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It was a completely normal day today at the flower shop. There were arrangement orders to be filled, plants to be watered...

Nathan didn't trust it.

Which really didn't make it any less normal, no. It just meant that he was giving speculative looks at every possible corner of the shop while putting together bouquets in shades of orange and purple.

Nope. Still normal. This place just had Nathan paranoid, now.

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Nathan was perhaps just the slightest bit paranoid as he made his way into the flower shop today; the first thing he did was check to make certain that none of the new flowers were moving. Or that they had faces.

Satisfied that nothing was doing anything particularly weird, he went to check out the new shipment that Shiemi had gotten in yesterday.

He frowned a little. Invasive? Most of those plants weren't even terribly attractive. He didn't figure they'd be selling many for gardens or anything of the sort at this time of year, anyway. He considered them for a few minutes, and then shrugged and started taking cuttings to be put into more ikebana arrangements. They couldn't be invasive if they died before having a chance to go to seed, after all.

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"What the hell?"

So, the new shipment of plants - cute red and yellow flowers that looked like they had little eyes - didn't spit fire or bite. That was a good thing.

They just, uh, apparently disappeared and made Nathan throw fire when he picked one up. Which, in a flower shop, was about as inconvenient as one might think.

Apologies to the zinnias, this week.

So, the fire flowers were going to be carefully placed over by the fire-breathing biting things, and Nathan was going to put a DO NOT TOUCH sign near the entire shelf of them in big, bold letters.

Fortunately, the fire throwing thing went away when Nathan stubbed his toe later in the day. Which was... good to know? But also terribly unpleasant.

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Nathan didn't find himself entirely impressed with the new shipment of potted plants that came in that morning. They were interesting enough, he supposed, but probably better suited to be housed over at the animal shelter, where they were used to having toothy merchandise that was occasionally prone to biting.

Then again, he was pretty sure the animal shelter didn't have to deal with many pets that sometimes spat fire, either.

Once Nathan had put out the fire in the azaleas, he sat down with the snapping red and white plants and had a long chat about manners. And about his fondness for sharp objects. That seemed to get them to straighten up and behave themselves, at least.

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Nathan was making some interesting faces when he came in for his shift today. Over there, there were... apples. A lot of apples. A confusing amount of apples, really, considering this was a flower shop, not a supermarket. And over there, somebody had... carved the decorative gourds into flower pots?

Nathan was pretty certain that's what had gone on.

He briefly contemplated leaving a note for whoever did it that this was coming on into the season where people tended to buy decorative gourds just to increase the autumn ambiance around their homes, but decided to just leave it be. There was no accounting for the logic of Fandomites, after all.

What he did do was haul out an unused planter that looked a little bit like half an old wooden basket, dump the apples into that, and then set them out in the open doorway with a 'please, help yourself' sign. Maybe it would entice customers to stop by long enough to come in and look around, but he was pretty certain they weren't going to sell otherwise.

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The monsoon had gone, the water had been cleaned up, and everything appeared to be back to normal at the flower shop by the time Nathan came in for his shift today. So it only stood to reason that he was going to be the one to open a shipment of what was supposed to be flower pots, and was instead treated to the sight of a large box full of tiny decorative gourds.

He squinted a little, and then shrugged, and proceeded to spend the rest of his day putting together autumn-themed bouquets. If the fixation on pumpkin spice anything over at the coffee shop was any indication, they probably wouldn't do too badly, he figured.

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It was still monsoon season in the flower shop, apparently. Nathan had come in after hearing about it on the radio, prepared for some kind of flooded out disaster, and had been met with a small lake.

So. His day was going to be spent moving the succulents to a table outside of the shop so that they wouldn't rot out due to all of the extra humidity. Bouquets were going to either have to be put on hold today, or be delivered damp. Customer's choice.

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Well, the day of utter and completely normal flower shop had probably been nice, but naturally that meant that Nathan was going to end up coming to work to something.

