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Ronan had been enjoying a lazy lie-in after the excitement of the evening before -- sparring with Reno was always exhilirating -- when there was a knock on the door to his suite. Throwing a robe on over his boxers, he shuffled blearily to the door, only to be greeted with a smiling face and a delivery.

"... Right, I did see that fine print," Ronan said. He'd had it drilled into his head by certain unnamed parties (NITA) to always read it, but that didn't mean he paid that much attention to it. "Uh, one hour, right?" He lifted the bell off of the platter and frowned. "Ginger? That's nothing."

He threw on some proper clothes, propped open the door, washed his hands, and got to work. Before long, fragrant cooking odors would be drifting out of the suite and into the halls of the hotel.

Tom Kha Gai : Thai Coconut Soup (with Chicken)
Black Pepper and Ginger Pork Strifry
Ginger Lace Cones filled with Cardamom Crème Fraiche

Anyone hungry? Ronan's cooking again.

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Jag had come onplanet with Jaina, since sometimes they both needed a break and this was the closest things had been to the way they used to be since the whole emperor thing happened, but he was still stuck in the hotel on the mainland comming into daily briefings. Luckily he was also the kind of guy who had no problem with his sleeping kids being left with him during meetings so his wife could go get coffee.

So Jaina was here by herself today, which she didn't mind at all. In fact, she'd ordered two of the largest coffees because she knew she'd go through them both. One was even accidentally pumpkin spice, and she didn't even care.

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"I was a spider last week. You wouldn't have wanted me here." Miguel was currently writing an apology note to Eliot saying as much. The kitchen staff just shrugged. Hey, if they'd ignore that, Miguel would ignore the bronzed pancake-pig sculpture above the freezer. For now.

As long as he could keep the coffee coming.

Today's Specials
Coffee-flavored waffles with coffee and brown sugar bacon
Maple-espresso baked oatmeal
Greek yogurt with coffee-fig compote

It was possibly a thing.

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After a generally bad week, Seivarden didn't mind too much to spend a day in the flower shop. Hopefully whatever customers that would show up wouldn't put her in a worse mood.

When she arrived, quite a few of the flowers levitated in the air. She sighed, took a seat behind the counter, and told herself that at least it was decorative. After a while, bored and restless, she began throwing pens at the flowers, pushing them around in the air.

Her aim wasn't bad. Something had clearly been wrong yesterday, and she had a suspicious as to who was behind that.

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Just when you thought it was time for the island's collective consciousness to maybe move on from the whole sharkicane thing... along came Homecoming! Well, the theme was actually "Under the Sea", but like the Student Council wasn't going to have glitter-encrusted sharks feature heavily in the decorations? Please.

Of course, it wasn't just sharks: there were plenty of glitter-dolphins, and fish, and octopuses octopi octopodes too. Jellyfish-shaped lights hung from the ceiling, and strategically-placed LED projectors were set up to complete the underwater ambiance.

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Luke's, Friday

Friday, October 20th, 2017 08:13 am
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Parker was not totally awake. So she was demanding fortune cookies for breakfast. Surprisingly (or not so much) she got them.

Fortune Cookies
No Bake Cereal Bars
Bacon and Egg Toast Cups

"Don't forget to write out a good fortune for me," Parker reminded the staff. "Something with lucky serial numbers and a haiku."

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After a pleasant day raising money for Fandom while partaking in one of his favourite passtimes -- kissing cute guys -- Ronan grabbed a quick supper in town before heading to the beach. He started stretching out, and laid out a few spell circles ahead of time, thinking there were a few useful things it wouldn't hurt to have ready.

Ronan had picked up a few tricks since the last time he sparred with Reno.

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Kathy wasn't avoiding the Homecoming carnival--or, more specifically, the people attending. That would be silly. She'd head down there...eventually! She just had some really important stuff to do here at the shop first. Like going through a delivery of costumes and seeing if any of them were actually worth snagging for herself.

"Sexy angel? Pass. Sexy demon? Also pass. Sexy schoolgirl? Have my own uniform, thanks. Sexy stripper? Okay you're not even trying anymore. Sexy nun? Is that appropriative? Sexy Native American Princess? Okay, that's definitely appropriative. Sexy geisha? Oh my god, those are disposable chopsticks, this is downright insulting. Sexy zomb--fuck it, I'm out."

