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Jono had the door to the Groovy Tunes propped open, today. He also had the doors from the shop area to the stage propped open, in part so that he could see the shop if anybody were to stop in, and in part because how else were people going to hear him playing guitar if all of the doors were closed?

Look, the weather was about as decent as he could hope for at this time of year, he had been in Austria for a week, his husband was a bloody cobra (who he'd left in the sauna at home, mostly because he wasn't in the mood to wrestle a massive venomous snake away from anywhere he wanted to be), and he wanted to play guitar. So passers-by to the Groovy Tunes today were going to hear music.

Well, they were going to hear Jonothon playing grunge on electric guitar with no small amount of skill. If they happened to think it sounded like music or not was really up to them.

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Of course, Quark had gotten sucked through a hole in subspace trying to leave Deep Space Nine. Of course he did. The first time he tried setting out on his own after his own idiot brother became Nagus, and he got sucked through a hole in subspace and had to land on some backwater, primitive class-M planet, full of backwater, primitive beings.

Well. At least he could probably sell them something while he waited for someone more advanced to pick up his distress beacon.

Anyone with an eye on the skies and the rocky bits would see his little orange shuttle come in for a slightly bumpy landing on a slightly flatter place amongst the rocks, and a short, lumpy headed alien wearing a brightly colored suit come out, swearing up a storm, and kick the fins.

Stupid subspace.

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Jono had an interesting Parents' Weekend going on, thus far. No visitors, no reason to hold office hours, since he hadn't actually taught anything in a while... Hannibal had a black eye that he intended to relentlessly tease him about (while secretly being a little proud of the kid who had given it to him, Jono figured it was a black eye that had been long coming), and The Smiths had a 5-LP boxed set reissue of The Queen Is Dead coming out that Jono was desperately trying to figure out preorders for.

Not for the shop, mind. For himself.

So, that was going to be his day, today. Beating his face against the internet and trying to make swag come out. When he was done with that he could get back to organizing events or something.

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So help him, Jono was pretty certain he was supposed to be angry at Ino over the whole karaoke thing on Thursday night. Pretty certain. But here ie was, and instead of angry he was squinting thoughtfully at the stage through the open doors from the lobby/music shop, contemplating holding some sort of showcase... thing.

What was it he'd been told once? Things didn't happen if you didn't just do them? Something like that?

So that would be Jono, spending his day poking through his schedule, wondering if making a Thursday night karaoke party into a regular thing would be a good idea, possibly contemplating drafting up posters for a... a something. He'd just do it once he figured out whatever he wanted it to be.

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The marquee outside of the Boards, Groovy Tunes, whatever Jono was calling it these days was blinking the words 'KARAOKE NIGHT – FREE BOOZE AND SNACKS' in neon-bright colours.

Ino was pretty proud of herself for figuring out how to do that, especially since she was running on absolutely zero sleep. See, despite it being Jono's store/theatre unholy hybrid, he had no damn idea this was happening tonight.

Or that it was mostly his booze she was planning on giving to people for free.

(Ino had bought the snacks; Jono hadn't had enough of those around.)

Sure, it had been supposed to be a small thing, like, just her, Kanan, and Hera but why not turn it into a party?

And singing karaoke on an actual stage in an actual theatre would be pretty sweet too.

While killing time until her guests showed up, Ino fiddled with the lights, looking for the best way to light the stage and trying to decide if she could rig up a disco ball or not. There probably wasn't time. (Maybe next time.)

Because Ino was a brat, and a Turk, and that meant getting the numbers of every single person on the island was child's play, she'd sent a text to everyone on the island—except Jono and Dr. Lecter, since she was pretty sure Dr. Lecter would rat her out to Jono—inviting them out to have a good time.

Karaoke party at the Boards tonight!

If all of Jono's booze wasn't gone by the end of the night, she'd make sure it disappeared conveniently.

Sorry not sorry, Jono!
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Jono was in a pretty decent mood today. He had his wrappings off (having Seivarden staying at the house for the past few weeks had kind of meant that he'd been wrapped up far more than usual), and he'd worn one of his long coats with the deep pockets, entirely so that Joni could tag along by riding in one of them, peering out at the world the way she used to when he was... bigger. And more blue.

She couldn't wait to get out and explore, given that she had always been familiar with the space and now it was different. So at the first opportunity, she wriggled her way out of that pocket and was plodding around the space, sniffing here and there, clearly wondering what the hecky was up with all the other place stuff being in the this place place.

