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The sun was out, brightening the day, and in the a tend was set up, with a banner on it that read:

Welcome to Parents' Weekend 2017

Inside was a buffet table, offering a wide variety of food, a grill for those who wanted barbecue, and plenty of tables and chairs. And shadowy corners, for those who preferred that.

There were no warning signs up for glitter.
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There was a shark man in the pond today, one in which the ducks and the fish were (perhaps wisely) giving a wide berth. But Sidon didn't seem to mind or notice, we was just happy to float around a bit, do a few quick sprints from one side of the pond to the other, trying to beat his personal best records, and just enjoying the fresh water. He wished it were a little bigger, as he missed the freedom and depth that that ocean gave him, but fresh water was just so much nicer!

And being contained in the lovely park on a nice day, perhaps the chances of someone joining him and abating his loneliness a bit might be nice. It was really starting to become clear to him, especially since he spent very little time in the door with being uncomfortable stuck inside walls, how much he missed having other Zora around. The humans and various other species had been great and interesting so far, but his heart was aching a little for Hyrule. Chasing ducks when they landed or trying to match the flow of the fish as they swum about helped a bit, though.

[[ i don't know what kind of day I'll have ahead of me at work, but the shark man was feeling a little neglected. Open park is most certainly open!]]
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Since he had no lessons for the day and he was feeling a bit more settled, Sidon figured today would be quite good for getting to know the waters around Fandom Island a little better. And though he preferred fresh water, he had to admit, it was absolutely wonderful being able to explore the ocean a little after spending such a long time (long for him, anyway) on dry land. Marvelous, really! He did rather wish he had some others to swim with; it wasn't he first time since he felt the ache of missing his fellow Zora, but this was nice, too. He made several laps around the island in pretty good time, then took a slower one to explore all the coves and more underwater features, finally settling to rest in the bay of the port, with its nice view of school, town, and preserve.

He sighed happily, breathing it all in, floating in the water, enjoying the feeling of the occasional light rain on his face with pleasure. He'd be all set as long as the rainy weather didn't quickly turn into troublesome storms.

[[ and it's open! ]]
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Since FH has existed for a Very Long time, some of our communities have a Very Long list of tags -- enough to bump up against Dreamwidth's tag limits for free comms. [community profile] fandomtownies is one of them.

This list is our best solution for that issue short of always maintaining a paid account: we've gone through the tags for dropped characters only and deleted all of them that were only used 12 times or less. (Should we near the tag limit again, we may increase that number, but it seems unlikely to happen given the original buildup took ten years.)

Don't worry, though! You can still find all the posts from those characters without having to hunt them down on your own. We've replaced those tags with a chronological list of URLs for each post in which the character was tagged.

So if you don't see a character tag on the Tags Page, check here! (Or if you just prefer to read the scrolly version of posts, the old-style tags are still intact on LJ.) If you don't see it on any of the lists, then either they didn't appear in any posts in Townies, or they did, but weren't tagged.

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If your character is a new business owner, please use the New Business Form to give us your information, and we'll create an entry for the business.

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