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Of course, Quark had gotten sucked through a hole in subspace trying to leave Deep Space Nine. Of course he did. The first time he tried setting out on his own after his own idiot brother became Nagus, and he got sucked through a hole in subspace and had to land on some backwater, primitive class-M planet, full of backwater, primitive beings.

Well. At least he could probably sell them something while he waited for someone more advanced to pick up his distress beacon.

Anyone with an eye on the skies and the rocky bits would see his little orange shuttle come in for a slightly bumpy landing on a slightly flatter place amongst the rocks, and a short, lumpy headed alien wearing a brightly colored suit come out, swearing up a storm, and kick the fins.

Stupid subspace.

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Jono had an interesting Parents' Weekend going on, thus far. No visitors, no reason to hold office hours, since he hadn't actually taught anything in a while... Hannibal had a black eye that he intended to relentlessly tease him about (while secretly being a little proud of the kid who had given it to him, Jono figured it was a black eye that had been long coming), and The Smiths had a 5-LP boxed set reissue of The Queen Is Dead coming out that Jono was desperately trying to figure out preorders for.

Not for the shop, mind. For himself.

So, that was going to be his day, today. Beating his face against the internet and trying to make swag come out. When he was done with that he could get back to organizing events or something.

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So help him, Jono was pretty certain he was supposed to be angry at Ino over the whole karaoke thing on Thursday night. Pretty certain. But here ie was, and instead of angry he was squinting thoughtfully at the stage through the open doors from the lobby/music shop, contemplating holding some sort of showcase... thing.

What was it he'd been told once? Things didn't happen if you didn't just do them? Something like that?

So that would be Jono, spending his day poking through his schedule, wondering if making a Thursday night karaoke party into a regular thing would be a good idea, possibly contemplating drafting up posters for a... a something. He'd just do it once he figured out whatever he wanted it to be.

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She'd gotten a message saying her holidays were over! She could go back to work! Alluka had been so excited by this news that she'd been up since three, surrounded by her toys as they all tried to decide on the best outfit for her first day back to work. And after the outfit, they'd had to decide on her hair.

It had all turned out very nicely, in her opinion. Even better, all her toys had agreed.

So Alluka showed up, her hair bells jingling with every step she took, her bunny in her arms, to check out the shop.

"Everything's so new!" she said happily, examining some of the stock that she'd never seen before.

Demon Marcus is Open!
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Life was more or less back to normal at the Demon Marcus, now. The stock had all been put out, things were priced and Sparkle was getting used to the idea of using the upstairs apartment as the storage room, having sacrificed the back room on the main floor in order to make more floorspace.

So he was passing the time by looking at schools and courses on the mainland. Not because he was planning on actually taking any, really. Honest. Sort of.

There was a costume design course that was kind of making him keep clicking back and make little whiny 'I want that' sounds from time to time, though...

Demon Marcus was open, and Sparkle was only slightly distracted with, you know, possibilities.

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In the end, Sparkle had managed to get the insurance company to cooperate. It had involved a lot of arguing, and a fair bit of 'Let me TELL YOU about my week,' but whatever he'd done had apparently worked. Which was good, because looking into the shop to see what the contractors had done with the place, Sparkle wasn't completely certain he would be able to recoup the cost of repairs out of his own pocket within his lifetime.

The back room was just... gone. Gone, taking the burn barrel along with it. The staircase to the upstairs apartment was still there, but there was shelving on it for folded jeans to make the whole thing somewhat less conspicuous. Upstairs was going to be his new storage space, then. The dressing rooms were larger, the floorspace was larger, and there was a proper work table near the counter for tailoring that - shut up - kind of made his heart sing a little. The place still smelled a bit like fresh paint (by far a better smell than fish), and there was a layer of sawdust settled in that Sparkle was going to spend the better part of the morning vacuuming up, but...

... But it was a functional business space again. He put a sign out saying that the shop would open an hour late today so that he could clear out the dust, and he'd still be stocking shelves if anybody came in, but yeah. Demon Marcus was open.

And Sparkle desperately needed a nap.
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Cut for mention of drug addiction )

In an attempt to do something, she tried to push herself to her feet, but fell back with a groan.