At least until Jono started distracting her with the laser pointer dot.

Groovy Tunes was open, and it had a kitten.

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Huh. It was quiet in Groovy Tunes again. The little, squirrel-like creature that had been steadily absorbing all the sound around it was back, curled up and napping on the counter. And Jono didn't have the heart to wake it or try to scare it off. It wasn't as though it interfered with his telepathy, anyway. And if somebody stopped by and wanted to listen to or play music, he'd worry about the Silence then.

Today, he was just going to take it easy. It was a pleasant enough day, why not?

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Jono squinted as he stepped into the Boards-turned-Groovy-Tunes today. Everything... everything he had in stock had been replaced with kiddie toy versions of itself. The albums were all sing-along tunes, the guitars were small and made of plastic, there was a drum kit that looked to be about the right size for a rabbit, a saxophone that blew bubbles when you tried to play it...

It took Jono a few minutes of squinting back outside before he determined that it wasn't a weird weekend at all, and the island was just messing with him, personally.

//Fine,// he said, rolling his eyes as he settled in with a little red guitar that had a picture of Elmo on it. //If you think I'm going to let this stop me from making music, you'll be sorely disappointed.//

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So... that was that, then. The repairs to the old Groovy Tunes building were complete, Jono had sold off the old building (with some waffling, since it used to be his home, too), actual stock had started to arrive to the place that was once the Boards, and it was all starting to look somewhat like a reputable business. The sign outside still read 'The Boards,' and he'd have to have that changed up, but for now Jono could at the very least get on a ladder and change up the marquee to read differently.


... Well, music needs minus a sizeable number of albums, granted. But excess stock that had survived the shark was currently stacked in boxes in the costume storage space, and if it wasn't something they had in stock right now, Jono would be perfectly happy to order it in.

So, the Groovy Tunes was open, as was the stage beyond the lobby in case anybody wanted to show up today to jam or rehearse.

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Octavia didn't have a phone or email or anything else a person living in this time really ought to have had by now. So she was so far unaware of Jono's new plan for the store. But she did turn up at the theater instead of the pile of former-building that was the actual Groovy Tunes at the moment.

Somehow she found looking at what little stock they had left more despressing than the ruins of the store, though.

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Yeah, Jono was here again, mostly for rehearsal, but also perhaps just a tiny bit in order to eye up the stock and see what he was going to have to replace. He supposed he could at the very least replace the CDs that had been shattered by falling shark, but...

... Well, it was possible that he was starting to grasp the concept of digital media and music streaming, which left him with a conundrum.

It was a conundrum he was going to contemplate while he picked at his guitar, waiting for people to arrive. That seemed like the thing to do, today.

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The contractors were in over at the actual Groovy Tunes building today looking to see what it would take to repair the roof. And the ceiling. And the floors. And the front wall, and...

In any case, it was probably for the best that Jonothon had put out a 'for your music needs, our stock can be found at the Boards' sign at the old place. It meant that he could sit with the few surviving items over at the Boards, with the door open to his old office at the theatre as he perused the internet for replacement stock.

Well. Replacement guitars. Never let it be said that Jonothon didn't have his priorities.

The Groovy Tunes is open, sort of. It's just more theatrical than usual.

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It really hadn't taken much effort to wheedle Papa Jono into going out for ice cream with her after she'd spent the afternoon bugging him and playing with Joni after having talked to Dante and finished her AirTrek practice.

Sure, Papa Hannibal probably could've taught her to make ice cream (she was going to ask him next time she saw him now--that was a fantastic idea!) but sometimes there was something much more fun about getting something from somewhere else while in the company of someone she loved.

Besides, Alluka wanted a reason to sit at the super cute little tables outside the ice cream place with their brightly coloured umbrellas blocking the sun that was, slowly but surely, starting to go down.

It was really a very pretty little tableau and she beamed at it as she bounced towards the door. They had to get ice cream before they could sit down!

[For he who is with her, but also open!]
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Well, for better or for worse, Jono had finished moving what remained of his stock from the Groovy Tunes over to the Boards that morning.

'What remained of his stock' mostly consisted of a few boxes of CDs, a couple of lucky albums on vinyl that hadn't been smashed by a fallen beam, three of the guitars that had been narrowly missed by the shark where they'd been hanging on the back wall, a handful of replacement guitar strings, a couple of amplifiers that hadn't been on the floor when the flooding started, and the (somewhat wrinkled) books that Lucille had put out to dry.