She tossed the last of the costumes back into the box and debated the merits of making a costume that didn't have the word 'sexy' in the title. Maybe she could just be some kind of fairy tale princess and call it good.

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Mary was looking around the lobby nervously as she worked with the bell hops to hang a banner that read, "Welcome back!" She had cracked down on Gunther's food orders, blocking all his attempts to purchase more ground beef for his Guntherburgers. There was no need for him to keep ordering more burger meat when no one was eating them. He'd been a bit more reasonable over the past few days, even ordering fresh vegetables. Mary hoped he'd be back to his normal menu choices this weekend.

Her hopes where dashed when Gunther paraded into the lobby with a covered platter in his hand. He babbled something about getting back to his roots after the commercialism of Las Vegas led him astray ("Vegas does that to everyone, Gunther. Just be glad you didn't lose all your money," Mary mumbled under breath). He then lifted the cover to reveal a trio of bratwurst, smothered in sauerkraut and served on a hamburger bun.

Mary closed her eyes and counted to ten. "Does someone feel like doing a Sushi Station run?" she asked the bell hops, who both ran to get the take-out menus.

Welcome to the Arms Hotel
Today's Special:

(Take-out menus from local restaurants at front desk)

Room assignments. There are still plenty of rooms available, including suites.]
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Dante was on the hunt for more not-so-hard rock songs he could teach Kathy so she wouldn't wind up being like, fucking Taylor Swift with the country shit.

And so after opening up the actual store at the front, he was heading down back with an acoustic guitar and a ton of guitar tabs open on his phone. He'd be here all day, playing that guitar, having the time of his life, not worrying too much about Homecoming or anything like that.

If he hit that one Placebo song a few times too often for it to be coincidence, it meant nothing and he was fine.

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Of course the Carnival offers plenty of food too, and there are rides and games for everyone to enjoy.
There is also glitter, to no ones surprise.

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The park had been transformed into the traditional Homecoming Carnival, open for everyone: students, teachers, townies and of course for visiting alumni.
Welcome to kiss, throw pies at or dunk your friends and enemies, and enjoy a nice sunny day.

[OCD is up! Kissing Booths | Dunk Tanks | Pie Tossings | OOC | The Second Post]
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When Octavia came to work today, there was a cactus on the counter.

It looked like it was holding a sign. The sign said PET ME.

Octavia frowned at it, then shook her head. No, she wasn't about to pet a cactus. Trying her hand at making her first floral arrangements was just as likely to be unpleasant, and that was at least a part of her job. So, that was what she chose to do.

(Could a cactus look sad? Octavia would've sworn it wasn't possible, and yet...)

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 Unsurprisingly, Earth music sounded quite different depending on where it was from and when it had been written. Breq felt she still had much to discover in the contemporary music within this culture -- there was quite a variety here too, after all -- but today she decided to venture further away in time and space. Well, staying on this planet wasn't very far, but still.

So today there was music playing from anywhere and anytime she could find recordings from, and Breq was humming along without really noticing. It was a pleasant day.
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Though she knew, deep down, she had pursued it entirely as a distraction from this deal not going at all the way she had expected it to, Amaya had spent some of her time since arriving making the house somewhat livable (still plenty to do there!), and most of her time picking and prodding and dismantling and remantling the Squishy machine. She'd given herself a task and she intended to pursue it to the bitter end.

She was on her back on a rolling creeper, fitting perfectly underneath the machine thanks to having removed some paneling, tools spread all around her within arms' reach, tinkering, adjusting, fixing, and a triumphant cry of victory emerged as she tweaked something into place. "Ah-ha!" she declared. "That's got to do it!"

And she rolled out, brushed her hands on her skirt, and gave the Squsihy machine a crooked grin. "I've got you now," she said, wagging a finger at it. "There's no possible way in all the kingdoms, that this didn't finally work! You put up a good fight, and that's admirable, but I finally got you!"

Shoulders squared, chest puffed out confidently, Amaya reached over to pull the third handle on the machine after placing a cup under the spout, knowing what she'd done, what she'd hooked up, understanding how all the parts went together by now so that there was no way anything other than the very blue flavor would come out of that particular spout...

...only to have the cup fill up with Red.

"What? Wha--How? No. No. Nonono!"

She should know by now that shaking the machine was going to do anything either, but, dammit, that didn't stop her from doing it anyway.

