Caritas, Sunday

Sunday, October 1st, 2017 05:09 pm
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It'd been two days. Atton hadn't sensed anybody he knew on the island.

He still stepped through the doorway with infinite suspicion. "You there," he yelled at the zombies. "Seen anyone blond, pretentious and really up his own ass come through here this weekend?"

The zombie blinked at him.

"Ugh," Atton said, and turned to Tino. "How about you?"

Tino said nothing. He just poured himself another shot.

"Fine, you're all useless, whatever."

Drinks half off if you can prove
your relatives are traumatizing

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The zombie band seemed to be in a good mood after the week's party. They'd spent the entire evening so far covering all of Beyonce's greatest hits...

... and were now coming back around and re-covering the same greatest hits all over again. Look, they mostly knew the singles.

"Seriously?" Atton called, after the third iteration of 'Halo'. "Get a new deal already!"

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It was a perfectly ordinary Sunday night at Caritas.

In this case, that meant a decidedly wet Atton was behind the bar, yelling at a group of roving bunnies currently hitting the dance floor.

That kind of ordinary.

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It was a Sunday night, and Atton wasn't just working, he was... actually working.

Which is to say he was up on a stool measuring the ceiling. "Look," he said practically, "Maybe we should start shark-proofing this place for next time."

A beat.

"You never know!"

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Caritas, Sunday

Sunday, September 3rd, 2017 08:00 pm
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"Hey, one week into a new semester and nothing's blown up yet," Atton said.

And he hadn't even scarred any students. Score!

He paused for a long moment, but all he heard was the sound of glasses moving and someone scrubbing the bar.

He looked over his shoulder, irritated. "You could at least pretend to be listening to me monologue, you know," he called to Tino. "That's just polite! Everybody does it!"

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Caritas, Sunday

Sunday, August 20th, 2017 07:20 pm
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Well, if Kitty was game for staffing this place while it was under construction, Atton was game for showing up.

... Okay, that wasn't strictly true. Indeed, you'd find him spending most of his shift complaining softly to himself, and sometimes more loudly at the zombies.

But he had nothing better to do tonight, so why not go out to drink fancy alcohol and serve teenagers less fancy alcohol, right?

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Caritas, Sunday

Sunday, July 30th, 2017 10:38 am
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"So what in space is this?"

There was a large plaquette listing off mixed drinks like 'Sunshine Cloud' and 'Gut Punch' that Atton had never heard of before in his life, sitting right there against the bar. And on top of the bar...

"Adelhyde? Bronson Extract?" He stared at the package of 'free samples'. "Is this going to be the start of something? Because I don't want to be starting something in the bar. Kitty will murder me."

Tino opened his mouth.

"Shut up. I need to think."

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The day started with a rainbow. Not that there had been any rain last night, really. The island, noticing the handwavy posters up around town, had figured it wanted to contribute to the spirit of the whole thing, and slapping a big, bright rainbow into the sky had seemed like the obvious way to do it. By around noon, it was clear that the rainbow was going to be sticking around, too, less a meteorological phenominon and more a banner painted across the sky. Down below, little flowers had popped up overnight in bright colours, some mimicking the rainbow up above, some in other configurations; pink-purple-blue, blue-pink-white-pink-blue, black-grey-white-purple, yellow-white-purple-black, and so on. The flowers, fortunately, were there to be pretty, with no other weird effects on the island's populace.

Though, really, if presenting a bouquet of them to one's favourite person ended well for somebody, the island wasn't going to complain, either.

The parade itself was to start on the Causeway, a good gathering point for Fandomites in the past, and a fairly central location on the island. From there it would follow Griffin Lane to Galactica Drive, Serendipity Place, Godiva Street, back onto Serendipity and following it until it turned into Loon and Loon turned into Chimera. Then one final turn onto Apocalypse before ending up at the Park, where people were welcome to sit and mingle to their hearts' content.

The weather was nice, making liars out of the meteorologists in favour of shunting clouds aside for sunshine and a pleasant breeze. A perfect day for a parade!