Everything else had taken too much water damage or had been crushed. Well. The stereo had survived, but that didn't surprise Jonothon so much. He was fairly certain that it was too spiteful to die.

So he was sitting in the lobby of the Groovy Tunes today come rehearsal time, making absolutely certain that the three guitars he'd salvaged could still handle a tuning and weren't secretly ruined in some way he just hadn't noticed yet.


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Jono was packing up the last of the surviving stock from the whole... shark... thing, today.

Some of the CDs had survived. Hell, the stereo had survived. But the vinyl. The vinyl and the majority of the instruments...


Jono officially hated the island. Stupid island.

//I was going to buy that one for myself!//

Life wasn't fair for a Jonothon. Groovy Tunes... wasn't open so much as it was currently without a front wall and half a roof. If you wanted anything, Jono would probably just give it to you.

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Jono's brow was creased as he surveyed the damage to his music shop, arms crossed in front of himself, wishing for all the world that the streets of town were at least wide enough to get a truck in here or something. The damage around town was nothing to sneeze at all over, of course, but on the other hand, the basking shark that had crashed down on top of his shop, taking out half the (thankfully unoccupied) upstairs apartment and a good chunk of his storefront with it, had been fully grown.

Fully grown when it came to basking sharks meant that Jono had about 30 feet of fish to figure out how to get out of here before it went off.

And that was why he decided he'd apologize to the neighbours if anybody took exception to him running a chainsaw in the dead of night. He didn't have super strength, and didn't know anybody offhand who might, and so he was going to have to resort to slightly more crude means to be rid of the dead animal.

//Gonna smell like fish for months...//

He had to complain about the stupid things while he could. It was a distraction from the fact that he couldn't get inside to see what sort of damage had been done to his stock until the shark was out of the way.

[OOC: Not QUITE how the chainsaw thing was meant to go down, but Jono lives outside the box. Open!]
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Hey look, another week. Hey look, another rehearsal.

And Jono had brought oranges with him, this week. So many oranges. Whatever didn't get eaten here or taken home by people was going to get dropped off at a shelter in Baltimore, because the last thing Jono wanted was a giant crate of citrus slowly liquefying over at the Groovy Tunes, and it felt like a waste to throw them out when people could be eating the bloody things.

People. Not him, but somebody.

//Take an orange. Take eight oranges. Take oranges home for your friends. If you don't have friends, just throw them at random people in the streets. I don't care. The more you take, the fewer I have to carry into Baltimore tonight in the saddlebags of a motorbike. Take. Oranges. And then play music.//

Because it was rehearsal, and music should probably come into play somewhere in there.

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Groovy Tunes, Saturday

Saturday, July 29th, 2017 08:12 am
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Groovy Tunes still had oranges.

So many oranges.

And for the life of Jonothon, he couldn't track down what had happened to his actual shipment. The one that had been swapped out for... oranges. Which he would probably appreciate more if he could actually eat the bloody things, but noooo, the shipment of oranges had to wind up erroneously sent to the business owned by a man with no mouth.

Jono gave the oranges a mildly irritated look, and then, grumbling, went upstairs to get a large bowl from his old kitchen supplies so that he could put some outside for passers-by to enjoy.

The rest? He had no idea. They wouldn't keep forever. Maybe donate whatever Hannibal couldn't use to a shelter in Balitmore or something? They'd probably appreciate some fresh fruit...

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Another Sunday where people were actually themselves and weren't otherwise occupied making music for an on-island event or anything, another day when Jonothon actually showed up at the Boards to open the place for the band to rehearse.

Or dick around on instruments pretending they had an act.

Or chat.

//As it would happen, Queen cover songs are fun to play for an audience.//

Or just to blather on about Queen.

At any rate, he was going to be noodling on his bass while he waited for people to show. And then later he'd probably do paperwork or something. Jono truly lived a charmed life.

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Groovy Tunes, Saturday

Saturday, July 22nd, 2017 05:33 pm
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Jono was in a pretty secent mood, all things considered. He was human shaped this weekend, which helped with that somewhat. The stereo was cooperating with him, which was always a win. And Joni had tagged along with him on his way to work, settled cozily into one of the deep pockets of his long coat.

So, of course, he was playing Joni Mitchell music on the stereo while it was willing to play along, and he was following along on his guitar while Joni stalked his boot lace.