Today's Squishy Flavors
Almost Had it Apple
Nice Try Nectarine

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It seemed that the ski trip wasn't quite ready to leave Summer when she came in for her shift today, finding a new batch of thematic antiques that needed to find a home somewhere in the shop. Old vintage skis, Alpine themed decor, a few old instruction manuals from the fifties or something. Pretty normal stuff, even if she'd gotten pretty sick of looking at stuff like that after a whole week there.

She put most of it away, easily finding spots on the shelves or even a little display. One item in particular, though, she sort of left out. Partially because it was too big, but mostly because she wanted to make sure Lady Ghanima saw the old bench that had come from some vintage ski lift and that she saw the note from Summer recommending that it be destroyed.

Paris had been right. Those ski lifts were evil.

Needful Things is open!

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Taako reluctantly enjoyed being dragged along to the skiing trip though he'd never admit it out loud. It was nice to get off the little island for once. Which is something he'd never thought he'd say after the shit he had been through.

Welcome to Fantasy Costco
Item of the day
Unlimited Pasta Pass
Can be used at any Olive Garden for free unlimited pasta for the owner of the pass and free soft drinks for their guests

[OCD free]
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It was a completely normal day today at the flower shop. There were arrangement orders to be filled, plants to be watered...

Nathan didn't trust it.

Which really didn't make it any less normal, no. It just meant that he was giving speculative looks at every possible corner of the shop while putting together bouquets in shades of orange and purple.

Nope. Still normal. This place just had Nathan paranoid, now.

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Zack had intended to be hard at work today at the animal shelter. He really had. But every so often the lack of sleep (thank you, insomnia) caught up to him. It maybe didn't happen as often as it might on a normal human being, no, but that mostly just meant that when it did, it hit him all the harder.

So if anybody were to come into the shelter today, they'd find Zack, sitting down at the front desk, his face planted into it as he slept. The dog next to him, Girl, was paying rapt attention to the shop, though, and wasn't going to let anybody try anything funny until Zack woke up and could deal with things again himself.

The shelter was... mostly open.

[OOC: Method RP, today. There is not enough sleep in the world. Open, though, for work-sp.]
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Shiemi had been up all night and so wasn't feeling very good today, but she was in the shop and willing to help with all your flower and plant needs.

Just... don't ask her about the report on Naiads she had yet to complete. She will possibly cry at you.

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It was mid-October, and just like that, it had gone from being one of Sparkle's least-favourite times of the year, to his most-favourite. Especially around here, running a clothing shop. You know what clothing shops did around Halloween?

"It's the most wonderful tiiime of the yeeear!"

So, yeah, Sparkle would be frolicking around the shop today, putting out costumes, poking through to see if there were any he could draw inspiration from himself, and just generally having a good day.

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Luke's, Sunday

Sunday, October 15th, 2017 12:00 pm
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Kanan was squinting speculatively at the kitchen staff today. There weren't towers of pancakes. There just... weren't. Pancakes were still on the menu, of course, but the horror stacks that were usually there... weren't. That was enough to raise his suspicion, all on its own.

"So, what's the catch?"

The cook stared at him blankly for a minute. And then held up his latest concoction.

Kanan squinted some more.

"Why am I not surprised?"

Today's Specials:
Halloween Your Meal!
Pumpkin Flavor or Fun Halloween Shapes Wherever Possible!

Kanan would never understand these guys.

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Yesterday, Karolina had woken up in her office and instinctively known something was wrong.

As a seasoned Fandomite, it had not taken her long at all to figure out exactly what: she'd apparently been a doll for several weeks. Maybe it was the island's way of properly welcoming her back? And, it had been five whole years since that last time she'd been dollified, so maybe it had been time.

Either way... What a damper on her plans to get right to work with the students that had been. Wow.

But now it was Sunday, and even someone as dutiful as Karolina wasn't going to work on a Sunday, especially given that she'd realized she'd entirely missed fall break and the trip that went with it. She wasn't going to admit to being bummed about it, but... She was currently ordering a hot chocolate with all the possible toppings.

So, you know.

"I guess the chocolate sprinkles probably aren't vegan, huh?"

Probably doesn't matter, with all that whipped cream already on there, Kar.

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Jono had the door to the Groovy Tunes propped open, today. He also had the doors from the shop area to the stage propped open, in part so that he could see the shop if anybody were to stop in, and in part because how else were people going to hear him playing guitar if all of the doors were closed?