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Caritas, Sunday

Sunday, June 25th, 2017 01:18 pm
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"Don't talk to me."

It had been the fifth time this hour alone that Atton'd said that to Tino. He was gonna keep saying it, too.

It'd started as an experiment: see if Tino left him alone if he mentioned having a stomach bug. It had quickly turned into a battle of wits.

And so now Atton was laying on his back on the bar, growling, "Don't talk to me," to Tino. Again. For the sixth time. That hour.

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Caritas, Sunday

Sunday, June 18th, 2017 10:22 pm
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If there was anything going on outside the island this weekend, the only reason Atton knew about it was his roommate looking sad or something.

No, Atton was spending his weekend arguing with Tino, as was right and just.

The whole argument ended, once again, with Tino in the maintenance closet and Atton sitting up front, sipping juma.

That was life.

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Caritas, Sunday

Sunday, June 11th, 2017 04:28 pm
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"I'm having one of those days where I'm not sure if Sunday is Monday or Saturday," Atton complained. He was lingering by the tap with a glass of apple juice in hand, ice cubes in to make it look like something else than it was.

"You ever have one of those days?"

He eyed Tino. Tino skittered away. He eyed the band.

They waved at him.

"There's just no making conversation in this joint," he sighed. "Right, I'm pouring myself another one."

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Caritas, Sunday

Sunday, May 28th, 2017 04:32 pm
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Three weeks in, Atton had finally brought some of his own music into the bar. He ignored any pleas from the zombies as he stuffed them into the sound system - if anyone really wanted to do karaoke, they'd figure something out.

Probably. Maybe Atton would just keep the music on.

Anyway, loud Metallica was pounding out the stereo, drowning anything Tino might have tried to say. Atton himself was sitting in the corner of the bar, tapping his foot, fixing himself a juma every now and again.

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Caritas, Sunday

Sunday, May 21st, 2017 02:36 pm
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Tino was loose again, but last weekend had clearly left an impression on the guy.

And by 'impression', Atton meant it had made him more insufferable. Tino swanned around the bar like a deranged French waiter, tut-tutting at everything.

Atton did the only thing he could: he took up a spot right behind the bar itself and snarked at Tino from a distance. It more or less worked, for now.

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Caritas, Sunday

Sunday, May 14th, 2017 06:01 pm
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It was Atton's first day on the job. So far, it wasn't too hard.

Admittedly, half the reason he wasn't doing too badly was that he'd yelled "FIX IT YOURSELF" at the zombie band the first three times someone had lost a digit, and after that, they'd left him alone. He was left eyeing the bottles, contemplating what kind of bartender he wanted to be.

Doing flashy tricks seemed like a great way to never get to laze out during any bar shift, ever. So that was out.

Maybe he'd do 'broody in the corner'? He'd just have to kick Tino out of it first.

Caritas- Tuesday

Tuesday, May 9th, 2017 09:06 am
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For some reason, there had been painters here when Kitty came in earlier to get some paperwork done. She hadn't hired them, but they were here anyway.

And to be honest, Kitty kind of liked the new look.

So tonight there were fans going to try and get the smell out, but it wasn't any harder talking over them than it was to talk over music?


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"I hate this part," Atton announced, sitting down on his luggage at the far end of the causeway. "Can we go yet?"

They were going somewhere tropical. They'd probably get to drink stuff out of coconuts.

All this sitting around in the cold? Not his deal.

But it was time for everyone to gather up anyway.

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Another winter week, another Sunday spent putting out new winter clothing at the Demon Marcus. This week's new shipment was primarily boots. Cute boots. Cute, warm, fuzzy, practical boots. Because Sparkle was all for fashion - and hell, he even made a point to keep some boots that were more fashion than function in stock - but knowing the island's usual crowd and how many of them probably had no damn clue what to do with actual winter, function was going to come out on top every time he placed an order this time of year.

