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Tali'Zorah nar Rayya ([personal profile] goforthe_optics) wrote in [community profile] fandomtownies2017-06-21 07:06 am

Stark Industries, Wednesday (6/21)

"You know what?" Tali was saying to JARVIS (yes, apparently she was okay about having conversations with an AI now, or at least with this one), staring at the broken Bluetooth speaker which someone had just brought in, and was now sitting on the counter.

Staring back at her.

Because it was shaped like a shiny black metal human skull, and a quick scan with her omni-tool told her that there were LEDs behind the speakers in the eyes, and she would not at all be surprised if they glowed red when powered on.

"I'm not asking. I'm really not asking. Sure, this isn't creepy at all."

She'd repair it! She would! She'd just . . . turn it around so it was facing away from her first.

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