Look, the weather was about as decent as he could hope for at this time of year, he had been in Austria for a week, his husband was a bloody cobra (who he'd left in the sauna at home, mostly because he wasn't in the mood to wrestle a massive venomous snake away from anywhere he wanted to be), and he wanted to play guitar. So passers-by to the Groovy Tunes today were going to hear music.

Well, they were going to hear Jonothon playing grunge on electric guitar with no small amount of skill. If they happened to think it sounded like music or not was really up to them.

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Traveling here to the island had been...interesting. Amaya didn't take to magic too well (or whatever that had been; it didn't seem strictly magical), but once she had her boots back on solid ground, she felt a bit better. Scoping out the place, it seemed promising, if a bit quiet. Definitely big for what she was used to, though she didn't have any problems finding the shop based on the Merchant's description.

Still, she had to double check the number and the sign. Triple check. Quadruple check, because this sure as donkeys didn't look like a blacksmith shop. But she spoke with the gentleman inside, and he confirmed everything, right down to the Merchant having left yesterday in a bit of a rush.

"Why, that no-good, sneaky little purple-shorts-wearing pot-bellied sticky-fingered scoundrel!" Amaya smacked her fist on the counter hard enough to make the drawer on the cash register sing out and pop open. "I knew it shouldn't have trusted that sniveling shyster, I should have known it was too good to be true!"

She sucked in a breath, closed her eyes, and slowly counted to ten. She was here, she'd put everything she'd had left into this, it was at least a shop of some kind, even if not quite her specialty. This could work. She would make it work.

"Alright," she said, turning her eyes back to the gentleman who'd introduced himself as Apu, and offering out her hand, "Amaya Blackstone, I guess I'm the new owner of this place. Why don't you show me around a bit, see what I'm dealing with here. And let's start with whatever this," she opened her arms to the Squishy Bot with the first spark of excitement since arriving, "wonderful contraption is!"

Today's Squishy Flavors
Starshroom Pie
Walnut Strudel

Turtle & Canary is open!
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If Liam found Fandom in general to be pretty quiet, Fandom while the majority of those who attended and worked at the school were off on vacation was even more so.

About the most exciting thing to happen so far was the argument over desk chairs that was currently happening.

"Well, you can just... you can just flap on down to the apple patch!" Ralph finally exclaimed in disgust, before storming off.

Liam had no idea what that was supposed to mean, but it certainly sounded like it was supposed to be derogatory?

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The island was quiet. Kanan's usual Friday student was in some snowy place somewhere, and the weather was, while not ideal, at least not raining on his head.

Hera was a nexu. Stance continued to be a dog. A dog who wanted to play with the nexu.

So, Kanan could come to the park to run through lightsaber forms, but instead he was going to come to the park to let Stance chase the ducks and let Hera... probably eat the ducks. He was not going to be the stupid person who tried to tell a four-eyed, two-tailed, giant quilled cat with a mouth like a bear trap what to do at the park. Just so long as she wasn't eating his dog, he was going to consider it a win.

He was going to have to do so much explaining to Chopper at some point about why Hera wasn't at the scrapyard for her shift today, but he was going to do that... later. For now he had found himself a place on the grass to meditate while the two critters wreaked havoc behind him.

He was keeping an eye on them, honest. In a manner of speaking.

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It had been about a month since Octavia had meant to change places of employment. But as raccoons didn't go to work, her first day had gotten indefinitely postponed until today.

She was taking things slow. Just getting to know the store and what was where. Occasionally jotting down the names of some of the plants so she could read up on them later. That was one of the good things about this time: information seemed to exist in boundless quantities, and easily accessible. At least if you had a brother with a smart phone.

Today was for getting used to things. But she'd do her best to help whoever happened to come by, too.

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Things had been pretty quiet at Turtle & Canary for the last week or so, as Apu had been running the shop blissfully without the Merchant of Miracles. The Merchant had started to get antsy-pants, the very technical term for the wanderlust a travelling salesman was bound to feel after staying in the same place for too long. He'd hitched up the unicorns to his cart, headed over to Portalocity and did a tour back home for a bit, touching base with all his old customers and suppliers and marveling at all the missed opportunities that had passed him by.

