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The Merchant of Miracles ([personal profile] merchant_of_miracles) wrote in [community profile] fandomtownies2017-06-26 05:50 pm

The Park; Monday Afternoon [06/26].

The 'unicorns' were a bit more restless than usual today. They'd already rampaged through the house, and then knocked over nearly every stack of cans that Apu had arranged at the store, so the Merchant of Miracles decided that it was a good idea to let them get some fresh air and roam freely around the park for a little bit.

And it was a little bit. There was some frollicking. Mr. Fancycakes tried to eat a butterfly, and the Other One was probably falling in love with that squirrel over there. But their energy expended surprisingly quick now that they had the space to use it, and they were mostly just napping and eating grass at this point. The Merchant himself had dragged along a lounging folding chair, threw on some shades, kicked off his shoes, and tanned his delicate little biscuits in the sunshine. He had one of those suntanning reflecting boards, too, and was using it, but, thankfully, still had his vest on. So who knew what purpose the reflecting board was actually serving, but it was a blessing all the same.

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