Even if it was a small something. A somewhat annoying something. The sort of something that involved a random rain of pennies whenever Nathan finished a flower arrangement. Which wouldn't bother him so much, except that the pennies stood a chance of damaging the flowers, and worse still, they were bad for the fish.

So Nathan wasn't getting much work done today. Two flower arrangements in and he'd figured out what the cue for pennies was, and the rest of the day was going to be spent setting up covers over the fish pond and anything particularly fragile, just in case an order couldn't wait.

This place.

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Nathan's squint when he walked into the store was one that he managed to sustain for a good ten, fifteen minutes as he looked around at the stock.

Everything, inexplicably, had been replaced with jade plants.

Well, everything but the fish pond, anyway. And that included the bouquets, the phone, and the cash register.

"Well, that'll make for an easy shift."

It'd probably turn back by tomorrow, he supposed. He'd write a note to Peter explaining the lack of flower arrangements being made today, but, well, the pen...

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Nathan was squinting at the flower order that had been placed today. He'd put together the arrangement, sure, but he wasn't entirely certain that 'National Relaxation Day' was a thing, let alone a thing that one generally celebrated with flowers.

... That said, the person who had placed an order had specified plainly that whatever went into the bouquet shouldn't be too carefully arranged, and should probably consist of whatever fell closest to hand. Nathan wasn't to even bother filling out the card.

So, he could live with that.

It was weird. But it was doable.

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Come in to work, check around for damage, pull the boards down from the windows, and then get to work watering the plants and feeding the fish.

Nathan would say he was disappointed that his shift today was so straightforward, but really, he'd be lying. There were a few arrangements that hadn't fared well when the power went out and took the refrigeration units with it, but besides a couple of armloads of wilted flowers, the place seemed to be doing alright.

... Maybe he could dry those or something. There were worse things to use dead flowers for than potpourri.

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Nathan generally expected weirdness when he stepped in for his shifts, these days.

He hadn't been expecting fish, though. But that was what he was met with, most of them looking... various degrees of distressed, mostly. It wasn't as though the flower shop didn't have containers that could hold water. They made decently sized arrangements there, after all, that went into vases. It was more that those containers were on the smallish side for larger cichlids, and they didn't have anything in the way of filtration units, either.

So, Nathan's day was going to be spent making phone calls to the animal shelter to see if they had a tank that could house them, or, if they couldn't take them, if they had the materials to build a small indoor pond. That sort of thing was classy, right?

He had no goddamn clue what he was doing. But he did, at least, leave a note for Peter saying that, if he didn't want fish in his flower shop, he was welcome to figure out something else to do with them. Nathan really just didn't want to deal with a couple dozen large dead fish today.

Today wasn't so much about the flowers, really, no. But Covent Garden was open, if a bit fishy.

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Nathan was squinting a little at a shipment of apology cards that had just come in. He was mostly certain that Peter had placed an order last week, after all of the odd apologies that people had been making in the wake of that weekend. But it looked as though the supplier had either mixed something up, or sent a few hundred bonus cards for them to use, as well.

He gave them a call just to be certain, and the answer he recieved was something along the lines of, "For your company's good business. Where else are we going to be able to sell some of those?"

Nathan had to admit that the customer service rep had a good point, and hung up the phone to resume looking, baffled, at the cards. They had room to store them, sure, but he was having difficulty coming up with a situation where they'd actually get to use very many "I'm sorry you spent a few days as a racecar" or "I'm sorry for the loss of your tentacles" cards.

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Had something been weird over the weekend? Nathan hadn't noticed. He'd spent his Saturday reading a good book, and his Sunday had been spent alternating between writing in his journal and trying to get a letter sent home to Taka and the kids.

So he couldn't help but feel a little bit as though he'd dodged a bullet when he came in to work today and found himself inundated with orders for bouquets with notes along the lines of "I'm sorry for the thing I did to you while I was somebody else on the weekend."