Sure, this place gave him a real steady flow of cash, which was nice, but (and he can't believe he was about to say this), it wasn't all about money. For one, people here weren't nearly as gullible as, say, Daventrians or Tanalorians, and paper money was just so boring and not shiny. On the road, it was something new every day, some new challenge, some new sucker every day. Here was just...profitable and boring. He wanted profitable and exciting. He was a ramblin' man, couldn't keep a ramblin' man in one place for too long.

But he couldn't just up and leave. He had to get one last profit out of this place, which is why he had been hitting the papers and spreading a few things around to see what sort of pay-off he could get in selling the place. No responses yet, but they'd surely start rolling in any day now. Considering the business of this place, he was practically giving it away.

Meanwhile, he wondered if anyone would notice the oh-so-subtle uptick in the price of everything as he tried to get as much out of the place before riding off into the shinier golden sunset.

Today's Squishy Flavors
Wandering Watermellon
Frog's Breath

Turtle & Canary is open!
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Raven and the stereo were actually on the same page this week, the radio playing dreamy, female-led electronica while Raven attempted to mimic ballet dancers she found on the internet.

She had full, conscious control over every cell in her body, but ballet was still harder than it looked. Especially when you were using a checkout counter as your barre.

She didn't give it up until after she whacked her ankle bone directly onto the sharp corner of the counter trying to do a hamstring stretch, at which point she switched over to looking at the artist's visual work to mimic instead.

Angel wings and blood. Alright. Raven could get behind that.

[open to any of the, like, five people still on the island during break!]
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Wow, it was quiet around the island this week. Zack could swear break weeks had never been this quiet before. But then, he used to always be one of the ones going on the trip, hadn't he? Now there was a thought.

"Maybe what I need is a vacation," he mused, looking down at Girl from where he was sitting at the counter once all the daily chores had been done. The dog gave a little whine of sympathy and rested her chin on his lap. "... When did you get so big?"

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Nathan was perhaps just the slightest bit paranoid as he made his way into the flower shop today; the first thing he did was check to make certain that none of the new flowers were moving. Or that they had faces.

Satisfied that nothing was doing anything particularly weird, he went to check out the new shipment that Shiemi had gotten in yesterday.

He frowned a little. Invasive? Most of those plants weren't even terribly attractive. He didn't figure they'd be selling many for gardens or anything of the sort at this time of year, anyway. He considered them for a few minutes, and then shrugged and started taking cuttings to be put into more ikebana arrangements. They couldn't be invasive if they died before having a chance to go to seed, after all.

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Shiemi stared at the list of plants included in the shipment today: purple loosestrife, leafy spurge, asian knotweed, drooping brome, scotch broom, and tansy.

While some were very pretty and she knew some of them had medicinal and herbal uses, they all had one other thing in common - they were all invasive species! "What was Octavian-san thinking?!"

She double-checked online to be sure, but she didn't think any of these plants were illegal. At least not in this part of the world. Just almost guaranteed to take over land and kill off native species.

What was she going to do with them?!

[open. Yes I think I am clever]

Luke's, Monday

Monday, October 9th, 2017 02:22 pm
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It was Columbus Day, a US holiday fraught with entirely reasonable controversy. Eliot was braced for just about anything coming into his diner Monday morning.

He found his kitchen staff calmly performing their jobs and chatting amiably about perfectly mundane things. The dishwasher asked the busboy about his evening plans, and the busboy's answer was perfectly reasonable, something about having a night in with his boyfriend.

It was the strangest thing Eliot had seen from them in months.

He watched for several moments before the cook looked up and noticed him.

"We thought you'd gone on the trip!"

The busboy and dishwasher exchanged glances, and promptly launched into an onion fight. The cook began singing Klingon opera. Poorly.

Eliot gave a long suffering sigh and went to go sort out paperwork in his office.

Today's specials
Fried chicken salad
Chili cheese fries
Oven-fried apple pies

Luke's was open and OCD free.

Luke's, Sunday

Sunday, October 8th, 2017 07:48 am
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One of these days, Kanan would come in to work and not immediately look around to see what stupid nonsense the kitchen staff was up to. Today was not that day. Today, Kanan was walking into the kitchen to see that the horrifying pancake sculpture from last week, the one that had looked vaguely like one of his favorite critters that lived in the freezer, was significantly more metallic than usual.


"You had it bronzed?"

He was going to blame you for this, Miguel. Somehow, with the answers the busboy and the dishwasher were trying to provide to him both at the same time, he found himself pretty certain this was your fault.

