

[OOC: Open, with the same SP caveat as the Demon Marcus!]
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Dante'd been doing a decent job of acting the part of his usual self: joking, lewd comments, drinks, conversations about cats. But the facade wasn't holding as well as he wanted it to. Last weekend had freaked him out and he still didn't know what to make of it all, but he'd woken up to the feeling of teeth in his neck and something glowing under his skin a few too many times.

There wasn't really much else to do but go back to Limbo City for the weekend and sort this shit out. He knew that.

He kicked over a gourd on his way in and sighed. For the moment, though, he had a shop to man, and 'Paint It Black' to master.

"I see my red door, I must have it painted black. Maybe then I'll fade away and not have to face the facts..."

[[ open! ]]
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The marquee outside of the Boards, Groovy Tunes, whatever Jono was calling it these days was blinking the words 'KARAOKE NIGHT – FREE BOOZE AND SNACKS' in neon-bright colours.

Ino was pretty proud of herself for figuring out how to do that, especially since she was running on absolutely zero sleep. See, despite it being Jono's store/theatre unholy hybrid, he had no damn idea this was happening tonight.

Or that it was mostly his booze she was planning on giving to people for free.

(Ino had bought the snacks; Jono hadn't had enough of those around.)

Sure, it had been supposed to be a small thing, like, just her, Kanan, and Hera but why not turn it into a party?

And singing karaoke on an actual stage in an actual theatre would be pretty sweet too.

While killing time until her guests showed up, Ino fiddled with the lights, looking for the best way to light the stage and trying to decide if she could rig up a disco ball or not. There probably wasn't time. (Maybe next time.)

Because Ino was a brat, and a Turk, and that meant getting the numbers of every single person on the island was child's play, she'd sent a text to everyone on the island—except Jono and Dr. Lecter, since she was pretty sure Dr. Lecter would rat her out to Jono—inviting them out to have a good time.

Karaoke party at the Boards tonight!

If all of Jono's booze wasn't gone by the end of the night, she'd make sure it disappeared conveniently.

Sorry not sorry, Jono!
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Breq had found a karaoke machine. Tip had told her about karaoke, and introduced her to it at Caritas, but here was a machine rather than a zombie band. She didn't know any of the songs, so she had to play them a few times before she got them right, but that didn't bother her.

Considering Breq's voice, her singing karaoke might not be the best way to attract customers, but she was finding her job quite enjoyable.

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So there'd been some kind of awards show on Sunday night, and Raven found herself bored enough at work today to start flipping through the coverage. She went from the political outrage stories (there were always political outrage stories, and Raven felt appropriately outraged by them, but after awhile they really just blurred together) to the "who wore it best" red carpet coverage, and after scrolling through a page providingc commentary on everyone's outfits, she found herself getting really into it.

"Those two are adorable! . . . Wow, okay. How does a non-shapeshifter even walk in that? . . . Ooo. Right, apparently I definitely have a thing for girls in suits."

Oh yeah. She'd been really into fashion before she went to Kathy's world, hadn't she.

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Jono was in a pretty decent mood today. He had his wrappings off (having Seivarden staying at the house for the past few weeks had kind of meant that he'd been wrapped up far more than usual), and he'd worn one of his long coats with the deep pockets, entirely so that Joni could tag along by riding in one of them, peering out at the world the way she used to when he was... bigger. And more blue.

She couldn't wait to get out and explore, given that she had always been familiar with the space and now it was different. So at the first opportunity, she wriggled her way out of that pocket and was plodding around the space, sniffing here and there, clearly wondering what the hecky was up with all the other place stuff being in the this place place.

At least until Jono started distracting her with the laser pointer dot.

Groovy Tunes was open, and it had a kitten.

[OOC: Open with kitten, like it says on the tin!]
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Okay, so Dante was starting to get used to the new place. Didn't mean he didn't kinda miss the walls of records, though.

But today, he was sitting behind the counter with a guitar over his knee, trying out some industrial-style riffs and loops. It kept his mind nice and busy, which he appreciated; occasionally he'd even write something down on a piece of paper.

[[ open! ]]
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Raven was mostly spending her shift poking around on her phone feeling bored. The stereo kept trying to play stupid songs at her, but she'd decided that it was like the old adage about bullies on the playground: it just wanted attention. So she was ignoring it.