[Expecting one.]
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There were sharks. Again. And more meat than could possibly be eaten. Again.

So, Hannibal was cooking again.

He'd managed to get an industrial-sized grill from somewhere and was grilling up shark steaks, making shark-fin soup in a large pot on one end, and skewering bits with vegetables for shark shish-kabobs. He would also probably take requests, especially if they were interesting.

Apart from the sharks, there were drinks - water, tea, coffee, and a decent selection of booze hastily procured from the mainland.

Hannibal would be here all day carving up sharks and cooking them; the extra would go to local shelters. And if anybody wanted to help, there was a carving station set up near the pile of shark bodies with good-but-not-his-best knives and a lot of towels.

The rest of this section of beach had been cleared of carcasses and was fairly pristine, so anyone not wanting to deal with dead sharks didn't have to.

Come eat the things that tried to eat you!

[Open post! Come eat sharks!]
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Jono's brow was creased as he surveyed the damage to his music shop, arms crossed in front of himself, wishing for all the world that the streets of town were at least wide enough to get a truck in here or something. The damage around town was nothing to sneeze at all over, of course, but on the other hand, the basking shark that had crashed down on top of his shop, taking out half the (thankfully unoccupied) upstairs apartment and a good chunk of his storefront with it, had been fully grown.

Fully grown when it came to basking sharks meant that Jono had about 30 feet of fish to figure out how to get out of here before it went off.

And that was why he decided he'd apologize to the neighbours if anybody took exception to him running a chainsaw in the dead of night. He didn't have super strength, and didn't know anybody offhand who might, and so he was going to have to resort to slightly more crude means to be rid of the dead animal.

//Gonna smell like fish for months...//

He had to complain about the stupid things while he could. It was a distraction from the fact that he couldn't get inside to see what sort of damage had been done to his stock until the shark was out of the way.

[OOC: Not QUITE how the chainsaw thing was meant to go down, but Jono lives outside the box. Open!]
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Kitty had spent part of her day throwing frozen sharks into a hurricane. This was absolutely the peak of her day.

And afterwards, she had to go and really check out the damage to the bar. The windows had held up, but there was a giant hole in the roof, along with water damage, and then there'd been a shark in here causing some trouble. The supplies had all been boxed up and put in the storage room, so at least that was all intact and she wouldn't have to replace it. So, this looked bad. But maybe once the debris was cleared out it'd look okay and wouldn't be too much work?

Apparently Kitty's night was now going to be spent pushing around brooms and carrying pieces of the roof out to the trash. Wheee.

[Open if anyone would like to help!]
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Sparkle, actually demonstrating a rare bit of self-preservation instinct, had managed to stay put indoors throughout the storm. Hell, he'd even waited a couple of hours to be damn sure the weather was done and over with before arming himself with his little blaster (he hated the things, but he hated dying even more) and a few of the knives Leto had gifted him with, and making his way into town to scope out the damage.

It... it was pretty dire everywhere he looked, and his hopes sank a little bit more the closer he got to Demon Marcus. When he got there to see that two impressively sized mako sharks had taken out the entire front window, boards and all, and had been carried by the wind through about half the merchandise to come to a full rest against the counter, he'd...

... Well, he'd kicked them. They were already dead, but that didn't mean he wasn't going to spend a good five minutes just vengefully kicking the shit out of the damn things as catharsis.

And from there he was checking behind the counter for-- yep. At least that had survived the storm.

He'd figure out where he was going to go from here in a while. For the time being, Sparkle could be found sitting on the front counter with a bottle of whiskey, drinking it straight and staring at his flattened storefront. He probably wasn't going to be going anywhere for a few hours.

[OOC: Shaaaaaaarks. The store is open late. Very, very open. Very, very late.]
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Another Sunday where people were actually themselves and weren't otherwise occupied making music for an on-island event or anything, another day when Jonothon actually showed up at the Boards to open the place for the band to rehearse.

Or dick around on instruments pretending they had an act.

Or chat.

//As it would happen, Queen cover songs are fun to play for an audience.//

Or just to blather on about Queen.

At any rate, he was going to be noodling on his bass while he waited for people to show. And then later he'd probably do paperwork or something. Jono truly lived a charmed life.

