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Covent Garden Flowers, Wednesday

Peter came in this morning to a dejected Pothos that acted like Nathan had kicked it all day yesterday. Peter was fairly sure Nathan was not kicking the plants, but he left a note to ask what was up with the poor thing. And gave it a bit of extra fertilizer just in case.

Other than that, everything seemed fairly well behaved, though two of the tiger maws, deep into whatever passed for plant adolescence, had to be separated if he didn't want to deal with hissing all day.

At least that was easier when the teenagers in question weren't mobile. He was pretty sure.

When had this turned from a flower shop into a day school for wayward plants?

Peter was going to spend a bit of extra time today going over his wards, making sure there was nothing in them influencing Fandom's magic. Just in case.

[Open post! No OCD.]