Until she found herself tapping her feet to a particular song choice it made.

"Okay," she said. "This is kind of cool. But I don't see why girls have to sound infantile in order to make it in more industrial music genres. . . ."

Twenty minutes later, she was asking the stereo to play it again and stomp-dancing around while she worked the floor.

It was catchy, okay?

[ooc: as Raven goes through the same stages I did when first listening to this song. . . . Open!]
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Huh. It was quiet in Groovy Tunes again. The little, squirrel-like creature that had been steadily absorbing all the sound around it was back, curled up and napping on the counter. And Jono didn't have the heart to wake it or try to scare it off. It wasn't as though it interfered with his telepathy, anyway. And if somebody stopped by and wanted to listen to or play music, he'd worry about the Silence then.

Today, he was just going to take it easy. It was a pleasant enough day, why not?

[OOC: Open!]
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Anybody else might have apologized for marching into the store like four hours late wearing a coat full of bullet holes, but Dante was all out of care for the forseeable month.

"I don't want to talk about the week," he told the blue guys.

Then turned on the loudest music he could find for the rest of the day.

[[ open! ]]
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Jono squinted as he stepped into the Boards-turned-Groovy-Tunes today. Everything... everything he had in stock had been replaced with kiddie toy versions of itself. The albums were all sing-along tunes, the guitars were small and made of plastic, there was a drum kit that looked to be about the right size for a rabbit, a saxophone that blew bubbles when you tried to play it...

It took Jono a few minutes of squinting back outside before he determined that it wasn't a weird weekend at all, and the island was just messing with him, personally.

//Fine,// he said, rolling his eyes as he settled in with a little red guitar that had a picture of Elmo on it. //If you think I'm going to let this stop me from making music, you'll be sorely disappointed.//

[OOC: I dunno. Open for any of your children's instrument, stage, or recording booth needs!]
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Was Dante gonna get used to the new store?

All signs pointed to 'not'.

But there was a lot a decent guitar and an afternoon spent playing it could do to settle your nerves, at least. And so that was what Dante was doing, whenever anyone came in: sitting in a chair with a red guitar over his leg, attempting to master that one guitar solo from that Tool song.

[[ open! ]]
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 Breq had a job in a music store. It was unexpected in a very good way, and she spend the day playing the recorded music available -- she had learned they were called CDs -- and found that music her was quite varied. She began humming along, in a voice that could have been more pleasant if the medic of Justice of Toren had chosen a body for her with more natural talent for singing.

She let the stage and the instruments be for now, thinking she would have time to look closer at them later.

Perhaps the shop had decided to be kind to her on this her first day, because things were perfectly normal. Or perhaps it was just preparing for something really bad.

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So the restructured Groovy Tunes was all officially open. Raven decided to celebrate this by blasting the karaoke version of 1989 and pretending to play the instruments as an actual pop star.

If pressed, she'd say it was to inspire people to come in and make their own music, but really, she was just feeling kind of goofy and bouncy today.

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So... that was that, then. The repairs to the old Groovy Tunes building were complete, Jono had sold off the old building (with some waffling, since it used to be his home, too), actual stock had started to arrive to the place that was once the Boards, and it was all starting to look somewhat like a reputable business. The sign outside still read 'The Boards,' and he'd have to have that changed up, but for now Jono could at the very least get on a ladder and change up the marquee to read differently.


... Well, music needs minus a sizeable number of albums, granted. But excess stock that had survived the shark was currently stacked in boxes in the costume storage space, and if it wasn't something they had in stock right now, Jono would be perfectly happy to order it in.

So, the Groovy Tunes was open, as was the stage beyond the lobby in case anybody wanted to show up today to jam or rehearse.

[OOC: Open! Come check out what he's done with the place!]
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Dante was fine.

He had enough practice pretending like he was fine from years of the shit that went down before Fandom, and some advanced training off of everything Vergil. People leaving to go home to wherever? Pfft, what was he, an amateur?

... so today he'd be checking out the new digs, putting some VNV Nation on the stereo for no reason at all, and messing around with the guitars.

At least there were guitars again.