It was a nice, laid-back Saturday complete with bonus cat. He'd take it.

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Anyone who knew Raven would probably be very surprised by her appearance. She looked mostly the same, only younger...except for the little horns sprouting from her head. And then there was the matter of her clothing. She was wearing a cape, long gloves, a leotard, and thigh-high fishnet stockings. It was probably safe to say this wasn't the Raven you were accustomed to.

This Raven was very confused as to how she'd ended up in Fandom. She'd run away from Atlantis with Harley and Ivy so she could find her father, but she had no idea where she was now or how she'd gotten there. Had she fallen into some sort of trap from the Joker's Daughter? She'd spent the first day hiding and trying to find a way home, but today, magic at the ready, she cautiously explored this strange place.

[Raven is Raven from DC Bombshells.]
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The day started with a rainbow. Not that there had been any rain last night, really. The island, noticing the handwavy posters up around town, had figured it wanted to contribute to the spirit of the whole thing, and slapping a big, bright rainbow into the sky had seemed like the obvious way to do it. By around noon, it was clear that the rainbow was going to be sticking around, too, less a meteorological phenominon and more a banner painted across the sky. Down below, little flowers had popped up overnight in bright colours, some mimicking the rainbow up above, some in other configurations; pink-purple-blue, blue-pink-white-pink-blue, black-grey-white-purple, yellow-white-purple-black, and so on. The flowers, fortunately, were there to be pretty, with no other weird effects on the island's populace.

Though, really, if presenting a bouquet of them to one's favourite person ended well for somebody, the island wasn't going to complain, either.

The parade itself was to start on the Causeway, a good gathering point for Fandomites in the past, and a fairly central location on the island. From there it would follow Griffin Lane to Galactica Drive, Serendipity Place, Godiva Street, back onto Serendipity and following it until it turned into Loon and Loon turned into Chimera. Then one final turn onto Apocalypse before ending up at the Park, where people were welcome to sit and mingle to their hearts' content.

The weather was nice, making liars out of the meteorologists in favour of shunting clouds aside for sunshine and a pleasant breeze. A perfect day for a parade!

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Hannibal really did enjoy his adopted country (it had immense opportunities for someone like him), and he would also accept any excuse for a party.

So, here they were. He'd set up a decent, industrial-sized grill on the lawn, arranged for an insane number of picnic blankets (mostly red, white, blue, or some combination thereof), and even bribed one of the local magical types to ensure that the weather would be perfect. And he had, of course, been cooking for days; all that was left was grilling the last-minute things.

Jono had agreed to handle the fireworks later, but for now there was mostly mingling and food )

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Once again, Jono was here for rehearsal, though rehearsal this week actually had a prompt, it seemed.

//So, next weekend, Fandom Pride,// he announced as people arrived. //Looking for volunteers to play music at th'picnic on Sunday. And, ah, a set list. Anybody know any good Pride songs?//

Or songs that could be Pride songs? He was kind of side-eyeing 'True Colors,' but wasn't entirely certain that anybody in the band would be too enthused about playing that one anyway. Over the Rainbow? Born This Way? It's Raining Men?

God, this was not as easy as it looked.

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Groovy Tunes, Saturday

Saturday, July 1st, 2017 12:35 pm
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Jono was in a bloody good mood today, if he did say so himself. He'd just gotten back from his cruise with Hannibal, and the week well away from the island's insanity, surrounded by relaxed people, had done him wonders. Now that he was back on the island, he was turning his attention toward other things. Like making up posters advertising that next week was going to be Pride Weekend on the island. After all, it was fine to go ahead and decide that the island needed one. But there was this thing where, in order for it to happen, one actually had to get the word out.

Jono hadn't worked with this much glitter glue and brightly-coloured poster paper since way the hell back when Jean was running for student council.

In any case, he was taking it easy today, letting the stereo pick the soundtrack and not actually minding all the glitter that was sticking to his hands, for once. Not a bad day. Not a bad day at all.

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Groovy Tunes, Saturday

Saturday, June 24th, 2017 06:44 am
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Jono was actually in a fairly mellow mood today. He was pretty sure he had Joni to thank for that. She'd slipped out the door after him on his way in to the shop, and rather than open the door again and send her back into the house, he'd scooped her up and brought her along with.

