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Around the streets of Fandom, Sunday

Hannibal had finally given in to the low-tech and tacky way Fandom had of advertising its events, and had made posters. They were tasteful and to the point. And dusted with glitter that had flaked off Jono's Pride posters, but he couldn't really help that; the stuff got everywhere. (He and Beethoven were both a bit annoyed at the stuff in their hair.)

Now he was putting them up around town. They read:

Independence Day party
The Park
Tuesday, 2pm to after dark
Food and Fireworks
(everyone invited)

[OOC: Open, if anyone wants to say hi as he's putting these up! Party will indeed be posted Tuesday.]
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On her way back to the dorms after her weekly Luke's visit, Summer was pulled in toward the flyers and the glitter like caught in a tractor beam. And then she spotted the person putting the flyers up.

"Dr. Lecter, are you having a party?"
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"Very appropriate," Summer said, returning the nod. "Is it potluck style, by any chance, and, if it is, what's your feelings on jello molds?"

Because why be weird with one teacher about jello when it could be two? Or the whole island, even?
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Oh, there was so going to be some patriotic red-white-and-blue jello monstrosity at that party, you could bet on it. And if he liked meat in them, then she was definitely excited for the challenge of potentially grossing even Dr. Lecter out.

"How about peas and shrimp?"

Because, yes, that was something she'd actually made. And someone had said he would eat. And since it was Captain Rogers, she had no reason to believe he hadn't.
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"Oh, you know," said Summer, shrugging, "the base would be lime, there'd be some hard boiled eggs, carrots....I...think that's it."
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"Oh, fake," said Summer emphatically. "It just won't taste right otherwise."
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"Oh," said Summer, "it's, like, all the rage where I'm from."

Which was a lie. She'd never even had it herself; she only made it that one time as a joke because she found it in a dusty cookbook she found at work. But she was in too deep now, there was no going back.
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Well, color Summer intrigued. She tried to keep down a smirk, but she didn't do a very good job of it.

"And what's the wager?" she asked. "A good bet's gotta have a good wager to go with it."

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Summer tapped her chin thoughtfully, eyes narrowed, to really give it an extra-considering look, although she'd already concocted up an idea pretty quickly.

"Okay, so, you're married, right?" she started. "How about the loser of the bet has to make a fancy dinner for the winner plus one? So, like, if I lost, I'll made dinner for you and your husband, and if you lost, you make dinner for me and a date of my choice."

The way she saw it, she won either way, which was the best kind of bet.
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Oh, she knew exactly what she was doing. Though she was a little surprised about the whole 'my husband doesn't eat' thing, what with Dr. Lecter being all gung-ho about food and stuff, but that almost made it more sweet to her.

"Deal," she said, taking his hand in a firm grip and a nod to match the official shake. "We can go by numbers. If a certain amount of people try it, I win. We can bribe a squirrel to keep track for us, maybe. What do you think is an appropriate margin? Ten? Fifteen? I'll let you decide." It was hard for her to really judge because she was still always thrown off by how small this place was. "Also, what are rules on influence? Am I allowed to try to convince people to try it, or are we going to let nature take its course and let the jello speak for itself?"
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"Ouch, burn," said Summer, but, I mean, normally, she'd agree with him. But she knew at least one person who might try it because they'd recognize it as her work and was a nice person, so she had that going for her.

"Can I at least tell people I made it?" she ventured, because that would easily up the amount of people who would try it just because they wouldn't want to hurt her feels to at least maybe....four.

"Five," she decided after she'd thought about it a little. "I win if at least five people try it."
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She wondered if five might be low-balling herself, but, at the same time, if she failed at ten, it would just destroy her confidence and she wasn't willing to do that to herself right now.