[[ open! ]]
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Octavia didn't have a phone or email or anything else a person living in this time really ought to have had by now. So she was so far unaware of Jono's new plan for the store. But she did turn up at the theater instead of the pile of former-building that was the actual Groovy Tunes at the moment.

Somehow she found looking at what little stock they had left more despressing than the ruins of the store, though.

[ooc: Ooopen. Though I am very tired.]
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So Raven had gotten a handwaved message from Jono about his plans for the shop, so when she decided she was actually, you know, going to make it into work today, she headed over to the theater instead of the remains of the old building. Jono had said something about paring down the albums "because internet" and focussing on musical instruments more, so Raven figured futzing around with the new stock and trying to play the simpler, more durable looking instruments was just part of being a good employee, right?

Well, that's what she was going to go with if anyone asked why she was absolutely murdering early American folk music on a tin fife for her shift today. Who knew "Ants Go Marching" was so hard to play?

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The contractors were in over at the actual Groovy Tunes building today looking to see what it would take to repair the roof. And the ceiling. And the floors. And the front wall, and...

In any case, it was probably for the best that Jonothon had put out a 'for your music needs, our stock can be found at the Boards' sign at the old place. It meant that he could sit with the few surviving items over at the Boards, with the door open to his old office at the theatre as he perused the internet for replacement stock.

Well. Replacement guitars. Never let it be said that Jonothon didn't have his priorities.

The Groovy Tunes is open, sort of. It's just more theatrical than usual.

[OOC: Yup, open! For SP, though, as it's my brother's birthday and he's actually in the same time zone as I am for once.]
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It was a somewhat wary Dante who came into the store on Friday, not completely sure what he'd do if there was still a lot of cleaning to be done.

That seemed to be okay, at least.

But he did have to stop for a full minute's worth of respectful silence to honor the dead guitars that had passed. He'd be spending the rest of his shift sighing periodically, thinking about that really nice black axe he'd had his eyes on.

Sharks sucked.

[[ open! ]]
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Like Lucille the day before her, Octavia also wasn't expecting to see any customers-to-be today. So she, too, was spending her day cleaning. And – sorry, Lucille – the first thing she cleaned up was the bouquet of lilies.

She'd rather just take her chances with the shark stink on its own.

Even if she spent far too long in the open air, standing outside the store (or what was left of it) and wondering what there was to be done about the front.

And why this felt so much more like home than before the hurricane, and whether that made her a bad person.

[ooc: Open! Ish.]
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Lucille didn't expect any customers, considering the state of the shop, but she came in and spent her shift cleaning up. That wasn't one of Lucille's true talents though, but at least she had brought a large bouquet of white lilies to cover the smell of shark. The result was a combination of a heavy, almost nauseous, mix of flower and rotten fish. Even the Silence didn't seem to being able to endure that.

A hole in the wall shouldn't be too much to worry about, though. Allerdale Hall was still standing, despite the hole in the roof.

[Open to whatever is left. And a smell that might make you feel sick.]
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Jono was packing up the last of the surviving stock from the whole... shark... thing, today.

Some of the CDs had survived. Hell, the stereo had survived. But the vinyl. The vinyl and the majority of the instruments...


Jono officially hated the island. Stupid island.

//I was going to buy that one for myself!//

Life wasn't fair for a Jonothon. Groovy Tunes... wasn't open so much as it was currently without a front wall and half a roof. If you wanted anything, Jono would probably just give it to you.

[OOC: Open! ... More or less!]

Groovy Tunes, Wednesday

Wednesday, August 9th, 2017 12:30 pm
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Mr Starsmore hadn't exaggerated when he had told her about the state of the shop. Lucille had offered to help going through what was left and carry it to the Boards, and after some consideration, she started with the music books. At the Boards she found a piece of string and attached it between some seats, creating a washline for books, and then began to repair any torn and broken ones with glue and plenty of tape. Some people might have prioritized differently, but Lucille wasn't one of them.

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Jono's brow was creased as he surveyed the damage to his music shop, arms crossed in front of himself, wishing for all the world that the streets of town were at least wide enough to get a truck in here or something. The damage around town was nothing to sneeze at all over, of course, but on the other hand, the basking shark that had crashed down on top of his shop, taking out half the (thankfully unoccupied) upstairs apartment and a good chunk of his storefront with it, had been fully grown.