[OOC: Aaaaand open! Who even needs OCD? Not I.]
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Galen hadn't gone far yesterday, too busy exploring and learning about the home he'd woken up in. But today there were still no signs of Imperial guardians, and he was determined to explore a little further. Maybe he could, if not escape, at least get word out as he'd planned.

He was somewhat sidetracked by the smell of something very like caf, and ended up in a store where, after a bit of mutual misunderstanding, the young lady behind the counter had taken pity on the fact he apparently had no local currency and given him a paper cup of something she called coffee. It was close enough to caf, anyway.

So now he was standing outside the shop and sipping that, trying to figure out what his next move should be.

[Open Perk for your coffee needs, or come say hi to Galen!]
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The day started with a rainbow. Not that there had been any rain last night, really. The island, noticing the handwavy posters up around town, had figured it wanted to contribute to the spirit of the whole thing, and slapping a big, bright rainbow into the sky had seemed like the obvious way to do it. By around noon, it was clear that the rainbow was going to be sticking around, too, less a meteorological phenominon and more a banner painted across the sky. Down below, little flowers had popped up overnight in bright colours, some mimicking the rainbow up above, some in other configurations; pink-purple-blue, blue-pink-white-pink-blue, black-grey-white-purple, yellow-white-purple-black, and so on. The flowers, fortunately, were there to be pretty, with no other weird effects on the island's populace.

Though, really, if presenting a bouquet of them to one's favourite person ended well for somebody, the island wasn't going to complain, either.

The parade itself was to start on the Causeway, a good gathering point for Fandomites in the past, and a fairly central location on the island. From there it would follow Griffin Lane to Galactica Drive, Serendipity Place, Godiva Street, back onto Serendipity and following it until it turned into Loon and Loon turned into Chimera. Then one final turn onto Apocalypse before ending up at the Park, where people were welcome to sit and mingle to their hearts' content.

The weather was nice, making liars out of the meteorologists in favour of shunting clouds aside for sunshine and a pleasant breeze. A perfect day for a parade!

[OOC: Open! Welcome to Fandom Pride!]
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Hannibal really did enjoy his adopted country (it had immense opportunities for someone like him), and he would also accept any excuse for a party.

So, here they were. He'd set up a decent, industrial-sized grill on the lawn, arranged for an insane number of picnic blankets (mostly red, white, blue, or some combination thereof), and even bribed one of the local magical types to ensure that the weather would be perfect. And he had, of course, been cooking for days; all that was left was grilling the last-minute things.

Jono had agreed to handle the fireworks later, but for now there was mostly mingling and food )

[OOC: Open post! Come and party!]
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Hannibal had finally given in to the low-tech and tacky way Fandom had of advertising its events, and had made posters. They were tasteful and to the point. And dusted with glitter that had flaked off Jono's Pride posters, but he couldn't really help that; the stuff got everywhere. (He and Beethoven were both a bit annoyed at the stuff in their hair.)

Now he was putting them up around town. They read:

Independence Day party
The Park
Tuesday, 2pm to after dark
Food and Fireworks
(everyone invited)

[OOC: Open, if anyone wants to say hi as he's putting these up! Party will indeed be posted Tuesday.]

The Boards, Sunday

Sunday, June 25th, 2017 01:50 pm
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They were going on vacation this evening, and Jono was...well, getting ready, more or less, so Hannibal had promised him to get things ready for rehearsal until he arrived.

So, there was very good beer here today, along with homemade sausages and an assortment of cheese and crackers for snacks.

There was still a sign outside reading, Band rehearsals! Come and join us! Open mic!

The Boards was open for band rehearsal or anyone who wanted to grab the microphone.
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Sparkle was putting out rainbows today. Just rainbow everything into the display in the window, from tye-dye to stripes to shirts to hats to bathing suits. Sparkle himself had donned a black t-shirt with a big rainbow flag across it, because if he had to be working during Baltimore Pride weekend, he was at least going to observe it.

Oh yeah.

Lookin' good.
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Coming back to work after an impromptu field trip to the zoo yesterday was… kind of a letdown, honestly, even though Ino genuinely loved the process of creating new perfumes and lotions. She even had a couple of tea blends now, though she wasn't sure how popular they'd be.

