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arboreal_priestess ([personal profile] arboreal_priestess) wrote in [community profile] fandomtownies2017-06-26 11:48 am

Devil's Nest, Monday Evening

Halfway through Verity's shift, a zombie shambled in through the door, while she was on phone the arguing with a distributor. One minute, she was arguing about him overcharging her for mixers and the next she was rolling on the floor, coming up on her knees with one of her hidden guns out and pointed at the zombie's head.

Tiny just looked at her for a second, then told the zombie that the band was at the other bar if it wanted to audition. The zombie groaned at Tiny, then turned and shambled out, not giving Verity another look.

"This island is deeply weird," she announced, tucking her gun back into its back holster. Tiny remained unimpressed, drying glasses at the bar.

[No OCD and SP in effect (as per usual these days)]