And maybe he was smirking to himself, just the tiniest bit, as he got to work putting together arrangements for other peoples' apologies. This was what schadenfreude was, wasn't it?

He'd take it.

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Some of the flowers were looking a little listless today. Nathan really couldn't figure out why, at least until he found a small potted hens and chicks plant sitting sadly by a note about National Chicken Wing Day.


He decided he really didn't want to know, and set to work pinching the deadheads off of the hanging flower arrangements instead of worrying about it too much.

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Everything in the flower shop was actually behaving itself, today.

Well. Mostly. Everything in the flower shop also appeared to be some combination of red, white, and blue.

"Ugh," Nathan said as he started to go around watering the potted plants. He'd deal with the orders for Independence Day arrangements eventually, sure, and he'd even be professional about it. But he could only handle so much patriotism at a time before he wanted to throw up in his mouth a little.

Nathan's relationship with America was... complicated, sometimes. There was a reason he'd run off to Japan after Fandom instead of returning to California, and it didn't all have to do with his failing theatrical career.

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Nathan was halfway certain that the note that Peter had left for him was coming from a place of concern that he was possibly abusing the plants. All on account of a pothos that was sulking because Nathan wouldn't let the thing smother him to death. He wrote a politely worded letter back to Peter explaining the importance of teaching one's creeping vine plants the value of respecting people's personal space, and then followed it up with a faintly bemused comment about how he was surprised he was being asked this now, rather than over that whole incident with the tiger jaws.

Then he got back to work, right up until he was interrupted from his tidying and watering by a pitcher plant who apparently wanted to play a game of baseball using fertilizer pellets.

"... How?"

The pitcher plant hadn't thought it through that far. Nathan just sighed and spent the next hour in a compromise, playing catch with it as well as was possible when a tiny carnivorous plant was throwing fertilizer beads around the shop.

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Well, it was shaping up to be an interesting week already, wasn't it? Nathan had apparently picked up another tenant yesterday, and he found himself quietly contemplating when in the world he'd become that person who just opened his doors to anybody needing a place to stay.

It wasn't a bad thing to be, really. It was just... new.

Of course, he spent his day contemplating all that while also trying to extricate himself from a particularly affectionate pothos vine, which was trying to either give him a very thorough hug or else crush him to death. He didn't particularly care to let it continue long enough to find out which it was.

Ah, another day at the flower shop.

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The trip back to Earth in the shuttle didn't take more than a few hours, but out of habit he ended up pulling out of ID space just over DC, instead of Fandom Island.

"That's weird," he mused, noting the absence of the Taelon Embassy in the city's skyline as he flew towards the coast. He figured the government must have decided to tear it down after the Taelons had left. A few minutes later, the navigational computer pinged to let him know he was approaching Fandom and he began the landing sequence. The virtual glass had barely dissolved and he was just stepping out when a person in strange white and blue came stalking up.

Liam tensed, curling his hands in to fists as his palms began to itch. Blowing something up immediately after touching down would be a hell of a first impression, and one he kind of wanted to avoid.
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Nathan... didn't trust today. He'd brought his sword in, just to be on the safe side, and by the time noon rolled around he hadn't needed to use it even once.

He even watered the snapdragons, and the most they did was sway a little, apparently properly chastened by the others earlier in the week.


Well, okay then. He'd just settle in and work on a few arrangements for the rest of the day. But he was going to keep watching his back. In this job, he'd learned, one always had to watch one's back.

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Nathan had brought in his sword again, just in case. On the list of things he hadn't figured he'd need in order to work at the flower shop, that was definitely one of them, but here he was. With a sword.

And of course everything was actually behaving itself today.

He sighed, shook his head, and then got to work reading up on ikebana before working on an arrangement, trying to see if he could get the hang of it. If so, then maybe he'd have his class for Friday all worked out. If not, he was probably going to have to resort to shoving ink and brush at his students and getting them to give calligraphy a try. But hell, between here and Friday pretty much anything could happen.