But then, as she hummed around the shop making sure everything was in its place and tidy, she didn't really need to make money.

This whole thing was more of a make-work project just to keep her busy. It was alright to be indulgent in what she wanted to have around, given that.

Pick Your Poison is Open!
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Hannibal had spent some time in his pantry this morning, and then a bit of time getting possible cruises together for Jono's perusal, before opening his office in the afternoon.

But now the office was open, the air conditioning was on, and tea and coffee were brewing.

The doctor was in!

[Open post, no OCD!]

The Boards, Sunday

Sunday, June 11th, 2017 08:20 am
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Jono had brought beer in with him to the Boards today.

Was he planning anything big? Not really. There was the usual possibility that somebody might show up to rehearse for the band, and then he'd probably leave the stage open for a while so that people could just dick around on it, because he had reached that point in his slow descent into performing arts ennui, not helped along by the fact that he was still bloody exhausted after all of the blowing up and healing over and just generally having his powers dragged around in horrible ways by the island on Wednesday.

So yeah, the Boards were open. There was a light on inside going on late into the evening and everything, and he'd even put an 'open mic' sign out on the sidewalk, even if there was no way in hell he was going to try to tackle a ladder to get up to change the marquee today.

He was being functional or something. Lookit him go.

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Hannibal was having a good week, and was quite happy to open his doors (metaphorically) and his windows (actually) to his patients. There was unobtrusive violin music playing, and in between meetings, he was researching...things, for his pet project with Jono.

The doctor was in!

[Open post, no OCD!]

Caritas, Sunday

Sunday, May 28th, 2017 04:32 pm
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Three weeks in, Atton had finally brought some of his own music into the bar. He ignored any pleas from the zombies as he stuffed them into the sound system - if anyone really wanted to do karaoke, they'd figure something out.

Probably. Maybe Atton would just keep the music on.

Anyway, loud Metallica was pounding out the stereo, drowning anything Tino might have tried to say. Atton himself was sitting in the corner of the bar, tapping his foot, fixing himself a juma every now and again.

[[ no ocd, open! ]]
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It had been longer than Anders wanted to admit since he'd actually made it to a Sunday shift, so he was making up for that by cleaning out the storage room. So far he'd unearthed a notebook full of meeting plans for something called the Magic Reserves; a sketch of a cat labeled "Mister Moxy" in curvy, girlish handwriting; a jacket he thought was gone forever; and a rather enormous store of tiny glass potion vials.

"If I had more elfroot, I could put those bottle to use," Anders muttered, and sneezed at the storage-room dust.

[OOC: Open shop, open post!]
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Jono still had the sign advertising next Sunday's showcase up in the window, sure, but that wasn't entirely why he was in this weekend. Dante had requested that they, the band, start doing things again, and in order for that to happen, well, he was going to have to open the place for rehearsals and such. Kind of the logical next step, there.

And so, the theatre was open today, with a sign outside advertising band rehearsal today, but also noting that they were always willing to try out new members, if anybody wanted to join. After all, they had lost their - heh - lead triangle. That simply wouldn't do, would it?

Now maybe they could at the very least get some music written. Or just jam for a while, if nothing else.

[OOC: Open to all! I'll ping when I can, but it'll probably lead into SP, and feel free to get messy in the comments, since I'm the one linkgrabbing this stuff anyway! If you show up to try out for the band, congrats, we'll make room for you in the band. Even if you want to be lead triangle.]

Luke's, Sunday

Sunday, May 28th, 2017 08:10 am
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When Kanan came in to work today, there were the usual pancake stacks, yes, but the cook was also hard at work carefully arranging a bunch of the pancakes, layering various fruit fillings between them, and icing a bunch of them up like birthday cakes.

Of course, Kanan made the mistake of asking, "What's the occasion?"

Apparently there didn't need to be an occasion to make birthday cakes out of pancakes, and Kanan had to contend with disgruntled side-eyes all day.

Fine. See if he cared. He was still going to eat like half of one of the cook's weird cakes before the day was through, just watch.

[OOC: Bloop goes my brain. OCD-Free and SP is the name of the game as I get kidnapped for my Dad's birthday party.]