The entire upstairs to his old apartment was mostly just occupied by cat supplies now and a few straggling items he hadn't dragged over to Hannibal's house (or furniture so battered that Hannibal would have none of it), so it wasn't as though he wasn't prepared for a day of cat, anyway.

It helped that Joni didn't mind his taste in music, even when he had Pearl Jam turned up entirely too loud. He was going to have to get his hands on a copy of the German version of Backspacer somehow, and absolutely intended to look into that.

Just as soon as Joni woke up from the nap she was having in his lap.

It was truly a tough life.

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Jono was actually in a fairly good mood today as he opened the Boards for the weekly band rehearsal. Even if, truth be told, he couldn't actually tell the entirety of who actually was in the bloody group these days.

So basically, at this point, if you showed up and wanted to play an instrument or sing, it was fair game. Maybe it was more fun that way anyhow.

The Boards, Sunday

Sunday, June 11th, 2017 08:20 am
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Jono had brought beer in with him to the Boards today.

Was he planning anything big? Not really. There was the usual possibility that somebody might show up to rehearse for the band, and then he'd probably leave the stage open for a while so that people could just dick around on it, because he had reached that point in his slow descent into performing arts ennui, not helped along by the fact that he was still bloody exhausted after all of the blowing up and healing over and just generally having his powers dragged around in horrible ways by the island on Wednesday.

So yeah, the Boards were open. There was a light on inside going on late into the evening and everything, and he'd even put an 'open mic' sign out on the sidewalk, even if there was no way in hell he was going to try to tackle a ladder to get up to change the marquee today.

He was being functional or something. Lookit him go.


Groovy Tunes, Saturday

Saturday, June 10th, 2017 09:43 am
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The stereo was actually behaving itself today.

That... that was good. Jono appreciated that, really, since it seemed to be such an uncommon happenstance on days when he was in.

And he managed to get through a good chunk of the morning before he needed to step into the back room for something, and everything immediately took on the same visual tones as the music video of the song that the speaker was playing.

Which happened to be Take On Me. Jono blinked, looked at his (unsettlingly scribbly) hands, and then hurried in to grab the box of records that he'd been meaning to put out on the shelves before he could find out what other music videos he might unwittingly step into today.

Nope. Nope nope nope.

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The Boards, Sunday

Sunday, June 4th, 2017 10:32 am
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Jono was aiming for a busy day at the Boards today. He'd strolled in around noon and readied the stage for band practice, for anybody who might decide to show. Hell, if someone wanted to just stroll in to join, that was absolutely welcome, too. They'd gained a Peebee last weekend, after all.

And so, in the afternoon, an open stage for those wanting to rehearse in or join the band.

And in the evening, Jono was hauling in beer. Again. And opening the stage up to anybody who bloody well wanted to get up on it, for any purpose their heart desired. Did they want to sing? The stage was there. Did they want to dance? Did they want to recite SHakespeare or play a game of chess with dramatic narration or anything? Well. There was a stage for that.

Which, presumably, was meant to be some sort of talent showcase, open mic, performing arts... whatever.

There there was a stage. For whatever. Nobody could accuse Jonothon of trying too hard, really, could they?

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Groovy Tunes, Saturday

Saturday, June 3rd, 2017 08:43 am
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Jono was squinting at the stereo again. It had decided that today was the day that it was going to force cheery pop music at him, and nothing he could say or do could persuade it otherwise. The little blue men seemed to be enjoying the chipperness of it, and the Silence appeared to be hiding, offering him no respite from all of the bloody perkiness going on in here.


It really wasn't so bad. Hell, after half the day he barely even noticed it anymore. But he wouldn't admit for love or money that he was actually kind of enjoying it. It would ruin his mopey mutant cred. He'd spent years cultivating that cred, dammit.

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Jono still had the sign advertising next Sunday's showcase up in the window, sure, but that wasn't entirely why he was in this weekend. Dante had requested that they, the band, start doing things again, and in order for that to happen, well, he was going to have to open the place for rehearsals and such. Kind of the logical next step, there.

And so, the theatre was open today, with a sign outside advertising band rehearsal today, but also noting that they were always willing to try out new members, if anybody wanted to join. After all, they had lost their - heh - lead triangle. That simply wouldn't do, would it?

Now maybe they could at the very least get some music written. Or just jam for a while, if nothing else.

