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There wasn't a lot going on today, so Hera was going back to that pile of unknown metals she'd been through with Cassie and trying to identify some of them. Chopper was happy, because that meant getting him to burn and shock them to test melting point, malleability, and conductivity.

It was a hobby.

The junkyard was open, but mind your step!

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Another week, another day with Kanan in the park, which was basically ritual at this point. Today he had the bamboo sword he'd brought last week, but it was set to the side, waiting for his student to show up. In the meantime, he was going to be sitting on the grass, carefully cleaning each component of his disassembled lightsaber.

It seemed like a nice day for it. And it tended to pick up a lot of dust and other detritus over time, being carted around in pieces on his belt. He'd return to carrying it around in a weapons case in order to cut down on that, but around here that seemed... stupid. For an entire host of reasons including but not limited to the fact that nobody cared that he had a lightsaber (beyond that they thought it was neat), and that it was pretty much asking for trouble on an island that saw regular invasions and he'd already tried to kill a shark with a lamp once this year.

So. Lightsaber. Cleaning. And then maybe running through forms with it once he was done. Not a bad way to pass the time before lessons, later.

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Swimming wasn't exactly something Hera had a lot of experience with, but she'd lived on this island for months now and never actually done it, so before it got too cold seemed like a good time.

It was actually pretty nice. And at least with bathing suits it didn't matter they were all made for humans.

She reserved the right to splash Kanan mercilessly if his tongue hung out too far.

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Hera didn't usually open the place herself on Sunday, but Eliot's guest had been interested in finding metal, and she seemed like a nice person, so here Hera was.

Trying to convince Chopper that nothing strange was going on.

"No sharks, no gourds, no anything weird, Chop, I promise. Unless one of the strangers stops by, it's just the same as always."

Syndulla Scrap was open, and the droid was suspicious.

Not that that was new.

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The gourds had been cleaned up, the place didn't smell of shark anymore, no-one had dropped off more than the usual amount of scrap, and Chopper was actually in a good mood.

Somehow, Hera didn't trust it.

She was just going to spend some time giving the Ghost a thorough cleaning and tune-up.

[Junkyard is open!]
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The junkyard was full of gourds today.

Whether some of the junk had become gourds, or the gourds had been added to the junk...Hera was still trying to figure out. Also, the entire place smelled of spice. Which, granted, wasn't as bad as the fish smell that had taken over until a week or so ago, but still - Hera rather liked the smell of ship oil and metal.

"Stop poking them, Chopper. It'll just make a bigger mess."

Chopper made a rude noise.

The junkyard was open!
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The marquee outside of the Boards, Groovy Tunes, whatever Jono was calling it these days was blinking the words 'KARAOKE NIGHT – FREE BOOZE AND SNACKS' in neon-bright colours.

Ino was pretty proud of herself for figuring out how to do that, especially since she was running on absolutely zero sleep. See, despite it being Jono's store/theatre unholy hybrid, he had no damn idea this was happening tonight.

Or that it was mostly his booze she was planning on giving to people for free.

(Ino had bought the snacks; Jono hadn't had enough of those around.)

Sure, it had been supposed to be a small thing, like, just her, Kanan, and Hera but why not turn it into a party?

And singing karaoke on an actual stage in an actual theatre would be pretty sweet too.

While killing time until her guests showed up, Ino fiddled with the lights, looking for the best way to light the stage and trying to decide if she could rig up a disco ball or not. There probably wasn't time. (Maybe next time.)

Because Ino was a brat, and a Turk, and that meant getting the numbers of every single person on the island was child's play, she'd sent a text to everyone on the island—except Jono and Dr. Lecter, since she was pretty sure Dr. Lecter would rat her out to Jono—inviting them out to have a good time.

Karaoke party at the Boards tonight!

If all of Jono's booze wasn't gone by the end of the night, she'd make sure it disappeared conveniently.

Sorry not sorry, Jono!
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The junkyard was hazardous today.

Not that the usual junk was any more precariously balanced or dangerous, but there were boxes scattered around it.

The first one Hera tried to relocate scattered feathers all over her. She was still finding them stuck to her clothes when the second one exploded with confetti.

Okay, fine. The island was being strange. Strange but benign.