Demon Marcus, Sunday

Sunday, May 28th, 2017 07:54 am
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Sparkle squinted a little at a selection of... rompers? They didn't usually carry much in the way rompers, and he didn't remember ordering any more in lately, and yet, here they were. A full rack of them.

He sighed. Sometimes these things just kind of happened around here, and it was best to go with it. Maybe somebody would find the romper they'd always dreamed of on that rack.

... He was kind of eyeing the one with the rainbows all over it, himself. Not as, like, an everyday thing, but, you know, just for shits and giggles...

Shut up.

[OOC: I guess someone invented the 'RompHim' and ever since then the internet has been going nuts over rompers? IDEK people confuse me and this post is open with no OCD and a SP caveat.]
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Honestly, Hannibal understood that some people had family issues, but they needed to understand that there was only so much he could do.

"I understand, Mr. Pearson. And how long has your son been an octopus?"

The octopus squirted an annoyed stream of water in his father's face.

The doctor was in! And considering sushi for dinner.
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Some days were just 'feeding the ducks' days. It didn't matter that Jono hadn't done so in entirely too long; now that spring was here, he was making time for it, stopping at J,GoB for a few plain bagels before swinging in the direction of the park. He'd brought a book with him as well, a collection of one-act plays that maybe he could swing putting on at the Boards. Someday. Eventually.

He was going to have to just suck it up and start doing open mic nights again or something, one of these days.

But for the time being, the book was being more or less ignored while Jono tore off pieces of bagel and threw them to the birds. It was even a nice day for it. And he wasn't going to admit just how much he'd missed doing this.

He wasn't even moping!

[OOC: I felt like posting a Jono. Not just because he had his first canon appearance in a year or two yesterday, honest. Flames out, post open!]

Luke's, Sunday

Sunday, May 7th, 2017 08:51 am
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Another week, another Sunday spent in the diner. Kanan had braced himself for too-many-damn-pancakes coming in this morning, and had been pleasantly surprised to see that the pancake count when he arrived for his shift was a sane amount, and that the cook was back to making them fresh to order.

When Kanan asked why there weren't stacks of the damn things piled up to the ceiling, the cook just shrugged, reached for his container of batter mix, and then raised an eyebrow as the busboy yelped and ran to hide behind one of the booths in the dining area, babbling about being buried alive.

Huh. Trauma worked. Good to know.

Kanan, secure in his ability to walk through the kitchen without having to keep an eye out for falling pancakes, made his way over to grab an apple or something to eat for breakfast...

... and just barely managed to dive out of the way in time as the cook opened the fridge and a sweeping tidal wave of kiwi fruit poured out.

So, that was what today's special was, apparently. Anything and everything, just so long as it came with a side of weird, brown, furry fruit.

[OOC: Continuing my no OCD trend because I FEEL LIKE IT THAT'S WHY.]
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After getting Hannibal's message about having a new child show up on the island, Karla had wasted no time chartering a portal to get to Fandom. Portalocity, however, had managed to waste plenty of her time, accidentally sending her through a portal with both a half-day layover and the wrong destination. While the dimension of blue had a very lovely Fandom, that was most definitely not the Fandom Karla had been aiming for. After yet more time arguing with customer service about whether or not this was the Fandom she'd intended all along and then a very long, personal groveling session when they realized which account they'd messed up, Karla was finally where she'd meant to be...two days late.

Back home, Warren was already pitching a fit in his polite and soft-spoken-yet-somehow-terrifying manner that involved a level of businesspeak and legalese that Karla didn't entirely understand yet generally made corporations roll over and show their stomachs. It was impressive and normally, Karla would have loved to watch. But she apparently had a daughter to meet.

Coffee anyone? she sent in a mass text to whomever she thought might be around.

[Open for fellow parents and small children alike! Pings to be picked up after I wake up, though SP through the workday.]
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Why yes, Sparkle was in a pretty great mood today. He loved these weekends. The idea that someday he might have his shit together enough to be responsible for a little person who called him Dad was... like...

After that whole thing with his sister a couple of weekends back, he'd needed this, okay?

And so he was spending his morning pulling together clothes for his kid, because there was no way he was going to let the boy wear the same clothes two days in a row, okay? And he was willing to cut some sweet discounts for any other temporary parents who wanted to change their kids into something clean, too.