[OOC: Open to all! I'll ping when I can, but it'll probably lead into SP, and feel free to get messy in the comments, since I'm the one linkgrabbing this stuff anyway! If you show up to try out for the band, congrats, we'll make room for you in the band. Even if you want to be lead triangle.]

The Boards, Sunday

Sunday, May 21st, 2017 08:28 am
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Jono squinted up at the marquee, and then down at the stack of papers in his arms. Posters, for around town, yes. He was going to give this another shot, because... why the hell not, mostly. He had the building, it had a stage, and he knew from last semester's band that there was, in fact, talent on the island.

And so...

Fandom Island Talent Showcase!
Sunday Evening, June 4th
Apply within, rehearsal space available!
Show the island what you've got!

Best way to make something happen was to just do the bloody thing. He was getting better at that, he hoped.

[OOC: OCD-free today, but feel free to tag in to sign your character up! IC registration isn't necessary to participate, just feel free to tag in to the appropriate OCD on the 4th when the post goes up!]

Groovy Tunes, Saturday

Saturday, May 20th, 2017 11:24 am
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Jono had brought his cat in to work today, possibly entirely in order to give Hannibal's cat a break. Joni was feeling playful today, and Beethoven was both significantly larger than she was, and significantly more cranky.

She would have far more fun terrorizing the little blue men who lived in mushroom houses under the shelving while Jono sorted stock, Soundgarden playing too loudly for him to hear the protests of his tenants, anyway. She wouldn't hurt them, after all. She'd probably just carry them around by the seats of their pants if she managed to catch them until she got bored.

The blue men knew that this was a possibility when they'd moved in. Not Jonothon's problem, okay?

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Some days were just 'feeding the ducks' days. It didn't matter that Jono hadn't done so in entirely too long; now that spring was here, he was making time for it, stopping at J,GoB for a few plain bagels before swinging in the direction of the park. He'd brought a book with him as well, a collection of one-act plays that maybe he could swing putting on at the Boards. Someday. Eventually.

He was going to have to just suck it up and start doing open mic nights again or something, one of these days.

But for the time being, the book was being more or less ignored while Jono tore off pieces of bagel and threw them to the birds. It was even a nice day for it. And he wasn't going to admit just how much he'd missed doing this.

He wasn't even moping!

[OOC: I felt like posting a Jono. Not just because he had his first canon appearance in a year or two yesterday, honest. Flames out, post open!]

Groovy Tunes, Saturday

Saturday, May 13th, 2017 08:36 am
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Jono needed to write out paycheques for his employees today. That, and only that, was the reason he'd come in to work today, in spite of the pounding headache that he'd woken up with that morning. He'd nearly punted one of the little blue men into next month when he opened his mouth to start singing some kind of joyous morning song, but Jono held off when no sound came out at all.

He glanced around the room to be greeted by the little beady eyes of the Silence not far off.

And that was how, after a quick run to T&C, Jonothon spent the rest of his day feeding peanuts to the shadowy squirrel-like thing perched on his shoulder while he worked on paperwork and contemplated making a nesting box for the weird little creature to sleep in.

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So, Jono hadn't opened the Boards in a while. The last few weekends had involved unexpected children, giant rabbits and the like, and none of those things were necessarily conducive to being a functional guy-who-owned-businesses, really.

But today? Today he was going to make up for that. Sort of.

If by 'make up for that,' one meant that he was sitting in the lobby, alternating between playing his bass guitar and poking through scripts. Again. Because someday he swore he was going to audition people for a show, or put on a successful showcase, or put together a band that lasted for more than a month before the lead triangle graduated and left the island...

... Okay, losing the lead triangle hadn't been so great a loss. And if any of the band decided to show up today to play, then all the better. And if anybody new happened to stop in and they knew how to play, he'd be thrilled about that, too.

He had no bloody clue what he was doing with life in general, these days. Might as well just keep going with the flow.

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It was possible that the strange creatures that had invaded Fandom last week were still on everyone's mind when the Student Council had designed the decorations for Prom. Glittery cardboard animal-hybrid monsters awaited everyone as they arrived to the community center, and made their way inside along a blue and yellow carpet flanked by glowing, glittery red eyes.

Nothing in the decorations looked like a rabbit though. Some memories were just too much to make fun of.

Welcome to Prom, folks!

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Jono had been attacked by a bunny on the way to work.