Fully grown when it came to basking sharks meant that Jono had about 30 feet of fish to figure out how to get out of here before it went off.

And that was why he decided he'd apologize to the neighbours if anybody took exception to him running a chainsaw in the dead of night. He didn't have super strength, and didn't know anybody offhand who might, and so he was going to have to resort to slightly more crude means to be rid of the dead animal.

//Gonna smell like fish for months...//

He had to complain about the stupid things while he could. It was a distraction from the fact that he couldn't get inside to see what sort of damage had been done to his stock until the shark was out of the way.

[OOC: Not QUITE how the chainsaw thing was meant to go down, but Jono lives outside the box. Open!]
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Octavia was boarding up the windows at Groovy Tunes today. Hurricanes weren't really one of the things they'd had to worry about back home – let alone up on the Ark – but she'd had enough time to get familiar with the basic precautions over the last couple of days.

And she felt strangely at home, doing this. Preparing for disaster was familiar. Probably in all the wrong ways, but whatever.

At least she felt like she belonged.

The stereo was insisting on playing a Beach Boys compilation. Octavia didn't have the presence of mind to spare for wondering about what 'surfing' was, no matter how obsessed with it they seemed to be.

[ooc: Open store is open!]

Groovy Tunes, Wednesday

Wednesday, August 2nd, 2017 09:09 pm
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Lucille had a bad cold. She had debated with herself whether she should come to work at all today, or just stay in bed and drink tea, but she did make her way to the store, despite a cough and a runny nose.

Once there, she unlocked the door only to be met by a pair of staring eyes. The Silence sat on the floor in front of the door, and the look it gave Lucille was making it clear that she would not be allowed to pass. Lucille doubted that the creature cared about her health, but she took this as a sign that she had better return to bed. Quickly scribbling a note about the shop being closed due to illness, she then locked the door again and headed back home.

[RL took over today.]
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So the stereo actually seemed to be behaving itself this week, playing just what Raven asked it to, without messing with the volume, or stopping at random times in the song, or playing obnoxious ads, or even adding static to the music at all. It was all making Raven very suspicious.

As was the odd, very soft, two-note theme that seemed to be creeping in around the edges of the occasional song throughout her shift.

Hopefully no one would mind if Raven was a little extra suspicious and jumpy today. Or if her teeth and nails were a touch extra-sharp. . . .


Groovy Tunes, Saturday

Saturday, July 29th, 2017 08:12 am
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Groovy Tunes still had oranges.

So many oranges.

And for the life of Jonothon, he couldn't track down what had happened to his actual shipment. The one that had been swapped out for... oranges. Which he would probably appreciate more if he could actually eat the bloody things, but noooo, the shipment of oranges had to wind up erroneously sent to the business owned by a man with no mouth.

Jono gave the oranges a mildly irritated look, and then, grumbling, went upstairs to get a large bowl from his old kitchen supplies so that he could put some outside for passers-by to enjoy.

The rest? He had no idea. They wouldn't keep forever. Maybe donate whatever Hannibal couldn't use to a shelter in Balitmore or something? They'd probably appreciate some fresh fruit...

[OOC: Open!]
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For some reason, Dante had 'Under Pressure' stuck in his head. Normally, he'd have sighed and put something else on to clear it out, but every time he turned on the radio, U2 came out.

"Fine, whatever," he muttered, snagging an orange from the pile, and sank down behind the counter. "Under pressure, pushin' down on me..."

[[ open! ]]
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Today had been the first time there'd been a shipment of new stock to the store during one of Octavia's shifts. And she actually found herself vaguely excited by that. Vaguely, and faintly, but still. It was like getting to be the first to discover something new, no matter how small a thing.

Except then she opened the package, and it turned out to be filled with oranges. She even rummaged through it to the bottom of the box, but nope. All oranges.

So now her bag was stuffed with oranges, and there was a sign on the shop window that said FREE ORANGES.

She wasn't going to charge anyone for fruit at a music store. You'd have had to fight her to charge anyone for fruit at a fruit store, honestly.

[ooc: No OCD, open!]