For the time being, there was an iris and a twig, and Nathan was going to very firmly focus on getting the balance just so...

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It wasn't that Nathan had meant to be late to work today. It was just that he'd decided, after a few weeks of disagreeable snapdragons (and rather eerie baby's breath) that maybe it wouldn't be a bad idea to... well... to arm himself for his shift today, just to be on the safe side.

And so today he had his katana with him, deciding that it was probably a wiser option than bringing a gun into a flower shop, and the first twenty minutes of his shift...

Well. They'd been spent fighting off a shipment of, perhaps fittingly, tiger's jaw that was a little too pleased to see him unpacking them. He'd suffered a few small scratches in the process, but once they seemed to have lost their fighting spirit, he almost felt sorry for the damn things.

Which was why, against his better judgment, he was going to try to propagate a few of them from the resulting cuttings. He didn't exactly want Peter to start thinking that he'd asked for the job just so that he could demolish the stock every week.

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Nathan was at least mostly certain that, regardless of what those flowers were named, they weren't generally supposed to behave that way. He'd even gone through several books in the flower shop's stock, and while he could find several entries for carnivorous plants and for snapdragons, those entries were generally nowhere near one another, and nothing about the snapdragons anywhere he looked said anything about them actually snapping at people.

So now the real questions were whether he was going to blame the island or the supplier for this, and what in the world to do with them.

For the time being, he'd settle with closing shop for a few minutes in order to get them something else to occupy themselves with besides his fingers. And for the rest of his shift, he'd be trying to keep them entertained with a rope toy and some dog biscuits from the animal shelter. So far, it seemed to be working.

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So, somehow, Nathan had wound up with a job at the flower shop. Mostly because he was stuck here and he was bored, and flowers seemed about as close to home as anything, unless he wanted to end up working at Sushi Station.

Nathan really didn't want to end up working at Sushi Station.

... What Nathan hadn't counted on was that his first week was going to be one leading up to what was apparently a very flower-heavy holiday. And so he was going to be learning the ropes of working the flower shop, doing arrangements, and taking orders while under fire. And he was generally calm under fire. He had to be, after the places he'd been.

But this... this was insane.

If anybody needed flowers, they'd find a somewhat frazzled Algren knee-deep in roses and cards, wondering what the hell he'd gotten himself into.

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Since apparently prom was this weekend, Peter had decided to showcase a number of corsages and boutonnieres this week.

Unfortunately, he hadn't counted on a very large shipment of false aralias in pots today. He wasn't entirely certain what to make of them, so now the windows were full of corsages, boutonnieres, and a lot of potted plants with very distinctive (sorry, Eliot) leaves.

The flower shop was open!

[No OCD]

The Perk, Tuesday

Tuesday, March 7th, 2017 09:47 am
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Despite Kanan's insistence that coffee was Not The Same as caf, Hera was curious about all the different flavors and preparations of it. And there looked like there were so many teas, too!

So, she'd come by the shop this morning to try some out.

"I don't know what I like," she'd told the person behind the counter. "Something a little sweet?"

She hadn't thought she'd had to specify hot. Now she was eyeing the cold, creamy thing in her hands a bit dubiously. But she sipped, and... "Huh. That's not bad. Thank you!"

It was probably a good thing she wasn't terribly picky. Maybe she'd specify hot next time, but meanwhile this would do.

She got a pastry and sat at a table, just watching people.

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There was a sign on the door:

Apparently some of you aren't used to seeing dead people
Drinks 20 percent off if it freaked you out
Drinks 40 percent more if you whine to me about it

This was Eric trying to be sympathetic. He was...rusty at it.

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There was a weird vibe on the island today.

No, not just because the zombies were still playing songs from their greatest hits CD. No, a different kind of weird vibe. Nothing that seemed to be touching Mike personally, but still.

He was behind the bar, feeling the randomest desire to fill up his time and keep himself occupied by texting. Except he didn't actually have anyone to text.