Jono had been attacked by a bunny on the way to work. He was pretty certain the island was mocking him for being pummeled into the dirt by a cat doing a blue hedgehog impression the other weekend, especially since the bunny had made its presence known by coming up from behind and bowling him face-first into the ground, right there on the street. He was reasonably certain that his nose was broken as a result, and there were scorch marks on the cobblestones from the resulting freak-out, but there was no trace of the rabbit except for a few ashes on the ominous ocean wind.

So, rather than putting up a sale sign or spending his morning putting out new stock, Jono put a very different sign in the window.

Open For Anybody Running From Bunnies
Will help escort you back to safety if you need.

//The things this naffin' island makes me put in my window...//

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So after the world's hardest (and yet simultaneously most musical) conversation with Kathy earlier, Raven had decided that escape was the better part of valor and shifted into bird form to take to the skies.

It was a little bit windier than she was used to dealing with with hollow bones and feathers, so it quickly devolved into hopping across the rooftops, but it was still better than being back at the apartment unable to stop herself from belting out that she worried Kathy had been happier dead.

She paused for a breather on one of the taller buildings and stared out over the town, watching the tail end of what looked like a rousing ditty about unionizing sung by a bunch of rickshaw drivers. When the last notes of their number decayed out and the group broke up to go separate ways, Raven sat on the edge of the roof to enjoy the quiet sounds of a cool, spring night.

The music this time built so quietly and slowly that she didn't notice it was there until she began to sing.

Sometimes in the morning I am petrified and can't move )

The music faded back out and she went back to hugging her knees, staring out over the island.

Well. That one was almost happy, anyway.

[lalala, character growth through Rilo Kiley lyrics is totally normal, right? The town rooftops are open. . . .]
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So, Jono was still in a decent mood today. He still had a face, so sue him. It was still not his face, but it wasn't like this was even the first time that was the case. Or the first wrong face, for that matter. And this one, at least, he could chalk up to Fandom weirdness and be reasonably certain he'd return to normal by tomorrow. Better to just enjoy what he had while he had it.

Which was why he was at the Boards today, in case any of the band decided they were feeling up for practice, with food set out for snacking on - mostly fresh fruit this time around, because if there was going to be snacking it was going to be something he liked - and Jonothon noodling away on a shiny red and black electric bass while he waited to see if people were going to show.

And you had better believe he was singing his own accompaniment today whenever the song he was playing called for vocals, too. The voice might not be his, but that didn't mean he didn't know how to use it.

It was going to be a fairly laid-back day at rehearsal today, unless anybody had anything in particular they wanted to do.

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Groovy Tunes, Saturday

Saturday, April 1st, 2017 04:33 pm
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Okay, so Jono could still take or leave being a woman on days like this, but he certainly couldn't complain about the assets that the island continued to give him along with the body swap.

... Namely, the other half of his face, some lungs, and a stomach. What did you think he meant?

In any case, he was having a pretty good day at work today, alternating between singing 90s grunge at the top of his lungs and snacking on fruit. Because his priorities were sound, damn it. Completely and entirely sound.

Groovy Tunes was open, and the mutant was in a bloody fine mood.

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Another weekend, another band practice? Or something like it, anyway.

//We need songs,// Jono announced to anyone who might have showed up today. //Does anybody write, or at least have a favourite song they'd like us to try?//

The band didn't have a name - Jono was pretty sure the only person who wanted to call it Kuzco! was Kuzco - but that was not an insurmountable thing. The important thing was music, anyway. Right?
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Well, Jono had auditioned people for the band last weekend. He supposed at the very least, he could open the Boards today for people to discuss what in the world they were going to do with the band, today.

He didn't have the heart to turn anyone away. They were all talented. Or, if not talented... ah... enthusiastic. So he'd left handwavy messages for everyone who had auditioned, telling them that they were in if they wanted to be, and they were welcome to join him at the Boards today to discuss where to go from here. And then he'd ordered pizza, because if having a band (sort of) wasn't an occasion to order pizza, he didn't know what was.

Hell, he'd even brought his bass guitar along. Just in case talking today wrapped up quickly and people wanted to play something.

Shit, it seemed like maybe they could actually pull this off. That was... it was nice.

[OOC: Open! Feel free to stop on by, even if you didn't try out for the band. There's pizza.]
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Alright, Jono was here. Jono was totally not freaking out in the least. Jono had set up a few mics and patch cables onstage in case anybody showed up and wanted to jam, and...