"I want a pair of fluffy ones," he said to Milady, whose little tank he had moved back to the counter so that he could have company while he worked. "It's like a cuddle for your toes! You know. If you have toes."

So, that was Sparkle's frame of mind today.

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The weather in the park was cool, crisp and pleasant. Not too hot and not too cold. If Goldilocks was attending the school she would have called it "just right." The traditional decorated tent had all been set up, complete with various tables, an expansive buffet which included a grill and barbecued items, and the all important shadowy corners.

And a moderate amount of glitter here and there.

There was also a very shiny banner that read:

Welcome to Parents' Weekend 2016

Welcome parents and friends. Watch out for the glitter. That stuff gets everywhere.
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A sign was posted at the front door:

Caritas Presents:

Unlike most 3MDs, there didn't seem to be a host. The zombies were just set up, all quiet, when the lights went out.

After a few moments, music started to play. A man's voice started to sing "Ooooooooh" while backing vocals repeated "come on."

The first chorus played before a voice that might have been familiar to longtime residents came up and completely failed to introduce himself. "Welcome to Three Minute Dates. I gave this CD to Tino years ago, just in case this thing I started turned a sexy, legal to drink in the rest of the country 21. In honor of that, have an open bar, courtesy of me, to make sure my name is never forgotten. When somebody reads your names or whatever happens, pair up, get drunk, and let those beer goggles take over for three minutes until this sound plays."

The song cued back up, singing, "You're hopelessly HOPELEEEEESSSSSSSSSSS!" It was, perhaps, a mixed message.

"Have fun. And try not to bang too many people at once, like I'm definitely doing right now."

Finally the lights came back on. Jessica turned to Tino at the bar, taking a free drink, and asked, "Who was that?" Tino just shrugged. He clearly knew, but he was admitting to nothing.

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Sparkle hadn't slept in his bed last night.

Hell, come to that, Sparkle still hadn't slept. He hadn't even been on the island. He'd been in Baltimore, in Dr. Lecter's former neighbourhood (it was familiar enough), causing the sort of minor chaos that had gotten him into trouble more than once back in Toronto. He hadn't broken into anybody's houses, no, but more than a few of the rich snobby sorts would be waking up to find their garden sheds broken into, mostly worthless items missing that they probably wouldn't notice were gone for months. Or until their gardener brought it to their attention.

Sparkle sighed and clutched to a coffee that was too big for sane human consumption, and poked listlessly at the contents of his open backpack.

"Stupid," he muttered, pulling out a spool of weed-whacker twine and turning it over in his hand. "Stupid stupid stupid stupid."

Apparently it was going to take more than a night of petty theft for him to start feeling more like himself again. But hey. It had been worth a shot.

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Class was over with, and with it, the week or so of hiding out in the apartment that Atton'd been doing. It'd been nice, for as long as it lasted, but getting out of the house that morning had felt better than he'd anticipated.

So instead of heading home after class, he took a detour past the Perk. He ordered something caramelly and sweet at the counter - once again swearing the barista to secrecy about the drink's contents - and then set up shop at the edge, waiting for his drink to be finished.

"So how much longer until you guys hit the Pumpkin Spice again?"


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Sparkle was just kicking his feet as he sat behind the counter at Demon Marcus today. He had a YouTube playlist going, playing some random user's best of the Tragically Hip selections, feeling alone and kind of apart from the rest of the world today. He hadn't learned about the farewell concert until it was too late, and that was exactly the sort of thing that he would have been right in the thick of last night, getting lost in some crowd at a bar or sneaking into the CNE or the Distillery District or...

Look, it was just that there was nothing quite like finding out you spent another night alone as a fugitive in self-imposed exile in America while an entire country came together to say goodbye to a national icon back home that...

He huffed out a sigh and rested his head on the counter. He'd been feeling off ever since being grabbed on Coruscant, and things were too damn quiet with Atton away no matter what had gone on, and so help him, for a guy who had never really had a place he could call home, he'd been feeling what he could only describe as homesick lately. He'd always been one sort of alone or another, but this was different. It was a kind of bone-deep tired alone that made it hard to breathe whenever he acknowledged it.

