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After a generally bad week, Seivarden didn't mind too much to spend a day in the flower shop. Hopefully whatever customers that would show up wouldn't put her in a worse mood.

When she arrived, quite a few of the flowers levitated in the air. She sighed, took a seat behind the counter, and told herself that at least it was decorative. After a while, bored and restless, she began throwing pens at the flowers, pushing them around in the air.

Her aim wasn't bad. Something had clearly been wrong yesterday, and she had a suspicious as to who was behind that.

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The island was quiet. Kanan's usual Friday student was in some snowy place somewhere, and the weather was, while not ideal, at least not raining on his head.

Hera was a nexu. Stance continued to be a dog. A dog who wanted to play with the nexu.

So, Kanan could come to the park to run through lightsaber forms, but instead he was going to come to the park to let Stance chase the ducks and let Hera... probably eat the ducks. He was not going to be the stupid person who tried to tell a four-eyed, two-tailed, giant quilled cat with a mouth like a bear trap what to do at the park. Just so long as she wasn't eating his dog, he was going to consider it a win.

He was going to have to do so much explaining to Chopper at some point about why Hera wasn't at the scrapyard for her shift today, but he was going to do that... later. For now he had found himself a place on the grass to meditate while the two critters wreaked havoc behind him.

He was keeping an eye on them, honest. In a manner of speaking.

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You know, all-in-all, Sparkle was actually doing pretty good this week. Sure he still had a tab open in his work browser with a link to that costume design course on it that he hadn't done anything with yet, and sure he was half paranoid about who was going to walk into his shop next, but his week had been pleasant enough, and he'd picked up the biggest, most sugary-sweet disgusting concoction that the Perk would make for him that didn't have pumpkin spice in it. Besides, there were new jackets in for fall that it was entirely possible he was trying on himself before hanging up.

He really liked the yellow one. He wasn't going to get the yellow one, but he really liked it.

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Seivarden was beginning to think that working in a flower shop was one of the better things about this island, which, considering working with plants had never been her goal in life, said a lot about her opinion of Fandom.

She wasn't in a mood for either arranging flowers or carving gourds, but there was also a surprising amount of apples to deal with. To save herself from boredom, or even falling asleep, she arranged the apples neatly in flower pots and put them on display. Considering how confusing and frustrating this place was, a flower shop selling apples seemed almost normal.

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"You're making tea in paper bags?

Seivarden gave the barista a look that combined condescending and horrified.

Things hadn't been quite comfortable since she and Hannibal had had a conversation about the customs on the island, or at least that was how Seivarden felt. Frustrated with this place, and with a growing sense of desperation, she had decided to spend what little money she had in a tea shop. Well, it served tea, although there was a preference for the local drink called coffee. She was also questioning whether what they served as tea could really be considered to be that.

"You can get a pot of tea with loose leaves if you like," the barista said, unimpressed. "Which kind to you want?"

"Any decent tea," Seivarden replied, with an accent that would, in Radch, make the staff give her whatever she wanted.

Now she ended up sitting at a table, trying to drink some excuse for tea that smelled sickly of flowers. If she had had any place that could be called home she would like to go there now. Or, as there was no such place, somewhere where she could find a dealer.

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Life was more or less back to normal at the Demon Marcus, now. The stock had all been put out, things were priced and Sparkle was getting used to the idea of using the upstairs apartment as the storage room, having sacrificed the back room on the main floor in order to make more floorspace.

So he was passing the time by looking at schools and courses on the mainland. Not because he was planning on actually taking any, really. Honest. Sort of.

There was a costume design course that was kind of making him keep clicking back and make little whiny 'I want that' sounds from time to time, though...

Demon Marcus was open, and Sparkle was only slightly distracted with, you know, possibilities.

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Seivarden wasn't complaining about having a job. Obviously her life was miserable generally, but spending a day in a flower shop and getting paid for it could be worse, especially since she needed the money.

But she wasn't going to carve flowerpots from gourds. Peter had told her that wasn't expected. Not doing anything made her terribly restless though, so she decided to make an attempt at flower arranging. Either she had no talent, or she just needed practice, because the process caused a lot of swearing, and the result was hardly impressive.

Covent Garden Flowers was open.

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She really needed to find a job. Seivarden didn't find that idea very appealing, but unless she was to be completely dependent on Hannibal Lecter, which she also objected to, there was no other way. Hannibal had been kind enough to offer her a place to stay for now, and while Seivarden didn't know the reason behind this hospitality, she didn't mind accepting it.

For now though, she had no money. Which was why she couldn't think of anything better to do than sitting on a bench in the park and look at some strange pink birds. Unsurprisingly, this didn't put her in the best of moods.

She pulled her sleeve down to cover the tear in one of her gloves. At least her clothes were clean now, but she really should get some new ones. Once she had money.

All this was just a way to distract herself from what she truly wanted, needed, but that, she had learned, wasn't available here at all. At least the medication Hannibal had offered her made it bearable.

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Cut for mention of drug addiction )

In an attempt to do something, she tried to push herself to her feet, but fell back with a groan.

[Expecting one.]
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