Maybe he'd send Derek updates on the house.

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Have you ever had one of those days? The sort of day where nothing quite goes right, where what you think you're doing is spring cleaning, you've got an armload of everything from old clothes to journals to a sword and you're minding your own business when suddenly you realize that the room that you were going to move your belongings to was suddenly much more open than you had expected?

And drafty?

And in the wrong corner of both time and space, while you were clad in traditional Japanese casual garb that was even considered mostly outdated in the year 1885?

Because Captain Nathan Algren was apparently having one of those days, having stepped out from the hallway into America with an armload of mementos and old laundry he had no intention of ever wearing again. And when he turned around with wide eyes to see where in the world his world had gone, all he saw was the rest of the Causeway leading to the mainland, and the last vanishing remains of what had apparently been a surprise portal.

"Fandom," he muttered, shaking his head and turning to look back toward the island again. "I had hoped you might have gotten this out of your system."

At least it was a small island. He could make his way into town, figure out which way was up, and then maybe see about arranging a way to get back home through Portalocity.

"You couldn't have at least waited until I was carrying an armload with shoes?"

All while barefoot. Wasn't it great to be back?

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For some, the weekend spent on the island had been quieter than for others. It wasn't that Algren wasn't interested in getting out there and fighting zombie gremlins (though there was some Fandom-related trauma there that had involved both zombies and gremlins, once upon a time, that he didn't care to revisit), and it wasn't even that he hadn't wanted to see if he could find any familiar faces at the various dances and parties and gatherings that had been going on across the island.

No, mostly it was that he'd just opted to reacquaint himself with the quieter aspects of Fandom. A walk along the beach, or through the preserve, right around dawn or dusk. That sort of thing.

This morning, it was the park. He had a thermos of tea - and yes, he had absolutely gone out to buy a thermos for the occasion, using money he still had inexplicably left over in the bank here from his tenure on the island - and was seated on the grass, watching the ducks swim and the flamingos... be flamingos, whatever that entailed.

There might also have been a sword resting on the grass beside him, serving as a silent warning to any gremlins that might get any ideas. Yes, Fandom, Nathan Algren remembered you well enough, even after being gone for a few years.

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Like so many weekends before it, the calm of a September Saturday morning was interrupted by the unscheduled opening of a portal in the park. This one sprang to life in a blaze of blue and gold and a burst of glitter before settling into something more stable.

The first to flood out were a score of squirrels, followed by some alots, a few teal deer, and some gremlins who had left Fandom to seek their fortune through biting. Then humans, humanoids, and those we never asked about too closely came through the portal.

Welcome back to Fandom, alums! Even if you hadn't planned on being here this weekend!

[OOC: Feel free to establish your folks coming through if they aren't taking alternative methods to arrive! HAPPY TENTH ANNIVERSARY, FANDOM! Come hang out in the IM chatroom gogremlins if you have time to kill and want to catch up/squee/find out what people have done IRL over ten years...]
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Captain Nathan Algren actually found it to be a little bittersweet, packing up the few belongings that he didn't want to part with and making his way to the Causeway. Mina was gone back to be with her League, and, while his feelings for her were strong, her home wasn't where he belonged. And here, increasingly so with each passing day, wasn't where he belonged, either.

But there was one place where he did have a home. A home, and, though he used the term tentatively, a family.

And so it was with his sword at his hip, and a bag of the odds and ends that he'd amassed in his year and a half of being here slung over one shoulder, that he crossed the Causeway. The money he'd made in his time here, once he'd exchanged it for currency more suited to his own time and his destination, would be enough to buy him a horse and some food at least. From Tokyo he'd make his way into the mountains, to the Samurai village that he'd come to love, perhaps to find some measure of the peace that we all seek, and so few ever find.