Maybe that's why he'd been spending so much time trying to do anything but exactly that.

If anybody came into the shop today and Sparkle wasn't at the counter at the time, he was just in the back room. Doing inventory or placing orders or trying to find stuff to restock or... something.

It takes all your power
To prove that you don't care...

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Atton couldn't stay here. He was aware of that much; he needed time to deal with the whirling dust the past month or so had kicked up, and he wasn't going to be able to do it here. Especially not with Sparkle being in the state he was. It sucked, bailing on the kid, but it was better for everyone involved.

He had an hour left before his portal arrived, so he swung by the Perk, picking up something with caramel in it. He picked a booth somewhere at the front of the house and sank down in a seat, cup in hand, and considered the streets outside. It wasn't the same without the familiar Maryland skies, anyway, he figured.

Or maybe that was just him.

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The last month and a half had... definitely been a thing. That had happened.

And Atton was frankly not sure he wanted to hang out on the island for the next month and a half - at least not until everything back home got cleared up. But that was a pressing issue for later, when he didn't have a traumatized Sparkle to escort back home.

So escorting was... something he did.

"Should I call for pizza?" he said. "I should call for pizza."

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Hopefully, everyone still had a little socialization in them yesterday after the mixer. There was still plenty of Tamsin's booze reserves to be shared, which would go nicely with all of the breakfast foods being served.

Each of the tables had a pot of coffee as well, just in case that was needed. There was no glitter in the coffee, promise.

[Arrive/Mingle | Food and Drinks | Tables | Edges of the Park | OOC]
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The bulky booze reserves Tamsin had reeled in during their last stop had no real end in sight. So great was their wealth that this time around, they'd actually just put wine and beer barrels out to function as tables across the community center.

The decorations were nice, though. Just a dusting of gold and blue glitter, nice tablecloths, and a wide selection of food. That was all you needed, right?

[ocd up!| Arrive/Pick Up A Name Tag | Food/Open Bar | Dance Floor | Dark Corners | OOC]]

Demon Marcus, Sunday

Sunday, May 22nd, 2016 09:17 am
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Sparkle didn't wanna.

He just... didn't, okay? It was his birthday. He was turning twenty. And the past year had been a shitty year. He'd lost a home, basically skipped out on his entire reality so that he wouldn't have to face the music and go to court, his heart had been broken, one of his friends was dead, and now his best-friend-slash-roomie was missing-presumed-not-dead-yet-fucking-hell-Atton. Sure, there were good things about the past year too. He'd met Leto, for one. Moved in with said best-friend-slash-roomie for another. But overall, on the big old scale of good versus shitty, Sparkle would be perfectly happy to not repeat that particular year of his life ever again.

He wasn't doing much at work today. Just sitting up on the counter lighting sparklers one by one and watching them burn out. Fuck it, he didn't care.

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Okay, 4PM on a weekday afternoon was probably not the best time to be chugging coffee, but Atton had to drink something while having this discussion, and it wasn't going to be alcoholic. So screw it: he was sitting down at a table at the Perk, a large mug of incredibly sugary coffee in one hand and his comlink in the other.

"I'm serious, Mical," he said. "We have been through this a thousand times already. You are not going to stop this cartel just by thinking very frowny Force thoughts in their general-- no, I know. Yes, I know. Yes, I know you are a complete pretentious stoopa about this-- look, I don't have to be back to teaching until Monday, you know what, I'm coming over-- no, you don't have anything to say about--"

He slammed back a large gulp of the coffee. Bad idea.

"Space!" Beat. "No, that wasn't aimed at you. ... Yeah, now I'm tempted to say it again, and now it is aimed at--"

The conversation continued in this vein for another ten minutes, at which point Atton just hung up on Mical and he was left drinking his cold coffee. Angrily.

