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Streets of Fandom, Sunday Morning

It was early in the morning, at least for a Sunday.

And Octavia was out, roaming the streets. Or at least walking around, eyeing everything with the kind of wary looks that you gave things when you weren't quite sure you could trust any of it. Or believe it, even. None of this was what she was used to.

And maybe she looked it, in her warrior gear.

She stopped at a shop window at random. The place was closed right now, but there was a window display full of merchandise, and it looked so foreign and alien to her. Not the things themselves – although comic books and collectible figurines also weren't really within the scope of Octavia's life experience – but the way they were being displayed so proudly behind a glass for seemingly no reason.

Look, she understood what shops were. She just wasn't used to them.

So she was frowning at the window of a comic book store. That was not weird at all.

[ooc: Open! Feel free to run into the wary warrior lady either outside Android's Dungeon or just somewhere in the streets.]
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Liam's roaming was less wary and more curious, but he was out wandering with no particular destination in mind when he happened to cross paths with Octavia.

"Hello," he offered politely.
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Liam was going to take it as such, yeah. "I'm Liam," he continued. Hey, at least he'd finally gotten out of the habit of dropping the 'Companion-Protector' bit. "You a fan?" he continued, nodding at the window.
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Liam's world had comic books, but neither of his human parents had paid much attention to them, and he hadn't really had the time to develop hobbies of his own. So what little he did know was mostly just the kind of thing you picked up via cultural osmosis. Like the fact that all the Troopers couldn't stop raving about a certain female superhero who finally got her own big-budget movie.

"That one's Bitterwoman, I think," he offered, pointing. "Which is about all I know. Comics aren't really my thing either."
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"She's a superhero, of some kind," Liam explained. "So that's her code name, I guess. I'm not sure what the character's real name is supposed to be."
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"From what I gather, a movie just came out about her, so the shop may be trying to capitalize on the fact that everyone's talking about it," Liam explained. The way she dressed reminded him of the Natural Purists, though, so he added: "Do they have movies, where you're from?"
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Yeah, definitely sounded like she was from a place like the Enclave. Interesting. "And now you're here, a place where life would surely ground to a halt without it." An exaggeration, maybe, but only a minor one.
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"Oh, eventually, sure," Liam said with a smile. "But not without complaint."
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"You're not wrong," Liam admitted. "But it makes some people feel better. Sometimes."
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"Good advice." Again, not the kind everyone was capable of taking. But good in theory. "That's what you're doing?"