... Yes, he had brought beer, just in case it turned out he was going to have to bribe people into playing anyway. But that was a last resort thing. Or else a 'yay, we have a band now, I'm not even a teacher this semester so I can be a terrible influence and let minors celebrate this fact with a drink because we all know you're going to do so anyway at Caritas if you want to' thing.

The posters were still up around town advertising band tryouts or whatever today, and he'd changed up the marquee today to read:

Try Out For the Band!
Here, today!
All skill levels and musical styles welcome!

He even hauled over a few extra instruments from Groovy Tunes, in case people didn't want to drag over, say, a drum set or a keyboard or half a million amplifiers for their electric guitars or anything like that. He was thoughtful that way.

[OOC: Open to all! C'mon in and play!]

The Boards, Thursday

Thursday, March 9th, 2017 10:35 am
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Just do the thing. Raven had told him to just go do the thing, instead of sitting and fretting over how it would work, or even if it would work. And he'd sat on that for the better part of a week, and now here Jonothon was, at the Boards, making posters to put up around town.

Just doing the thing. He wasn't even certain to what end he was doing it, but to hell with it, it was something he'd wanted to put together since he was a student on this bloody island, and the school didn't seem to do clubs these days anyway, so why the hell not?

Posters. To just do the thing.

Try Out For the Band!
Do you sing or play an instrument?
Do you not, but you'd like to learn?
Looking for a group of people to play with?
Need rehearsal space?
Then join us at The Boards
Sunday Afternoon
All skill levels and musical styles welcome!

No, he hadn't really given thought as to what he'd do if he managed to successfully assemble a band of any persuasion. He figured he'd kind of just wait and see who showed up and what they wanted to do, and go from there. Best case scenario, maybe they'd do a gig or two. Or, hell, actually put that recording studio in the basement to use for the first time since... ever.

He took a walk around town sometime around noon to hang the posters, and then returned to the Boards to spend the rest of his day playing guitar in the lobby, mostly to keep from freaking out about it. Just do the thing. There you go, Raven. Jono was bad at spontaneity when it was something he wanted to do for his own enjoyment, but he was giving it a go. Just this once.

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Groovy Tunes, Saturday

Saturday, March 4th, 2017 02:26 pm
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The stereo today was playing sad songs about cats.

Jono wasn't sure why. Jono really wasn't sure what in the world he'd done to even deserve it. And it wasn't bad music in the least. But it wasn't happy music, and for that, he was side-eyeing the stereo hard, today.

Sad songs about cats.

Honestly, now.

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The Boards, Thursday

Thursday, March 2nd, 2017 07:53 am
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Okay. Keeping the Boards going. Keeping something on the stage. Jonothon could do that. Presumably he could. He'd done it before, and it was his own lack of effort that had basically left the place floating dead in the water a few years before. Now effort was something he had plenty of; his current holding pattern without anything big and ambitious to throw himself at was starting to get to his head, and his options were either 'save a much-ignored business' or 'go back to wearing an X in New York because it's the Right Thing To Do.'

He was well aware at this point that the X was basically his nuclear option.

So he was using - ugh - the internet today, sitting in his office and going through information about holding workshops for people interested in the performing arts. The island wasn't exactly rife with people dying to get onto the stage, but if he gave them a taste of it, maybe it could be.

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The stereo was at it again. Today it was deciding not to play anything Jono suggested to it, instead sticking to mostly instrumental music. Occasionally it picked up, and it seemed to be following some sort of definite narrative structure as it went. Which made Jono wonder if perhaps the stereo was insisting they listen to some kind of highly symphonic movie soundtrack.

It wasn't unpleasant, but it did keep threatening to put him to sleep just long enough for him to be caught unawares when the music picked up again into something loud and near-overpowering.

[OOC: ... Miyazaki has come out of retirement again and I'm in a somewhat celebratory mood. Open.]
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Jono was in a fairly mellow mood today as he settled in at the Groovy Tunes for his shift. Joni had come along with him again, less because he was in dire need of a therapy kitten and more because he was fairly certain that Beethoven was going to destroy her if he let her gnaw at the older cat's ears any longer. The stereo had settled on a station of obscure but not entirely unpleasant modern folk-rock, and Jonothon had settled in with his guitar to just sit and play along for a while.

Not a bad day at all.

If one ignored the way he was slowly going bonkers wishing something would happen here or back home so that he could leap in and bruise up his knuckles a bit.

Jonothon continued to be terrible at stagnating.

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