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Demon Marcus, Sunday

Sunday, May 1st, 2016 01:02 pm
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Sparkle was actually hard at work today. You could tell by how he wasn't actually draped over the counter for once, and instead he was dancing around the store, singing around a Tootsie Roll Pop that he'd stuffed into his mouth before he got to work... tidying? Putting stock out on the racks? Who knew? The only really important thing here was that he was sugar-loaded and motoring around the place like nobody's business.


Maybe it was denial. Usually when he was dancing like this, there was probably some manner of denial involved. But hey, there was also a bag of freshly harvested suckers involved, so who was complaining?

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The ship above Earth hadn't moved. The Brood inside were just waiting for the embryos to hatch and take over the humans so that they could reclaim them and at the very least build up some of their numbers again. There was still plenty of damage they could do.

All they had to do was wait.

star wars vs marvel )

[Preplayed with the lovely and amazing [ profile] suitablyheroic and [ profile] sith_happened x 4!]
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With Anakin's message going out yesterday, help was more than welcome in getting rid of the alien ship hovering above them, waiting for whatever the next step was. And since there were probably a few ships in a few different places around the island and no one place to meet, Jaina sent a text to the general Fandom population:

If you've got a ship, meet up outside town hall asap.

Sorry to everybody's service providers for all the mass texts this weekend, but it worked.

[Mainly for the pilots to gather, though anyone is totally welcome to come by!]
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So, Sparkle had been a bit upset to hear this morning's radio broadcast, to say the least. Just as he was wickedly planning to tease Ada about those kigurumi that he'd ordered, Atton had read off the news about Alluka.

He'd spent a good twenty minutes just kind of staring at a wall, arguing with himself. He was no hero, and the rescue party seemed to have already left anyway, but he had to do something.

And that was why he was in the park, scouting around until he found the site of the abduction. A tea-stained blanket, teacups, some toys...

Anyone who came to that particular part of the park that morning would find him slowly and carefully packing up the blanket and everything on it, folding things and neatly tucking them away in his backpack so that he could take them home and clean them. The stuffed toys he picked up last, pausing to offer his condolences to each one and to tell them it would be fine. Fandom rescue parties almost always succeeded at what they did. Sure, it was more for his own benefit than theirs, but they still nodded and each offered him a hug, which he accepted, before he moved on to the next.

He'd keep them all safe until Alluka's return. This was fine. Yeah.

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The pollen was beginning to dissipate. While it was not entirely gone yet, the fog had cleared enough for Atton to stop muttering things under his breath (or retooling his lightsaber) and, instead, set up at the causeway to wait for the kids to arrive. He sat down on his baggage and sighed.

Getting off the island? That was going to be a fantastic idea.

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Sparkle was a freaking trooper, that was what he was, hauling his ass out of bed today to go work at the clothing store. Sure, it wasn't like it was a long walk, and the streets were quiet and if anybody on the island had warm clothing to bundle up into before going outside these days it was obviously the guy who was running the clothing store, so the whole trek hadn't been so bad.

It was the shoveling that he had to do once he got to Demon Marcus that sucked, clearing a pathway to the front door so that people wouldn't have to plow their own and then tromp snow and muck across the floor. That part had sucked.

So, once that was over with, he'd bundled himself up over at the counter and worked on today's sale sign.

In Case You Didn't Notice
All Stock 40% Off If You Don't Track Snow Across My Clean Floor


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Life was starting to look up again, by which Atton meant that this morning he'd been able to use his fingers again. He kinda relied on those fingers. Knowing the kolto was doing its work? That was good. Anyway, if he was going to have a Mical-enforced vacation yet again, he might as well do something with it.

He ordered the biggest coffee he could find at the front (with a shot of caramel, though he told the barista not to tell) and ambled to his usual seat in full sight-range of the door. A couple minutes later, he was back at the front to get some pie, too.

See? Enjoying his vacation.


He broke out the pazaak cards after five minutes. He was bored already.

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Right. Tamsin had spent the past hour or three killing things in front of the community center. It was getting old.

Luckily for her, she still had the megaphone.


This also alerted every monster in the general area, but she didn't care.