Because kids. They were probably covered in mud and ice cream by now, right?
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It was possible that the strange creatures that had invaded Fandom last week were still on everyone's mind when the Student Council had designed the decorations for Prom. Glittery cardboard animal-hybrid monsters awaited everyone as they arrived to the community center, and made their way inside along a blue and yellow carpet flanked by glowing, glittery red eyes.

Nothing in the decorations looked like a rabbit though. Some memories were just too much to make fun of.

Welcome to Prom, folks!

[OCD is up! Getting this up early for potential SP needs! | Arrive/Mingle : Photographer : Food and Punch : Dance Floor : Shadowy Corners : Chaperones : Prom Court : OOC ]
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Jono had been attacked by a bunny on the way to work.

Jono had been attacked by a bunny on the way to work. He was pretty certain the island was mocking him for being pummeled into the dirt by a cat doing a blue hedgehog impression the other weekend, especially since the bunny had made its presence known by coming up from behind and bowling him face-first into the ground, right there on the street. He was reasonably certain that his nose was broken as a result, and there were scorch marks on the cobblestones from the resulting freak-out, but there was no trace of the rabbit except for a few ashes on the ominous ocean wind.

So, rather than putting up a sale sign or spending his morning putting out new stock, Jono put a very different sign in the window.

Open For Anybody Running From Bunnies
Will help escort you back to safety if you need.

//The things this naffin' island makes me put in my window...//

[OOC: Open!]
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So, Jono was still in a decent mood today. He still had a face, so sue him. It was still not his face, but it wasn't like this was even the first time that was the case. Or the first wrong face, for that matter. And this one, at least, he could chalk up to Fandom weirdness and be reasonably certain he'd return to normal by tomorrow. Better to just enjoy what he had while he had it.

Which was why he was at the Boards today, in case any of the band decided they were feeling up for practice, with food set out for snacking on - mostly fresh fruit this time around, because if there was going to be snacking it was going to be something he liked - and Jonothon noodling away on a shiny red and black electric bass while he waited to see if people were going to show.

And you had better believe he was singing his own accompaniment today whenever the song he was playing called for vocals, too. The voice might not be his, but that didn't mean he didn't know how to use it.

It was going to be a fairly laid-back day at rehearsal today, unless anybody had anything in particular they wanted to do.

[OOC: Stop by and play! Flying without OCD today, might as well just frolic. Musically. Musical frolicking.]

Groovy Tunes, Saturday

Saturday, April 1st, 2017 04:33 pm
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Okay, so Jono could still take or leave being a woman on days like this, but he certainly couldn't complain about the assets that the island continued to give him along with the body swap.

... Namely, the other half of his face, some lungs, and a stomach. What did you think he meant?

In any case, he was having a pretty good day at work today, alternating between singing 90s grunge at the top of his lungs and snacking on fruit. Because his priorities were sound, damn it. Completely and entirely sound.

Groovy Tunes was open, and the mutant was in a bloody fine mood.

[OOC: Open! OCD-freeeee.]
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Alright, Jono was here. Jono was totally not freaking out in the least. Jono had set up a few mics and patch cables onstage in case anybody showed up and wanted to jam, and...

... Yes, he had brought beer, just in case it turned out he was going to have to bribe people into playing anyway. But that was a last resort thing. Or else a 'yay, we have a band now, I'm not even a teacher this semester so I can be a terrible influence and let minors celebrate this fact with a drink because we all know you're going to do so anyway at Caritas if you want to' thing.

The posters were still up around town advertising band tryouts or whatever today, and he'd changed up the marquee today to read:

Try Out For the Band!
Here, today!
All skill levels and musical styles welcome!

He even hauled over a few extra instruments from Groovy Tunes, in case people didn't want to drag over, say, a drum set or a keyboard or half a million amplifiers for their electric guitars or anything like that. He was thoughtful that way.

[OOC: Open to all! C'mon in and play!]
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Now that everybody was back from their vacation, Hannibal was wondering if there would be any new traumas. And apparently there was a new inhabitant, if radio were to be believed. You never knew who might need to talk.

So, he was in his office, reading. Coffee and hot water for tea were both ready, and he had some lovely scones just in case.