When the third one exploded salt all over Chopper, it was less fun.

Now she was spending most of her day cleaning salt out of a grumpy droid. Island, you were On Her List for today.

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Well, things were sorted again - or at least as sorted as they'd been before the storm - and the fish smell was slight enough to ignore.

Also, Hera had some of that delicious peppery sauce that Kanan had brought back from Luke's, and plenty of bread to put it on.

Today was a good day.

"No, Chopper, you can't just shoot the squirrels!"

Mostly a good day.

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The junkyard was, to put it bluntly, a mess.

Apart from just being a junkyard in general.

She and Kanan had managed to get all the larger things tied down and tarps over the rest before the storm hit, but one of the tarps had been torn up, and its contents scattered across the yard. Most, luckily, seemed to have missed the ships, but Hera was wondering whether she ought to ask about getting a wall put up between the junk and the hangars.

Today she was splitting her time between cleaning up scattered parts, and cleaning frozen fish remnants out of her cargo holds (and dealing with the smell).

She'd had worse days, but few smellier.

[OOC: The junkyard is open!]

Luke's, Sunday

Sunday, July 23rd, 2017 10:42 am
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Kanan was giving the kitchen staff a side-eye today. Not because of the usual stack of pancakes. He was used to the usual stack of pancakes by now. Not even because of all the singing they were doing today, just exchanging their favorite songs and trying to compare and contrast the superiority of different musical styles.

Nope. He was side-eyeing them because when they asked him for one of his favourite musical styles they started snickering like children when he gave them his answer.

"I'm never going to understand you."

Today's Specials!
Ask for Kanan's Favorite Type of Music
It won't get you a discount or anything, but if you can get him to answer you'll at least be amused while you eat.

He probably should have named smazzo instead.

[OOC: Open! I'm feeling twelve today.]
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The currents of the Force were no less strange today, but Master Kiwiiks had patience, and she was determined to learn them and to learn what was going on.

So today, she had taken the lightsaber she found and gone out to the green space here to meditate and do katas. The feline and other animal had come with her, and were running about. Well, the brightly colored one was running about; the feline was curled up in a grumpy sort of nap.

[Open park!]
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Kanan was once again out training in the park, today. Stance had tagged along as usual, but was refraining from tormenting the flamingos, after Kanan had sat him down and had a little heart-to-heart with him. That didn't mean the pup wasn't going to consider it, though. For the time being, he was just settling for sniffing at the ducks, who seemed at least slightly more inclined to tolerate him than the flamingos were.


Kanan, on the other hand, had ignited his lightsaber as was once again running through Soresu forms, his eyes closed, his focus on his surroundings through the Force. He hadn't even brought his sad, scorched broomstick along with him this time around. Hell, it was possible that he was only using his lightsaber out of spite.

Which was totally the Jedi way. Sure.

He was still a work in progress.

[OOC: Open park! Thread with Hera comes last chronologically!]
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Most of last week's unexpected delivery had been taken care of, and now Hera was back to sorting through the rest of it.

Which at this point mostly involved trying to figure out how to google "large metal object" specifically enough to figure out what things were.

It was going a bit slowly.

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Hannibal really did enjoy his adopted country (it had immense opportunities for someone like him), and he would also accept any excuse for a party.

So, here they were. He'd set up a decent, industrial-sized grill on the lawn, arranged for an insane number of picnic blankets (mostly red, white, blue, or some combination thereof), and even bribed one of the local magical types to ensure that the weather would be perfect. And he had, of course, been cooking for days; all that was left was grilling the last-minute things.

Jono had agreed to handle the fireworks later, but for now there was mostly mingling and food )

[OOC: Open post! Come and party!]
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Hera had, at this point, mostly organized the junk yard. As much as one could organize massive piles of scrap. Now she was mostly just trying to see if she could sort the "obviously Earth stuff" by function.

And then some guy dropped by and dropped an entire hoverbus worth of scrap metal and circuitry in the middle of it.

When she was done telling him off (mostly politely), she sighed. "Come on, Chopper. Looks like we've got our work cut out for us."

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For once, the cursing coming from the Ghost wasn't in binary; that would be because Hera was painted in various shades of purple, red, and blue. And was busy setting up shields to hopefully keep the worst of it off the Ghost.