Today's Specials:
Butternut Squash Soup and Pancakes
Gnocchi with Squash and Kale and Pancakes
Roast Pork Loin with Apples and Pancakes
Apple and Pomegranate Crisp and Pancakes
Pancakes and Pancakes
Bacon, Eggs, Ham, and Spam. And Pancakes.

"If I promise not to take away your weird bronzed pancake monster, can I have that last one but without the pancakes?"

[OOC: Open! Also with a weird holiday SP warning!]
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So, tomorrow was Thanksgiving.

Well, in Canada, tomorrow was Thanksgiving, which Sparkle wouldn't have even considered if not for a stop to get groceries that had involved him ultimately stopping to stare at a large display of pumpkins for sale.

He'd bought three, left one at home, and proceeded to bring two in to work. He'd ask Alluka if she wanted to carve them later, maybe, and for the time being he was wandering the shop, throwing up fake cobwebs and other spooky stuff. Maybe later he'd even run out and get a blacklight for the window display. Because prepping the place for Halloweeen helped him get his mind off of that other holiday.

Somebody was extra sore about family shit this year. But not half as sore as he kinda hoped Hannibal's face still was.

[OOC: Open! With a 'Thanksgiving is tomorrow but I'm heading out to celebrate it today so pings may be sporadic' caveat.]
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Of course, Quark had gotten sucked through a hole in subspace trying to leave Deep Space Nine. Of course he did. The first time he tried setting out on his own after his own idiot brother became Nagus, and he got sucked through a hole in subspace and had to land on some backwater, primitive class-M planet, full of backwater, primitive beings.

Well. At least he could probably sell them something while he waited for someone more advanced to pick up his distress beacon.

Anyone with an eye on the skies and the rocky bits would see his little orange shuttle come in for a slightly bumpy landing on a slightly flatter place amongst the rocks, and a short, lumpy headed alien wearing a brightly colored suit come out, swearing up a storm, and kick the fins.

Stupid subspace.

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"You actually did it."

The cook looked smug and handed Miguel a platter of marinated pork.

"Okay, I'll make it. But you have to take down that pancake...thing." He suspected it was supposed to replace the head he'd made them take down last week, but it looked a bit worse for wear.

The busboy sulked.

Miguel sighed. "Take it down or...preserve it somehow, plastinize it, I don't know. You know food goes bad otherwise, right?"

He'd pick his battles; Luke's was open.

Today's Specials
cochinita pibil
corn pudding
deep-fried banana fritters
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Everyone packed and ready for a week in beautiful, snowy because we say so Austria?

Come on down, campers! It's time to gather with your classmatess, your teachers, and your huge bags full of clothing and brag of your skiing prowess, whether or not you actually have any!

[OOC: Ye olde traditional gathering post is up! The first post of Fall Break with go up in [community profile] fh_trips in a few hours!]
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There was a sharp *bang!* from the Magic Box sometime Friday afternoon, and a cloud of green smoke blew out through the door into the street. It smelled like coconut.

"Well," Jenkins said, holding a green-smoking beaker at arm's length and waving the smoke away from his face. "That did not do what I thought it was going to." He set the beaker down on the counter and pulled a small notebook from his inside jacket pocket. "Addition of young coconut water makes solution volatile," he muttered as he wrote. "Note to self: check shop regularly over the break for suspicious growths."

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There wasn't a lot going on today, so Hera was going back to that pile of unknown metals she'd been through with Cassie and trying to identify some of them. Chopper was happy, because that meant getting him to burn and shock them to test melting point, malleability, and conductivity.

It was a hobby.

The junkyard was open, but mind your step!

[No OCD!]
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Another week, another day with Kanan in the park, which was basically ritual at this point. Today he had the bamboo sword he'd brought last week, but it was set to the side, waiting for his student to show up. In the meantime, he was going to be sitting on the grass, carefully cleaning each component of his disassembled lightsaber.

It seemed like a nice day for it. And it tended to pick up a lot of dust and other detritus over time, being carted around in pieces on his belt. He'd return to carrying it around in a weapons case in order to cut down on that, but around here that seemed... stupid. For an entire host of reasons including but not limited to the fact that nobody cared that he had a lightsaber (beyond that they thought it was neat), and that it was pretty much asking for trouble on an island that saw regular invasions and he'd already tried to kill a shark with a lamp once this year.