[Open Causeway is open, should anyone have any desire to catch Algren before he goes. This will be his last post, and from here he's off to that handwavey happy ending with a pretty Japanese woman and her adorable family. Aww.]
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When Marshall came into work today he found a bunch of leftover chips from Cinco de Mayo in the back room. Well, he knew what he concentrating on tonight. Now if only he could find some salsa.

[I'll be slow from 8-10 since it's incest theater on the CW tonight]

Caritas | Monday

Monday, May 3rd, 2010 05:36 pm
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When Adrian came in to work today, he found everything set up already, and Tino behind the bar wearing a graduation cap. The weird thing was, it wasn't even in Fandom High's colors.

"You're a strange man, has anyone ever told you that?" Adrian wondered.

Tino had no answer, probably because he didn't need to be told.
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It was... a quiet sort of day at the Wellspring Arms. Algren spent most of it nursing a cup of increasingly cold tea, alternating between flipping idly through magazines about hunting rifles and dusting.

Because today just seemed like a good day to dust.

Yes, it was another thrilling day at the Wellspring Arms & Meditation Center.

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Well, his final was finished with, his papers were marked, Algren was about 99.9% certain that somebody else had done the inventory before he could get to it this week, and even if they hadn't, it wasn't as though the counts would be any different than they were the last time.

And so today, he was going to occupy himself with a pencil and one of his old journals, idly sketching out the guns, in order of the year they were patented. There were notes to go with them. And, as the guns got newer, the notes generally started to get shorter and seemed to resemble 'avoid the HELL out of this one' more and more.

The Wellspring Arms is open.

[And OCD-free, again. I'll be out for the night in about an hour, so mod your meditation and with-Cable's-permission shooting-range goodness. No buying the guns, though.]

Caritas- Saturday

Saturday, April 17th, 2010 02:28 pm
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Jaina arrived back in Fandom too late to unpack any of her things, but a little early for work. Figuring it was better to be early, she ditched her stuff in her room and headed into town, opening the door to the bar-

And found Tino once again naked behind the bar. She would never, ever ask what she would have seen if she'd been any earlier.

Two minutes later, he was clothed and sanitizing everything while she kept glowering at him. Too bad she couldn't bleach her brain.
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Most teachers tended to plan their final exams during office hours.

Algren was not most teachers, and much preferred saving such tasks for the spare time that he managed to make while working in the shop that didn't actually sell things.

... What? You thought he did inventory every week?

Wellspring Arms is open!

[And flying without OCD today. Whee!]

Caritas [Tuesday]

Tuesday, April 6th, 2010 06:27 pm
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Tonight, Robin came in and immediately yelled, "Thumb war! Loser has to do inventory!"

And that was how Robin and her weirdly large hands forced Tino into counting all the bottles tonight.

[I am around, but lacking in creativity for posts!]
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Just another day. A nice, normal day, with no fog, no monsters running about. Algren wasn't hallucinating or paranoid, and he wasn't second-guessing his decision to try to persuade students to keep their guns disarmed while travelling around outside.

It was just another completely ordinary day.

... Perfect for counting inventory.

[OCD-free today, because I am made of lazy. Laaazy.]
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Yes, Algren had made his way in to the Wellspring today for the sole purpose of not selling weapons. Just as he did every other week, only this week, once he got a few good breaths of clean air into him and managed to calm the hell down, he'd even made a sign.

No. The guns aren't for sale. Meditate or leave.

He wasn't in the mood to be shot. He was going to make that damn clear to anyone coming in, too.

[Open. Sorry this is a touch late.]
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Today, Algren was taking advantage of his employment at the Wellspring in order to better acquaint himself with some of the weaponry that this century had to offer.

By the time he'd looked over what was probably gun number ten, he'd come to the conclusion, and not for the first time, that it was for the best that the weapons weren't for sale.

That was the last thing anybody needed to get their hands on at this particular point in time. A better way of killing people.