"This had better not be permanent!" she yelled at the island in general.

The junkyard was open, but Hera wasn't coming out unless you had an umbrella.
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The junkyard didn't need a whole lot of looking after, but Hera was still trying to organize it a bit, and still finding...things...she couldn't quite figure out.

"Chop, have you been welding again?"

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So this is what she'd come to, studying on a Friday afternoon. Hopefully, she wouldn't be here into the night, but she really wanted to get into those books that Peridot had helped her pick out at the library. She'd packed up a backpack and trudged over to the Perk because 1) they had a lot of coffee and 2) with both she and Shiemi in Arts & Crafts, their room was a glorious glittery distraction right now. But she was totally wrong if she thought there'd be no distraction here, as she hadn't taken into account the power of people watching.

Like the fascinating scene of the old man bothering the poor barista over every little thing. Two double espressos for here with the foam on the side. So the barista got out some mugs, and he started waving his hands. "Too big, too big! The small cups!" She looked about ready to protest, shook her head, and aged to make them in the smaller cups. Gave him a cup of foam on the side. Came back a second later. "I need more foam!" She got him another one. "I need spoons!" She dug out some spoons. Everything seemed clear at that point, just enough time to breathe, when the man returned. "My wife, she needs a bigger cup."

How the barista didn't just explode at that point was beyond her. She kept a surprising amount of chill as she asked, "Oh, you mean like the one I wanted to give you in the first place?"

Mmmmm. Coffee customer drama llamas.

[[ I have a silly job, and this legit happened to me yesterday. open perk is open! ]]

Syndulla Scrap, Thursday

Thursday, May 4th, 2017 12:36 pm
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Chopper had been feeling neglected lately.

Hera could tell, because there were an inordinate number of objects welded together at random today.

Or maybe he'd just unearthed some of the previous occupant's things again. It was hard to say.

But the junkyard was open!

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It was possible that the strange creatures that had invaded Fandom last week were still on everyone's mind when the Student Council had designed the decorations for Prom. Glittery cardboard animal-hybrid monsters awaited everyone as they arrived to the community center, and made their way inside along a blue and yellow carpet flanked by glowing, glittery red eyes.

Nothing in the decorations looked like a rabbit though. Some memories were just too much to make fun of.

Welcome to Prom, folks!

[OCD is up! Getting this up early for potential SP needs! | Arrive/Mingle : Photographer : Food and Punch : Dance Floor : Shadowy Corners : Chaperones : Prom Court : OOC ]
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Hell yes, Sparkle was coming in today. And hell yes he was going to wear a cute dress and heels, too, because he was fabulous no matter what shape his body was, dammit.

He was also keeping Ada's sign from yesterday out, with one minor adjustment.

Need Emergency Clothing?
25% off if Fandom pulled an April Fool on you
Extended to today! Make certain you're prepared for the next time this happens, too!

Because Sparkle knew this was a recurring thing the island liked to do. And he knew that it liked to follow people home. And it didn't hurt to make certain they were prepared to deal with it, did it?

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Hera headed out early, stopped for coffee at the shop, ended up getting something they called "matcha" because they said it was all they had today, and then spent the morning giving Chopper a tune-up.

After lunch, she mostly set about cataloging and inventorying what there was. It was an ongoing project.

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So Hera was managing a junkyard now. Which basically meant she was making money to berth her ship and had the run of whatever this place considered junk.

Some of which was just scrap metal, sure, but some of which was...decidedly odd.

Like a piece that looked like half a kloo horn welded to an arc emitter sitting on a null-grav trampoline.

...maybe she shouldn't ask.

[Open post!]

The Perk, Tuesday

Tuesday, March 7th, 2017 09:47 am
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Despite Kanan's insistence that coffee was Not The Same as caf, Hera was curious about all the different flavors and preparations of it. And there looked like there were so many teas, too!

So, she'd come by the shop this morning to try some out.

"I don't know what I like," she'd told the person behind the counter. "Something a little sweet?"

She hadn't thought she'd had to specify hot. Now she was eyeing the cold, creamy thing in her hands a bit dubiously. But she sipped, and... "Huh. That's not bad. Thank you!"

It was probably a good thing she wasn't terribly picky. Maybe she'd specify hot next time, but meanwhile this would do.