She lowered the megaphone and cleared her throat. Loudly.


[[ FIGHTY POST! hold on for the ocd up! ]]
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There was a new Space Battles movie, and Kitty was a big ol' nerd. Of course she was lining up for it. Sure, the odds were good that it hadn't sold out here, and when you knew everyone it didn't matter as much where you sat, but it was about the experience.

[Open! Line up for the movie! Happy Star Wars!]

Caritas- Tuesday

Tuesday, December 15th, 2015 07:16 am
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So Kitty was back on island, full time, with an actual solid-unless-she-didn't-want-to-be body again. She hadn't really said anything about that to anyone yet, and was pretty insistent on getting back to normal. She'd figured it would be a quiet night and headed to work with her laptop and some bridal magazines, only to find a party set up in the back room. Tino knew nothing about it and neither did the flamingo, and the zombies were no help.


Might as well!

[Thanks to the meme and Twitter enabling, here is your I Never party! Open to all and feel free to mod seeing the sign or getting a text if you need.]
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Sparkle was frowning a little bit at the order forms sitting in front of him. Yeah, yeah, he knew the whole point of Demon Marcus was to carry product for literally all body types, but he couldn't help notice that some of the more... uniquely shaped articles of clothing were more likely to literally charge by the arm and the leg, so to speak. And he didn't care if you came to the island with a Besalisk physiology or you were literally just a pile of tentacles or something, nobody deserved to pay extra in the wintertime just because they wanted to be warm.

After a couple of hours of scouring the internet across a few different realities, Sparkle managed to find a supplier that manufactured and shipped ethically-sourced winter clothing for most sentient body shapes at a reasonable price.

That was...

He smiled a little as he started filling out the order forms.

... Satisfying.

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Another morning back in Fandom, another headache from fruitlessly arguing with Mical about stuff, and blah blah tired. He should probably go home and sleep it off, but he was still too wired from the recon mission he'd been on - sorry, 'exploratory assignment because we're not in the military, Atton' - so coffee it was, instead.

Probably better if he stayed up until regular sleeping time, anyway.

So Atton was sitting near the front of the Perk, nursing a very large cup of coffee, wearing a Jedi outfit that was equal parts armor and robe. (Unlike Anakin's generation, the Jedi of Atton's day did not often mess around when it came to protecting their inner organs. Funny, that.) It only made him look a little out of place. You know, for Fandom standards.

[[ open! ]]
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You know, it felt good to be away from Probably Soon To Be A Disaster Area Island. Really good.

Good enough that Atton was humming the jauntiest Metallica song he knew (it was probably their take on Whiskey In The Jar) as he wandered back onto the island, at the front of the pack.

Home sweet home.

[[ welcome back to fandom, folks! open for all your establishy/oh gosh it's cold here needs. ]]
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Hope you packed all your raptor-proof clothing, kids! It's another semester, another trip, and the school wasn't responsible for providing you with anti-raptor gear. So.

Atton was the first to arrive on the scene, which annoyed him to no end. He sat his luggage down, sat down on the luggage, and looked around.

Right. Time to assemble, kids.

[[ la la la fall trip! open for all your gathering up needs ]]
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The chances of Atton achieving anything remotely resembling a good mood were pretty much zero at the moment. Below zero, in fact.

So when he stepped outside the MCA that morning and watched a bunch of zombie gremlins shambling towards him, he just sighed. "I don't want to deal with this today," he said.

The zombies didn't seem terribly impressed by that, so he lit his lightsaber with a snap-hiss. "No, seriously," he said. "I really, really, really don't want to deal with this today--"

[[ first for me and me and me, open after that! ]]
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Zayne decided to take some time to check in on one of his remaining investments in Fandom, and maybe get some breakfast. What he didn't expect to find was an all out war. Gremlin Zombies versus Kitchen Droids. The gremlins couldn't bite through the droids metal chassis, and the droids were poorly equipped for battle.