So. Lightsaber. Cleaning. And then maybe running through forms with it once he was done. Not a bad way to pass the time before lessons, later.

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Tino was still claiming he didn't know where anything was, so Cara was making him inventory the bar, since clearly that was the only way he'd learn the 'new' positions of everything.

Sometimes you had to make your own fun.

[Open, no OCD.]
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Peter read Nathan's note, eyed the flowers, and put up a barrier around them. Then went to order more zinnias.

Then he went to call his suppliers. Where were they getting these things from?

The pothos was being very clingy, and he kept having to gently untangle himself before he ended up cocooned in tendrils. "It's okay," he found himself telling it, "you're doing fine, but I have to work."

Maybe he should give up and get a cat.

[Open post!]
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It was no surprise that Sidon had been spending most of his free time in the ocean around the island; this had been particularly true after his conversation with Khadgar a bit ago that brought to his attention that this weather probably wouldn't last for much longer. He was uncertain how he would be able to handle the conditions that his friend had told him about, so he made it a point to enjoy this while he still could, especially as he didn't know if he could handle the winter. Would he be able to stand being inside those restrictive, dry dorms? Would he just have to stay in his tank in his room all the time, much to the annoyance of his roommate, no doubt? Or would he be unable to stand either of those options and find himself just wanting to go home to the pleasant dampness of Zora's Domain? He did miss it. Annoying as Muzu's visit had been, it did cause a spark of homesickness deep within him.

Well, those were problems for another day. Today, he would enjoy what he had been given, a good time in his race with himself around the island, a lovely bounty of fish to fill his belly, and now a pleasant floating on his back in his favorite spot, the port, watching the birds and the clouds drift across the sky.

[[and it's open, of course!]]

The Gig, Thursday

Thursday, October 5th, 2017 09:20 am
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Dani found it disturbing that Kally had taken to waiting outside the barn in the mornings for her to arrive with coffee. "You goof," chided Dani even as she gave the mare an affectionate pat on the nose. "Here you go. They made it with skim milk, though, because they thought both coffees were for me." Yes, Dani was now ordering two coffees in the morning, one for her and one for her coffee-stealing horse. It was the only way she could safely keep her own coffee.

"Come on, said Dani, opening the barn door. "We've got a busy day ahead of us. For starters, I need to figure out which teachers on this island are single and most likely to take me on the ski trip."

The Gig was open.
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Breq had enjoyed spending time with Tip and J.Lo during the weekend, and she had been relieved that the Presger Translator had disappeared along with the other visitors without causing trouble.

Today she chose to approach the stringed instruments. Having taken off her gloves, which no real Radchaai would do, she tried strumming a few chords, trying to remember the way Jono had played. It didn't sound good, but at least her ear for music wasn't completely dependent on her current body.

[Open! For SP though.]

Caritas- Tuesday

Tuesday, October 3rd, 2017 03:53 pm
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It had been a week and a half since the new look was unveiled, and Kitty was still pretty happy that she'd pulled it off.

That was dulled a bit by Tino constantly not knowing where things were, though.

"I put them in the same places as last time, this is not new," she sighed, half-figuring he was doing this just so she'd get tired of it and do everything herself.
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So, Summer had survived Parents' Weekend. If she was being honest, it hadn't even really been all that bad. It could have been way worse, so she was going to be thankful for that.

Really, after her being replaced by a robot for three weeks went over without much of a hitch, she shouldn't have figured the Smiths as a whole would have been anything to be worried about. Awkward as all hell, but as long as her mom hadn't gotten too drunk or her dad hadn't gotten too dorky or Morty hadn't stared at too many of her friends, it was not bad at all.

This lead to a pretty good mood at work that Tuesday, as she swept and dusted...and tried to find good places for all those lamps.

Needful Things is open!
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Raven was feeling . . . twitchy. Restless and kind of cranky and she was having a lot of trouble focussing on anything. She got into a long argument with the stereo over the fact that she seemed to only be willing to listen to about ten seconds of any given song, then tried to do some online shopping to while away the time instead, but even mimicking the weird outfits she found on hipster websites wasn't keeping her attention. She kept hopping up to go rearrange the instruments and dusting.

By lunch, the store was entirely dust-free and Raven was wondering if it would be considered rude to dive bomb any customers from the rafters when they came in.


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