She got a pastry and sat at a table, just watching people.

[Open post!]

Luke's, Monday

Monday, March 6th, 2017 01:45 pm
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"Telling you to put on a shirt is not 'McCarthyism'." Despite everything, Eliot still couldn't quite believe he had to explain this to his dishwasher. "It's also not fascism, oppression, or denying you for first amendment rights. So put. A goddamn. Shirt on."

The dishwasher sulked and stormed towards the bathroom, presumably to follow instructions. Though why he had to be in private to put on a shirt, Eliot didn't know.

"What about using your reach and influence to secretly listen in on our conversations?" the busboy asked. "Is that McCarthyism?"

Eliot gave him a long, blank stare. "No," he said finally. "The squirrels are also not 'McCarthyists'."

"You don't know that," the cook pointed out. "They could totally have a list of the island residents who show anarchist leanings."

"Communist," a server corrected him. "McCarthy was anti-communist."

"Then who was anti-anarchist?"

"Basically everyone else working for the government," Eliot said. "Now can we please get some actual work done?"

The dishwasher came out of the bathroom wearing a "Frankie says relax" tshirt that was at least three sizes too small for him.

"So," Eliot said, giving up on everything. "That's a 'no', then."

Today's specials
A history lesson about the difference between
Sacco and Vanzetti
and Julius and Ethel Rosenberg
Also, you know, FOOD. Since this is a DINER.
Yeah yeah we're all fired w/e

Luke's was open.
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After debating back and forth, and a lot of input from Chopper (honestly, some of his ideas...), Hera had finally, reluctantly, settled on a name for her new business.

If nothing else, it'd serve as a sort of early warning system; if anyone complained about it, she'd know who to avoid. Which was also partially why there was a security system going in around the gate.

Also, her father would probably hate it.

In durasteel green and orange, the new sign proclaimed: Syndulla Scrap.

And Hera was going back to straightening up the piles of terrible paperwork. Maybe the old guy hadn't wanted anyone too bony because they couldn't lift all the stuff. Ugh.

[Open post!]
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Okay. Kanan was dealing with the events of last week about as well as he'd ever dealt with anything, which mostly meant not thinking about it for as long as he could possibly manage, punctuated by drinking, flirting, and going out of his way to find distractions wherever they might be. But he had yet to let himself have time to actually process what had happened, and while Hera was not only a great houseguest, but also one that had some idea of where he had come from, the idea of him just setting down to meditate in the middle of the living room floor made him uneasy. Nothing against Hera in particular, of course. It was just that Kanan had spent several years cultivating a healthy paranoia when it came to doing anything that might be construed as even remotely Jedi, and it wasn't going to go away that easily.

That said, taking the dog for a walk and pausing for a quiet sit on a bench in the park? He could totally do that. Anyone passing by would probably just think he'd fallen asleep there, watching Stance playing with the ducks.

And absolutely not meditating, quietly prodding at his connection with the Force. Not even a little bit.

[OOC: Open park!]
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Sparkle was in a great mood after getting back from that vacation, thank you all very much. He was feeling relaxed and refreshed, and actually had the wherewithal to rifle through the shop's old paperwork from way back, to see if any of it was old enough to be shredded. Or, rather, thrown into the burn barrel, as it were. The itch for spring cleaning had apparently hit him early.

As if he wasn't fastidiously tidy all the time anyway.

"Oh, huh. This place used to be called Pixie Dust?" He glanced at one of the mannequins. "I kind of like it."

[OOC: Open!]
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It was a perfectly lovely day out for April, much less February, and Jenkins had just received confirmation that the Librarians had, in fact, managed to dedjinnify Mr. Jones without more than a few interdimensional phone calls for help, so Jenkins was actually in a fairly wonderful mood this afternoon. Enough so that he'd decided to go out for a stroll and come feed the ducks.

Or -- the flamingoes. Alright.

"Now don't fight over it," Jenkins said, as he tossed a few hastily procured shrimp to the gangly pink birds. "There's plenty for everyone. You're lucky, you know. In some dimensions, they use you lot as croquet mallets."

[yep, that's right, Wonderland is canonically a real place in Jenkins' canon. Well. Sort of.


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