Despite the chaos in the background, Gigi was still able to seat Zayne at a relatively peaceful table and he was able to order a good breakfast that, hopefully, wouldn't have any gremlin blood in it.

... On second thought, Zayne was going to go help clear out the kitchen first. He could separate the combatants peacefully.

[OOC: Open for breakfast as soon as the fighting ends!]
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Simulation 45y was failing.

Angry red lights were going off everywhere. Along with claxons. Too many claxons. Zin were running around, trying to shut off one claxon after another.

There was a lot of yelling.

And pods kept opening.

That was inconvenient.

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It was a quiet week back home-- or rather, all the jobs that had to be done were diplomacy jobs, and for some reason, Mical kept those from him. Couldn't figure out why. (Same went for Mira, actually, so it wasn't like Atton was going to take it personally.)

Anyway, that left him with too much spare time. There was only so much he could do in his apartment: sleep, eat pizza, watch terrible holos...

...okay, that actually did keep him busy for a while.

In fact, he was decidedly squinty-eyed as he showed up to the Perk and bought himself a ridiculously strong coffee. "For class," he'd explained, in as much as that was an explanation.

Now he was sitting down, cradling that coffee like it was an Important Artifact, glaring at The Outside in general like it had done something to his mother. Whatever. Life.

[[ open! ]]
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In previous years, Atton had let this whole 'Memorial Day' holiday pass him by; he'd been focused on his cover, and on keeping the past firmly under wraps, not trotting it out so he could stare at his own navel over somebody else's holiday.

This year was different, and not just because he'd woken up in a cold sweat this morning as the Mandalorian Wars poured back into his brain. The first thing to come up on the television that morning had been Memorial Day-related, which had further worsened his already maudlin mood, and by the time his class was over, he was in a thoroughly melancholy headspace.

He went for a stroll around town, but the aimless of it got to him. Eventually, he settled down on a bench in the park with a pack of pazaak cards-- largely as a visual aide, because he could play in his head just fine-- and a sandwich. He looked up only occasionally, to glare at whatever duck or flamingo had the balls to come in close.

His thoughts kept wandering back to the past, in spite of his better efforts. Probably best just to sit here and soak in it for a while, get it out of his system.

[[ open! ]]
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There was a small chance of rain on the island today, but as the weather was still warm enough, that had not stopped the school administration for having the customary brunch outdoors in the park. It just meant some more canopies had been set out, to protect both the alumni as well as all the food and drink on offer from any possible rain.

There were flowers and streamers in blue and gold on tables, as well as perhaps some tasteful glitter.

Okay, more than enough glitter. Sorry, bad habit.
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You know, there was a lot of stuff about this place Atton remembered - vividly. Spending two years here, working out who 'Atton Rand' was going to be. Spending more years here, breaking back out of his shell, putting his head back on right, figuring out things like how to have friends without putting miles of emotional distance between you. Deciding to pack up and leave after Sparkle vanished down the penal system and Mira died and Visas told him, in the throes of a vision, that he'd be the last to die.

Last part kind of wrecked the middle part, but not in the same way it'd been wrecked before. He was okay with it now, the distance. Funny, he'd always fought to get rid of the traditional Jedi crap about attachment, but he'd wound up the one content with a traditional Jedi life.

He remembered other stuff, too. Smaller things.

Which was why in the morning he took the old walk from his apartment to Chilly Boulder and then down to the water, here. Stared out at the horizon, let his brain wander back down memory lane just this once, and opened up the floodgates to old, now-nostalgic melancholy.

He took a bite of his ice cream, lost in thought-- and pulled a face. "Okay," he muttered, "So I still hate soft serve. Good to know."

[[ open! ]]
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Much like the last time this event had taken place, it would appear to anyone who came to the community center tonight that whoever had been responsible for decorating for the reunion mixer actually had some taste. The decorations were simple - blue linen on the tables with gold flowers as centerpieces, and a notable lack of any tacky accoutrements - but there was, of course, gold and blue glitter scattered just about everywhere.

Don't tell us you hadn't missed it, old Fandomites.

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