The Wellspring Arms is open.
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So, it had been a couple weeks or something like it since she'd gotten here, and so Angua realized that she'd better at least attempt to write a letter to Carrot soon, or at least before she wound up possibly doing something stupid next week with the full moon. Besides, Carrot had always been a letter sort of person; he religiously wrote to his folks, and he'd probably appriciate hearing from her. Not that she expected he was worried; he wouldn't be, nor would she want him to be, although it was still frustrating to think that he wouldn't. She was not a letter person, but she could still try.

She got as far as Dear Carrot...


"Oh, no."

"It looks like you're writing a letter," chirped the imp from her Gooseberry. "Would you like help?"

"No," Angua growled.

"Formatting is very important in a letter. Will this be a casual correspondance, or a business one?"

"Neither. I don't need help."

"But I have so many options you're not even bothering to utilize."

"It's a letter!"

"I can help!"

"Care to help me find out how to turn this feature off?"

"You'll have to read the manual, which, if I remember, you tore to shreds."

Angua sucked in a breath, ignored the Device, and tried again. Dear Car--

"It looks like you're writing a letter..."

...Writing to Carrot was going to have to wait. At least the coffee was good. Not as good as dwarven coffee, but good enough to maintain some sense of sanity.

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Once again, Algren was at work at the Wellspring, pretending to be productive.

Today, pretending to be productive came in the form of... Well. He'd picked up a novel to read. That absolutely counted as productivity, if you squinted.

Maybe later, he'd get around to doing inventory. And then he could wonder who in the world had thought it would be a good idea to rearrange everything on his lists by size, instead of alphabetically.

[Open! And OCD-free today. Yessir.]
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It was a new day and there was no better way to start a new day than with the continuation of the carnival. There was still snow coating the ground but the atmosphere was as lively as ever. With cream-colored decorations and twinkling lights, the Student Council had aimed for a winter wonderland kind of theme, and the snow simply added to the effect. Thankfully, the day was turning out to be warmer, so those who were going to be outside all day wouldn't freeze. Once the finishing touches were done, the carnival was open for business.

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After the invasion last weekend, Algren had somehow gotten the crazy notion into his head that perhaps there would be some variation in the inventory counts during his shift today.

Possibly. A slight discrepancy that would mean that he'd have something new to mark on his stock sheet. A gun handed out to somebody for self-defence, possibly. Wouldn't that be exciting? The suspense was almost unbearable.

Which was why he'd brought a book to read. He didn't live in suspense near often enough. And anyhow, it wasn't as though his counts were going to change between now and his next shift, either.

[Open Arms is Open.]
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It was another one of those days, yes.

Another one of those inventory days.

It had gotten to the point where Algren was writing down the counts that he knew he'd come to before he even bothered doing any counting.

One of these days, he'd just bring a book to work and read, instead.

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Deadpool was pretty sure he was gonna need to be wasted by the end of the night, but for now he was having enough fun with the cheap and not too great tasting beer. Look, it was the first day of trying to start a bowling league. Of course he was gonna get hammered.

There were plenty of those disease filled rental shoes for people and even some fancy sparkly balls.

Heh. Balls.

Oh yeah, it was gonna be a interesting night no matter what.
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Ah, the first shift of a new semester.

Algren wasn't going to bother doing his usual inventory count today, because that really was a redundant sort of activity, wasn't it?

Instead, he'd brought his sword in with him, and was in the meditation room, trying to work away the last lingering aches from his injuries while running through some katas. There was still a bit of a hitch in his step, but he managed, for the most part, to function around it.

The Wellspring Arms was open, with a note on the counter telling you to holler if you need anything but a weapon.

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Mina Murray sat at a table, sipping idly at a plain coffee, thank you very much. She didn't hold for gingerbread or peppermint or any other so-called 'festive' flavoring in her caffeine. She liked her tea and coffee the same way. Strong and simple. Somewhat like she liked her men, really.

She noted in her reflection in one of the store's windows that her red roots were beginning to show. She wondered if she should let it grow out again, and abandon her blondness.

She rather liked her hair both ways, really.

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