Groovy Tunes, Wednesday

Wednesday, July 26th, 2017 10:06 am
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 It was one of those totally unexpected days, where everything worked as it should at Groovy Tunes. The stereo obeyed orders. The little blue men were nowhere to be seen. The Silence was asleep in a box on the top shelf in the store room. Lucille was playing the keyboard, trying not to get suspicious. Because with things this pleasant, something bad was bound to happen.

Lucille wasn't a very trusting person, but at least she was going to enjoy playing for as long as it lasted.

[Open and OCD-free!]

Groovy Tunes, Saturday

Saturday, July 22nd, 2017 05:33 pm
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Jono was in a pretty secent mood, all things considered. He was human shaped this weekend, which helped with that somewhat. The stereo was cooperating with him, which was always a win. And Joni had tagged along with him on his way to work, settled cozily into one of the deep pockets of his long coat.

So, of course, he was playing Joni Mitchell music on the stereo while it was willing to play along, and he was following along on his guitar while Joni stalked his boot lace.

It was a nice, laid-back Saturday complete with bonus cat. He'd take it.

[OOC: Open! Jono needed to have a good day to go with my good day. I hope you have a good day too!]
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Dante had a tune stuck in his head all day at the shop. Nothing he did could get it out: turning up the radio, fighting with the little blue guys, playing guitar...

In the end, the only solution was to turn up the volume on the radio and hope it drowned it out.



[[ open! ]]
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The stereo was still behaving itself for Octavia. Not that random visitors to the store were likely to assume that it was: her somber, leather-clad figure walking around the store seemed to be at odds with the joyful showtunes the stereo was belting out.

But she'd missed out on music all her life. That included damn near all music. So for now, she was content to be grabbing CDs from the shelves at random and seeing what they contained. No prejudice.

She was also taking a closer look at some of the instruments being sold at the store, today. Trying to guess at what they sounded like and how they were supposed to be played.

She probably needed to think about getting a phone. So she could Google these things.

[ooc: No OCD, have at!]

Groovy Tunes, Wednesday

Wednesday, July 19th, 2017 01:41 pm
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 As if yesterday hadn't been enough, Lucille had to endure an excruciatingly painful music all day. Electric guitars. How could they be made to sound both beautiful and as if someone was killing a cat. The stereo had also chosen a volume that was very nearly driving Lucille mad.

She actually went looking for the silence.

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Groovy Tunes, Tuesday

Tuesday, July 18th, 2017 09:13 am
tigerundercover: (blue - headtilt)
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Apparently the stereo had decided to make up for last week's 90s dude-fest by playing lots of heartfelt lady music.

Raven was digging it at first, but after awhile it just started to get ridiculous.

"I appreciate the effort," she told it. "But can you please at least pick another genre?"

Apparently not.

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Dante'd promised Kathy help picking out a guitar, and fuck if he wasn't going to follow through on it. He came in after radio, shoving some things aside and bringing the guitars up more prominently.

Especially the acoustics, even if he had a vague hope of getting her into the electric kind eventually.

After doing that, he sat back and started paging though acoustic tabs on his phone. Had to be something good in here somewhere he could talk her into taking a crack at, right?

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Groovy Tunes, Thursday

Thursday, July 13th, 2017 07:20 pm
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It was Octavia's first shift.

Ever, on any job.

Just another thing to adapt to, she guessed. Jono had left her a note with instructions about running the store, and she was quietly grateful for it. Right now, she was learning to work the till – while shaking her head at the whole idea of it. Exchanging pieces of paper and bits of metal for plastic discs to take them home.

This was going to take adjusting to.

She was still wearing her tough leathers. She was yet to start feeling comfortable in anything else, at least anywhere in public. Maybe that's why the stereo was behaving itself, and actually playing the Elliot Smith compilation she'd wanted it to play.

Groovy Tunes was open and there was a Grounder behind the counter.

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Groovy Tunes, Wednesday

Wednesday, July 12th, 2017 08:55 am
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 It had turned out that Wednesdays were going to be busy for Lucille, with both working at Groovy Tunes and being TA in Karla's class. She didn't mind though, it kept her from worrying about the situation at home, and working gave her well needed money.

Perhaps the Silence had missed her? It was hard to tell, but the creature spent the day sitting on one of the CD-displays, making playing any kind of music impossible. It was a good thing that Lucille had brought a book.

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