[OOC: Open post!]
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So Raven hadn't been home since Tuesday morning. Since her shift at the music shop, she'd mostly been wandering around town in animal form, dodging squirrels and people alike and occasionally digging food out of trash cans or taking naps in trees. Living on her wits in town was different from doing it in the mountains -- she could get meat without killing anything, for instance, which was nice since having killed things was why she didn't feel welcome in what was supposed to have been her own home, right now. And there were people around. Constantly. Even when she went out in the preserve she'd ended up dodging away from people (really, they had a whole house to themselves, why were Hardison and his partners hanging out naked in a tiny house on in the preserve). It was easier to pretend she didn't need people when there weren't any around. Instead, she got constant reminders of what her life should have looked like. If she'd made better choices.

So she was standing outside Luke's, looking up at the windows to the apartment, trying to decide if Kathy was home or not. Trying to remember if she'd left the windows unlocked, so she could sneak in and out of her room without being seen if Kathy was. Trying not to just walk in, collapse onto whomever happened to be there, and confess all the weird, creepy shit she'd done to get back to the island.

And maybe order an omelette. She'd really missed food she didn't have to cook herself.

[open, should anyone want to deal with a moody blue mutant]
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It was starting to get late out, but that really didn't bother Ino. She liked working nights—all Turks did, even those who bitched about them—and playing with formulae for perfumes in the backroom of her not-quite-open shop made her happy and comfortable.

It was a lot better than being… or well, better than dwelling on a lot of things that she hadn't really figured out how to work through.

Ino left the lights on in the front of the shop, the door unlocked, and with her long, long blonde hair braided up, she worked quietly, lavender and lilac and vanilla filling the air.

In the window was an illuminated sign that read:

Pick Your Poison
Opening Soon

The shop wasn't technically open yet, but… hey, she wasn't going to turn down anyone who was curious enough to pry now. So… sure, the shop was open.

For a certain definition of 'open'.

[And OCD free!]
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Jono was actually in a good mood today. Yes, even Jono was aware of how weird that was. But he wasn't going to let a little thing like a good mood get in the way of listening to angry music. It just meant that it was entirely possible that he was going to end up pulling a guitar down off the wall and playing along, today. The Clash was playing loudly on the stereo and everything was coming up Jonothon, dammit.

Hell, there was even a little kitten romping around his heels, attempting to capture and destroy his shoelaces. Jono let her keep that up. After all, Joni deserved to have a good day for no particular reason, too.

[OOC: Open!]
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Jono had had big plans for tonight at the Boards, but the events of the last few weeks had thrown something of a wrench in the gears when it came to organizing the showcase he'd wanted to hold.

... Or even finding people to perform in it. Which meant that he was going to have to adjust his plans somewhat.

A lot.

There was a new sign up where the old one had been.

Due to Unforeseen Circumstances, The Fandom Showcase Has Been Cancelled.
Come in for an Open Mic Instead!
There's Beer.

When all else failed, bribe people to participate. And if anybody needed Jono, he'd be on the stage playing his guitar for the duration of the evening or until somebody else showed up who wanted to perform. Whichever came first.
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The constant buzz of Nanika being a present force on the island had finally gotten to Jono, to the point where he was mostly just going through the motions with a pocketful of tissues for the inevitable nosebleeds, and he was making a point to go to work today just to get out of the bloody house. Give him another couple of days, and he'd just wall himself off entirely, resigning himself to going through life as mind-deaf as he'd been back when his powers had first manifested and he could barely push past his own barriers enough to get words out, never mind pick up on the psionic resonance of those around him.

He loved you, Alluka, but your sister was very literally doing his head in. If there was a cure to be had for this, Jono wasn't liable to be much help bringing it about, now.

So, today he was at Groovy Tunes, soft jazz playing on the radio mostly because the Silence was off napping somewhere and the stereo was actually playing nicely today, and even the little blue people who lived under the shelving were being respectfully quiet. Possibly for fear of being evicted with a broom.

[OOC: Working on the weekend yey.]
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After days of dealing with Nanika in the house - which mostly consisted of trying to get her to respond to anything and eventually conceding that she did in fact seem stuck in her current thought - and the same amount of time in dealing with a husband who was increasingly out of sorts (though at least not with him anymore), Hannibal was glad to spend time in his office dealing with other people's problems.

At least until the fifth call and tenth e-mail interrupting other people's sessions, the mail delivery, and the two people in the anteroom attempting to reschedule.

Finally, Hannibal gave in and put a sign out under the business plaque on the wall - Secretary needed - inquire within.

Until then, he was going to try to pretend he didn't find this all terribly rude. He had a promise to keep.

[Open post! Come bug Hannibal, apply for a job, or show up for therapy!]
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There had been dead people this weekend, and Hannibal had no doubt some people were traumatized, either from their visitors or from their lack of them.

So, today signs went up and an e-mail post went out:

Dinner, drinks, and games at 22 Phoenix Place this evening. Whether you had visitors or not, come and recover or make sure others have. 7pm

[OOC: Yep, post-trauma party post up shortly!]
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They were at the bowling alley. They were at the bowling alley entirely because Hannibal's guest and his husband loved trolling him

Hannibal was still not wearing those ugly shoes. Or eating the pile of grease they called food.

Hannibal was mostly sitting and looking long-suffering, since that seemed to be what he was here for.

[Open post! Come and bowl or whatever!]
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"Ah... shit."

Sparkle had kind of been afraid that this was going to happen. Ever since the only shirts he could find in his dresser this morning were ridiculous Christmas sweaters (though the one he'd pulled on today had given him a much-needed cackle, so he wasn't entirely complaining), he'd been at least low-level paranoid that whatever he showed up to work to today, it wasn't going to be his usual stock.

Nope. Not his usual stock by any stretch of the imagination. Some of the Christmas sweaters were at least the tolerable side of hideous, but a lot of them, especially the ones that he was sure were usually fancier, more expensive merchandise, were burn-barrel hideous.

... Eh. He could work with this. He was putting an assortment of the sweaters in the window along with a sign:

One Day Mystery Shirt Sale! All shirts marked down to $10. Buy a sweater today, end up with who knows what tomorrow!

People liked surprises, right? And that was probably the only way he was going to be able to move any stock today anyway.

[OOC: Open!]
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Well, if there were any time that people were going to need counselling, it was after something like that.

Hannibal had coffee, tea, wine, and beer ready to go, and was doing paperwork and catching up on the news.

And drinking wine. They'd missed another wedding, and this one hadn't even been a ceremony!

[Open post, no OCD! Come talk it out.]
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So, the great thing about this whole situation so far was that all of Sparkle's pointy things and shooty things were still on him when the island had swapped over, because Sparkle had been paying attention on Wednesday, and he wasn't stupid.

Or maybe he was stupid, because he was still fucking here. But besides that...

The less great thing was that there was nothing edible in the damn apartment. Even the houseplants had long since died, dried, and fallen to dust, and Sparkle was pretty sure he didn't want to know what out there would be so dire that he'd leave Pauline to the not so tender mercies of dehydration and horrible doom, but maybe that was for the best. She probably wasn't an edible plant anyway.

The trouble with being hungry was that after almost two days without eating, even Sparkle was willing to do something stupid like actually go outside instead of waiting for more competent persons to sort this out, and if he was going to do that, well, better to do it before he was completely ravenous, as opposed to uncomfortably running on empty.

So. Here was Sparkle, walking the streets, wide-eyed and pretty sure he was the island's biggest idiot right now, looking for some indication as to where to find food. Had to be somewhere, right? This place wasn't completely deserted. It just mostly looked that way.

Maybe he should have tried gnawing on the upholstery or done one more sweep in the pantry for some petrified Pop-Tarts or something. Just one more.

[OOC: Boy hadn't had his seasonal dose of trauma yet. THAT CHANGES NOW. Open!]
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Hannibal had come back here in the early hours of the morning, more to reassure those here that he was still safe and to stay involved in what was going on than out of any real desire to socialize.

The oddities of the day before seemed to have settled back into the usual dullness of day-to-day life, and Hannibal was keeping an eye out for any new people, but other than that, it was business as usual.

Maybe he could get a bit more volume out of their water filtration system today. It was a hobby.

[Open post! Come to the village!]

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